Truth and lies about TV virus dubbed Covid-19

In the world of science, following logic is an absolute mandatory. In fact, logic ought to be applied and used in every second of one’s life and thought process, not just in the field of science, but in general. I find such excercise amusing and it forces me to evaluate all different angles before choosing one I am about to follow. You may be wondering why I am writing any of this since we all know that. So here it is, in short: what happened to people that forced them to drop logic and critical thinking process? Was it because of fear? Or was it anxiety that appeared as that tickling sensation within their skulls, giving them a feeling their brains have just demonstrated signs of true intelligence, so they swore never to use logic again? Or was it, perhaps, due to the ugly truth discovered which caused cognitive dissonance so strong, it forced them to swear never to think hard again, no matter what? The definite answer is beyond my understanding, which is driving me to try grasp it as a general phenomenon of human society.

So let’s take a closer look at the most recent panic, driven into another mass psychosis and dubbed Covid-19. Here is the most important question you need to ask yourself before you choose to accept another belief: what is the basic procedure or method of identifying a new virus?

RULE #1: If you want to be sure what is in your test tube, you need to isolate and purify your sample. Why? So such sample would contain only what you are looking at. How else would you know what is being observed? Keep in mind all of world’s scientists agree on this simple rule, all of them.

Was this rule ever applied to Covid-19? No, it was never applied to it. No one in this world claims to have isolated and purified the virus dubbed Covid-19. Not a single person has managed to do it. Let that sink in really well. The very same goes for the HIV virus – it was never purified and isolated, which is even admitted by HIV’s “discoverer” Luc Montagnier. The very same is true in the case commonly known as measles virus, proven in Germany’s court of law as not scientifically proven, i.e. it doesn’t exist in the form it was sold to us. You can research and read about it yourself, as much as I did, with many posts written here at my blog containing numerous links for further reading and insightful comments from other informed readers.

Therefore, all claims saying to have identified Covid-19 in humans and/or animals are lies, that those pushing them know are lies. You might wonder what do their tests actually identify, but it does not matter, since rule #1 was never applied to their test tubes, which renders all their results and conclusions meaningless.

You don’t have to be an expert in molecular biology or virology to be able to grasp the above mentioned rule. They have set it themselves and named it “the gold standard”, yet they have failed in applying it to their own identification procedures. What it means is this: they are spreading false information about everything – the new virus, its characteristics, deaths related to it, number of cases, treatments, vaccines and everything else related.

All this poses a few important questions: if PTB are lying about all of this, what else are they lying about? How come they are not affraid of us since they know we know they are lying through their teeth?

An answer to this, which makes sense, is that they are not worried about people who are incapable of a rational thought, who are unable to use logic and think critically. They have been working for centuries to provide education based on flawed scientific theories and consequently miseducating people, thus driving people into poverty in order to limit the number of “thinkers” so strongly that, apparently, the remaining thinkers do not pose a threat.

That could be a depressing conclusion, but do not let it overwhelm your thoughts. If you are one of those individuals able to use logic and critical thinking process to see through the lies, you have no time to let dispair into your life. There is an important task you need to start or keep doing – talk to your closest family members and friends and try to open their eyes and minds to rational thought. Disobey distancing rules and stop wearing a mask until they see reason in it. It will be hard and you will be met with strong feelings, but don’t let it stop you. The muses of all the good spirits are with you in this and it is important not to succumb to dispair or hopelessness. Unity of the common people, armed with real knowledge, is their worst nightmare.


21 thoughts on “Truth and lies about TV virus dubbed Covid-19

  1. Yes Vexman, this is all well and good in an ideal world, but why should I bother to think for myself when that nice young wo/man TV presenter has apparently spent years and years researching the subject, (somehow/somewhere in between the hairdresser’s salon and the celebrities’ golf course) to sharpen their pencil and mind in order to perfection the verb and provide me with ready-made answers which, purely coincidently, coincide with the overall world-vision of the Bilderberg Group who, too, appear to work tirelessly with our interests exclusively in mind with no remuneration whatsoever!
    Are we not to be everlastingly grateful to that generous Mr Gates who has invested so much time with our money into reducing the numbers of the needle-less-productive among us (those who produce more while gaining less, in India or Africa for example) while finding the time to re-enact the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games, unmasked as the Covid 2020 Games which went internationally viral?
    But wait, what do I hear as I read your wise words, if not more of the voice of reason emanating from Professor Dolores C

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  2. …(That unfinished message just sent itself automatically; A.I. is back in town)…
    Professor Dolores Cahill, an eminent internationally acclaimed Immunlogist, together with that of Ex-UN Claire Edwards:

    Bravo Vexman! Keep up the good work – un-masking the reprehensible while encouraging the flagging minds, tired of this relentless madness that continues to present itself under the guise of philanthropic benefactors.
    Lisa Renee puts it into an even larger, cosmic, context (as above, so below):
    “When we apply this comprehension to the current crisis conditions that humanity is facing, we must understand this event is not about a mysterious virus. It is about the orchestration of spiritual warfare being committed on a global scale to target the human light-body.

    The trauma-based mind control that is targeting the masses through gas-lighting tactics and psychological warfare, is explicitly designed to target the subconscious mind to incite terror and panic through the perception of a random and invisible lethal enemy.

    It is designed by the Controllers to get people to automatically give up their human rights through the abuse of spiritual principles, in order to get the individual to reject their soul and divinity entirely. To intentionally shut down the transmission of loving interactions and heart-based soul messages between people and the benevolent God forces that are here to help humanity ascend.

    Humanity is in the midst of a hidden intergalactic conflict over personal sovereignty and spiritual freedom that is becoming increasingly visible through the spiritual warfare that is intentionally designed to attack all aspects of human freedom.

