Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a re-post of an article “Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic” by Colleen Huber and Boris Borovoy, as published on January 18th, 2021. Before any eyebrows are raised due to a peculiar date of publishment and its meaning, I do encourage everybody to carefully read the following abstract, then follow the link at […]


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Bad Moon Rising

These last few months have been really odd, even surreal to live through. With majority of people conforming to the idea of an invisible enemy, going out in the public was an experience unmatched by anything I could have imagined. Being honest, I have to admit that it is very likely I would have been […]

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TV virus show gone viral

Never in my short life did I witness anything like we are witnessing now. My hometown has come to a full stop. Official reason? There were 5 people reportedly staying in a local hospital infected with a TV virus dubbed Corona. Yes, that number is five, not fifty or five thousand. What kind of epidemic […]

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Nano plastic particles and plastic waste – the last call for sanity

The first synthetic plastic – Bakelite  – was produced in 1907, marking the beginning of the global plastics industry. However, rapid growth in global plastic production was not realized until the 1950’s. Over the next 65 years or so, a true catastrophe happened. Facts about the pollution Vast majority of plastics is not biodegradable and […]

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Bechamp was right all along

Recent exchange of thoughts at Josh’s blog reminded me of great accomplishments of another overlooked genius, prof. Antoine Béchamp. I already wrote about him, but during these last few weeks, I realized how obscure knowledge of his discoveries and research is. This post is dedicated to all those ingenious men, who dared to probe the mainstream, profit-oriented […]

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Bits and bobs II

First of all, thank you all for your comments made here at this blog. There are many leads coming from your posts whether you left them knowingly or not. This post is one of those leads expanded with my own findings. I was collecting bits of this research for a while and it was an […]

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Were Greek People Betrayed?

This text was originally meant as a reply to a comment in the previous post about Greece getting robbed by the banksters, but it surprised me how much there could be found about key figures of the Greek drama played out around 2015. Suddenly, I was looking at a few pages of text so I […]

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The patterns of faked history

When Gerry published his Ancient Spooks series it occurred to me that I have most probably walked by some most obvious leads. I wanted to see if this new knowledge can help me find Phoenician traces in my small country of Slovenia and if there are any connections to the medieval rulers bearing the name […]

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