Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a re-post of an article “Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic” by Colleen Huber and Boris Borovoy, as published on January 18th, 2021. Before any eyebrows are raised due to a peculiar date of publishment and its meaning, I do encourage everybody to carefully read the following abstract, then follow the link at the bottom of this post and read the article in its entirety prior to making any unfounded judgments or opinions. Here it goes…


A pandemic that calls the attention of the public, and action by the medical field, is one that raises the total death rate above that of a typical year or season. The COVID-19 era that began in early 2020 has received continuous and rapt attention in the United States for deaths that have occurred. Has COVID-19 resulted in more deaths (known as “excess deaths”) than would have happened in a typical year? An obstacle to answering that question is that COVID-19 testing is flawed and imprecise, for reasons discussed herein, and it is difficult to distinguish COVID-19 from other respiratory illnesses, due to symptoms and signs that are mostly indistinguishable from the common cold, flu or pneumonia. It is possible that deaths of multiple causes have been ascribed to COVID-19, especially due to new peculiarities in mortality reporting during 2020 discussed herein. Therefore, year-over-year comparison of deaths from all causes is likely the best analysis of available evidence of whether the United States is now confronted by a deadly pandemic. The CDC mortality numbers are as yet unaudited by independent parties. Therefore, we compare numbers of obituaries in 2020 and 2019, which are verifiable reports of deaths of specific, identified individuals. We also examine the earnings statements of the largest medical suppliers in the US, to see if their sales of medical oxygen and other medical equipment prove a pandemic. These data all indicate that there has been no pandemic in the US in 2020.

As usually, the truth always wins. Adding to the fact, that enough time has passed by in order to show that there was and is no pandemic even according to their own numbers and statistical reports. Also, time has shown that according to the difference in yearly sales of liquid oxygen (as used by respirators on hospitalized patients diagnosed with COVID-19) in 2020 and 2019 show no significant increase, which is, least to say, peculiar for any pandemic. Is there anything more to say about this fake pandemic?

Socialize, go outdoors, give hugs and accept them. Be happy and don’t give in to despair. We will prevail in the end.

Link to the full article : click here


10 thoughts on “Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic

  1. There is no “pandemic” and never was. The word itself is bullshit. It’s never even happened one time. Not once in history. Zero times It’s never occurred. It’s impossible short of an extinction-level event such as an asteroid or other world-killing incident.

    ANY time you see the word “pandemic” in the media you are being lied to, plain and simple. It’s not real and never can be.

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    1. Hello Vexman

      Your article ( is not recent but it describes the way the world really works. But there are inaccuracies in your words, especially when you quote the names of so-called parasites, certainly well known, but that’s where the trap lies…
      The real vampiric leeches lurk in the shadows, out of sight. Those who appear in broad daylight are only easily replaceable fuses.

      As for the end of your story, it is inaccurate because all countries already belong to them, their tentacles strangle even the smallest atol or island…

      The quest for money is only the tree that hides the forest, you have to look further to understand in fact.
      Assume that they already own all the wealth of the planet and have done so for a long time, money is only a tool at their disposal to make the matrix work.

      The banks, and therefore the issuing of banknotes, already belong entirely to them. They can print as much as they want and then transcribe it into computer lines…

      Their quest lies elsewhere than in increasing their wealth. Starting from this assumption, you have to understand their real motivation.

      What could be this one? the control of humans? it is already done! What else then if they own all the wealth, our lives and the planet?

      I let you think about it and I am sure you will find elements of understanding of their true quest…

      Translated with (free version)


  2. They can’t keep it going. They have to move to the vax phase of the story line so they can get to the conclusion. They will somehow make everyone feel that “we overcame it congratulations everyone!”, and now we can move on to other issues. Those waiting for another global lock down are going to be disappointed. All the statistics are false, from the tests, deaths from the fake virus and fake vaccines.

    They got their $12 trillion and their pedo Granpa in office. The end justified the means.

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    1. There’s talk about climate change lockdowns next, because as Bernie and AOC and every other puppet of the NWO tells us, it’s an “emergency” and an “existential threat”. Perpetual fear porn.

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    2. Yeah, agree.. We see that also here in the Philippines.. A Congresswoman exposed the Hospital scam on TV, and demanding the NBI to investigate it, and the CEO of PhilHealt, had to resign because of that.. The lockdown in Cebu was shut down, and we see also here in Dipolog that there is no more strict control of wearing facemask anymore…

      No people knows anyone in their community\family\relatives that died, but many had people they know that had heart attack or stroke, was brought to the hospital, died, and in the death certificate it was stated COVID 19… People are waking up and stop believing in this nonsense anymore.. And how can the government continue to try the same? People want believe it anymore… So yes, They can’t keep it going….


  3. It’s important to remember that the Emergency is the key to ramming through all sorts of things that would normally never pass. Emergency authorization of experimental synthetic gene therapy for one. Heck even PCR tests are an emergency measure and we know how easy it is the game those, just ask the inventor…..

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  4. I read the article, it’s very good, a couple of angles (quotes below) I had not seen.
    “If the average age of death from COVID-19 is above the average US life expectancy, then
    COVID-19 cannot be a major independent cause of death, as in cutting short the lives of people
    who were expected to live longer.” (pg 7)….and the graph provided shows exactly that.


    “it appears that COVID-19 has not made appreciable impact on the overall US death rate. From
    2017 through 2020 the rate of deaths in the US population has stayed at 0.9%, keeping pace with population growth…”


    “Obituaries of real, identifiable deceased individuals declined by almost 18% from 2019 to 2020.
    If these obituaries are representative of deaths in the US as a whole, then it is impossible for
    there to be a pandemic in the United States in 2020. These deaths are at least verifiable, unlike
    the unaudited, unverified numbers that the CDC presents.” (pg 9)

    -One thing they do not do a good job on in this paper is PCR, as in their arguments it is left hanging as highly flawed, but possibly useful. The must read paper to understand that PCR is 100% fraudulent is this one Partway into this article it is shown that PCR primers, said to be specific for sars-cov2, perfectly match both microbial and human sequences. This is proven by using the publicly available “Basic Local Alignment Search” Tool (BLAST). This paper will prove to anyone willing to look at the science that PCR is being used here as a criminal tool.

    -These authors also published several papers re mask-wearing. This one “” is the best I have seen on the subject. The science is clear and detailed that mask-wearing is harmful to health, and the proof is in this paper.


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