    When we begin to perceive ourselves as expressions of consciousness, eternal spiritual beings that hold the potential of unlocking the unlimited reality of our true nature, we begin to reclaim our personal power and transform ourselves to express our real divine purpose, which changes our lives and the world.”
    F.E.A.R. has two applications; Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise:
    best wishes to everyone.

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    1. Interesting enough, the video from your 1st link is already disabled by YT. I didn’t have a chance to watch it before it disappeared. Can you search over at Bitchute for it and, if you manage to find it, link it here again?


  3. Hey Vexman, I already grateful to you for your pce last yr “Bechamp Was Right”. When this event came along I was “socially distanced” from its effect: I mean the real virus here is the FEAR which landed on our prepared surfaces, like on several billion petri dishes. They whoever TPTB are, hv planned this/seized this moment which arose. They must hv been cock-a-hoop its amazing success!

    I’m very surprised how diffficult it is to disturb the paradigms of belief so deeply embedded as they are in everyone I meet/talk to. I wrote to Miles at the beginning which I couldn’t hv done if I’d been afraid of this silver bullet/Black Death attacking me. Miles always says their aim is to unsettle us, make us vulnerable/ weak/guilty… so I was already “masked up” haha, so I didn’t get “infected”.

    “Fear is the mind killer” from Frank Herbert I’m afraid that’s the truth of it. People were trained for years to follow MSM =here in UK by elections/Brexit and in the US with Hillary/Trump/Russia/Pizzas etc as MWM might say it’s inducing a current/magnetic alignment etc however one explains the process

    I’m just grateful I wasn’t as ignorant as before/ most around me so tx again

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  4. Nice post, Vex. I am curious: how can that they claim to know the genetic code of this (allegedly) new virus if it has never been isolated?

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    1. Simply put, they are just LYING. The entire thing is a lie. A vast hoax, fraud, whatever we want to call it – just an outright SHAM.

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    2. On a side note, there’s one subject I had no time yet to thoroughly educate myself and it’s about DNA. Did you know about the ‘Central Dogma of biology’? I kid you not, it really has that word ‘dogma’ in its title as if we were talking about the Church or some subject out of teology textbooks. It is very much related to the DNa and genome and it was at least partially refuted, but still dominating related branch of biology. Which then puts the entire DNA research under question. Definitely one of the subjects that’s worth time researching about.

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    3. they can use computer modeling. is all you have just a tiny fragment of an unknown genome? no problem. computer model it, cgi it, and you’re good to go.


    1. Hello Vexman, this is the original site of David Crowe :
      This “virus”, as all viruses is a myth made up by masters of propaganda since Rockefeller (owner of Standard Oil) and Pasteur in the end of 19th century. They took over medicine. So we have synthetic drugs and VACCINES since that time.
      Read this excellent Corbett report :
      Video :

      And this is what Dr Andrew Kaufman says about the “virus” :
      But I think what he calls “exosomes” are in fact “microzymas” as Antoine Béchamp described them.
      I have many other links about this conspiration and scam…

      Have all a great day and keep your common sense working !

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  5. Interesting observations Vexman! And not only is the isolation of a Covid19 virus missing from the Phoenician media, the entire third path is missing as well. Scan any news site and all they give you are different versions of the lie. In Pennsylvania it is all about color coded levels of lockdown. Some counties ‘defied the Governor’ but all they did was allow businesses to open… as long as they follow CDC rules. Some are mumbling about returning to normal but not a peep is heard that this has been a hoax from the beginning.

    The ‘dogma’ reference in your side note had me curious, so I took a quick look. As you say it takes you right to the meat of DNA research in the 50’s and early 60’s (so would probably be a useful time period to target for research). It is attributed to Francis Crick, the author of ‘Central Dogma of Biology’ and co-creator of the double helix model for which he was a joint recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1962. Which probably tells us all we need to know, really.

    Crick appears to be a one-man demolition crew. I am not even clear what Wikipedia is trying to do here, but they give him a subsection with two quotes to justify his use of the word ‘dogma’. In one he refers to the fact his work has ‘little direct experimental support.’ In the other he says he thought ‘dogma’ meant ’an idea for which there was no reasonable evidence.’ They needed to give us a link to a laugh track at that point in the text.

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  6. It’s a good start for a trail; so we can each follow where we’re led and share what we find.
    So many people “but not a peep is heard that this has been a hoax from the beginning” – is it simply that they dare not question the MSM narrative, because it’s actually scary to see how much co-ord is happening.

    Realise we live inside a real lockdown situation, unaware to what extent its already totally in place ..

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    1. That’s all that it is – a claim. I checked your link, there’s only small talk and no reference to the research paper, where we could learn of the successful experiment, its methods, etc.

      One of those alleged discoverers even said, quoting: “The more viruses that are made available in this way, the more we can learn, collaborate and share.”

      Made available? Truly bizzare words chosen to describe such success.


  7. Dear be man , the second ( more relevant) part of my comment above is still awaiting moderation . Many thanks . John


    1. If you include more than 2 links, it goes to moderation by WP’s rules, cant’t change that one. I approved it, so it’s visible.


  8. Vexman,

    Poetic In just ice, a prose on the cons.

    So few are the wise owl eyes seeing through this thicket of lies upon lies in this cold dark night when the truth is like a ghost ever blurred and evasive as we so few peer intently into that darkness encroaching with death fast approaching wondering with trepidation who will carry the flame once we few are deleted from the here and now and will those so depleted simply fear and bow?

                                                                                                               by: Wang Dong Asphalt  

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