Dark Psychology

The following content you will be able to read below is something I literally stumbled upon, surfing around the internet “blind” to that kind of facti bruti. It confirms what I was trying to show as existing when studying retaliations of the PTB – brutal victimization may exist without purposive intent or reasonably defined by evolutionary science or […]

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Something much more personal

There is something personal that I’d like to share here, some quite intimate thoughts needed time to get articulated and here they are, finally. I was so relieved today because of it, almost seeing these thoughts clearly while my children were happily running around me, having the greatest fun while speeding down the waterslide by the pool. […]

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The Vatican Holocaust – Part VIII

The Last Witness Copyright © One-Evil.org 2011. All Rights Reserved For all that is claimed concerning the Nazi Holocaust actually being a highly organized satanic human sacrifice perpetrated by the highest officials of the Vatican and Jesuits during WWII, there must have been hard evidence –direct witnesses and testimony—that can confirm or repudiate these claims? In fact there is, and it […]

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The Vatican Holocaust – Part VI

The Real Holocaust Denial Plan Copyright © One-Evil.org 2011. All Rights Reserved A deeply painful and important subject — exactly how many Jews were murdered by the Nazis in WWII – has again exploded into debate since (former Nazi Youth member Joseph Ratzinger) German Pope Benedict XVI signaled the welcoming back to the fold of the Roman […]

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