The trillionaires can walk to the Moon

You may wonder how, I suppose. As I read the news, it made me really angry. So I felt I should make a small disclaimer and warn you about the consequences of reading this – it may invoke unpleasant feelings in you, such as anger, disgust, anxiety and/or similar.

So, here is the way, I figured: since the richest people of this Earth have at least $32 trillion of hidden financial assets in offshore tax havens, there is a simple way to reach the Moon. For free, actually.

How? Simple, all it takes is a 4-step math:

a) a dollar bill roughly has the thickness of 0.010922 cm , 10.922 cm per thousand bills ,

b) ÷ 1000 = (32 billion)

c) Multiply that by 10,922 cm and we get ‭349.504.000.000‬ cm (349 billion 504 million cm)

d) Divide that by 10.000 and we get ‭3.495.040‬ km (3 million 495 thousand and forty km).

Ergo, since the Moon is just 384.403 km away, they have hoarded enough offshore wealth to stack it to the moon 9 freaking times!

Maybe they could as well make some sort of a stairway to heaven out of the rest of their wealth, since those $32 trillion did not include their real estates, gold, yachts and racehorses.

Does knowing it make you angry? It does make me angry, for sure. Nobody is supposed to own all that wealth, considering all the hungry and homeless people in the world, it’s a crime against humanity. But so is usury, for thousands of years already, right?

All this information is 12 7 years old, they probably completed that 10th stack and more by now.



Thanks to u/FlyingRep for the tip


5 thoughts on “The trillionaires can walk to the Moon

  1. A most thought provoking piece. Before you even wrote this, I was contemplating how the regular folk are perniciously and perennially financially squeezed, more and more with each successive year. Here in USA, Trump promised to help alleviate tax burdens for the middle class, yet all my adult children, who are in the middle class, and work their butts off to make a living to support their families, all saw their taxes rise by as much as $1000+. How is that helping families? It is not. Yes I know politicians are scum.

    What I want to know is how you personally deal with this info you’ve given your readers? When I was feeling despondency one evening over revelations like this and feeling completely powerless, my intuition (which I interpret for myself as a power greater than myself) expressed to me that I am on this planet for a reason – I have a purpose and no billionaire/trillionaire can take that away from me, nor is any filthy rich aristocrat better than me! I will play out my purpose on this planet the best I can, trying my best to leave the earth a better place in my own modest way than how I received it.

    I don’t know what trillionaires have in their hearts, maybe a black hole, but it is my responsibility to be the best person I can be and cultivate humility.
    But you are right, the trillionaires are committing crimes against humanity.

    Thanks for calling a spade a spade. Reality is not pretty, although I will try to focus on what I can change which may not be much, but if more and more wake up to their own power, perhaps the ripple effects can grow exponentially. We both know how many are asleep and we can’t always raise these subjects in mixed company , but we have to live with ourselves and look at ourselves in the mirror. You ask us to look in the mirror and ponder what kind of human being are we going to be.

    I owe my allegiance not to the potentates but to the entity who created me and put me here on this earth. I don’t force this view on anyone but it’s how I plow through! We have to grasp onto something that inspires us to get up each morning and try again, one day at a time.

    Thanks Vexman for keeping us thinking and making us uncomfortable!

    Susan Grace

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    1. Grace, we share a similar worldview. I felt something much different than helplessness though reading again about the amassed fortunes of very few people. It made me angry, because it shouldn’t be like that. I suppose that’s my knee-jerk reaction to great injustice as I perceive it. I wish there would be enough people ultimately annoyed by such fortune-herders and their deeds so we would have a chance to change anything in this messed up world. Sometimes it seems as if our conscious mind is visiting Earth for an ultimate test of morals. If one is able to see how cruel and corrupted this reality is, maybe one’s soul/consciousness is able to progress to another level? Thinking about the purpose of this life brings me to think it’s about that, rather than what blinded society wants me to think it is. Anyway, I hope I can raise my kids to be better humans than the sad average.

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      1. The souls on this earth who hoard money and resources and crave power over others are the ones who will reincarnate back to this life, learning nothing.

        Those souls who learn of the pointless possession of material objects, and lead their lives through love and compassion are the ones who will progress.

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      2. Perhaps simply taking solace in knowing that they—like all of us—will leave here with exactly what we all came here with—nothing….

        Ain’t much, but at least when beaten into a down cycle, finding that thought process somehow eases the distress.

        That and re-membering with all things natural.

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