BBC does it, too

I am too busy lately with entertaining an essential capitalism paradigm – earning some money, which leaves me with almost no time to devote to my blog. There is as well another subject that I have to finish and is really time consuming, since it is dealing with another revision of particular content that I […]

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What the Nuclear Hoax Implies

I would like everyone to consider what the nuclear hoax implies. Really, this could easily be the mother of all hoaxes of the twentieth century. Consider that the nuclear bomb was impossible to make. The science was not there. The theories were incorrect. The geniuses of all geniuses were fabrications. Not even a thousand billion […]

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Revision of blog’s content

After few months of waiting and exchanging some emails with Frank O’Collins, the author of Vatican Holocaust, I have decided to remove those articles from visible content of my blog until further notice. My biggest concern are few subjects mr. O’Collins wrote about in the series that are not explained according to all known disclosures […]

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The Ozone Hole Scam

I am almost convinced there is no living man or woman, who has not heard about the ozone hole. The mantra of CFC gasses allegedly destroying Earth’s ozone layer could be heard and read everywhere. To be honest, I was pretty ignorant about hoaxes and scams in my teen years, so this CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)  issue […]

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An interview with Imran N. Husein

Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein (born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad in 1942) is a contemporary Islamic scholar, thinker, philosopher and expert in Islamic Eschatology and International Monetary System. His knowledge in a number of subjects related to Islamic Eschatology is phenomenal and unparalleled in any time in Islamic history. He has for more than fifteen years been […]

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WARNING! Most of the text below is the direct translation of an article published originally in Croatian language*, which I translated. Explicit description of atrocities committed may not be appropriate for all readers, so proceed with reading accordingly.   A short prologue After a very long delay, I have finally managed to find enough motivation and strength to continue […]