Bits and bobs II

First of all, thank you all for your comments made here at this blog. There are many leads coming from your posts whether you left them knowingly or not. This post is one of those leads expanded with my own findings. I was collecting bits of this research for a while and it was an interesting journey as you will be able to read here below.

The lead started with this comment , saying that:

Abu Nidal’s real name was Sabri al-Banna.” [for those who don’t recognize the name go here ]. It is the same name as Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna, known as Hassan al-Banna, best known for founding the Muslim Brotherhood.

[The Muslim Brotherhood was the pivotal organization in the history of Islamic fundamentalism. After learning about the deeds done by MB members, I’m fairly sure it was concocted by the PTB in the times when Balfour declaration was forced into the reality, where PTB promised to create Israel within the Palestine territory. MB was essential as an organization, which would help control anti-Jewish sentiment of the local people not just in Israel, but also Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and many others. You can check on their Wiki page if you would like to see the full list of countries where MB operates. I think there are more than plenty listed above so I don’t really need to provide you with a link to that particular rabbit hole to further prove my point.

Like the Masons, Muslim brotherhood (MB) was initially established as a charitable organization. However, while Freemasonry was liberal and allowed members of all faiths to join, the Muslim Brotherhood was focused specifically on Islam. It was Masonry for Muslims only. Like Masonry, MB was devoted to secrecy and it was run according to a pyramidal command structure. The foot soldiers at the bottom had no idea of the true goals of the leaders at the top.

Did you know that “Hamas movement” is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Israeli-administered territories? As defined in the 2nd and 6th articles of the Hamas Charter  :

The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine. Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a universal organization which constitutes the largest Islamic movement in modern times . . . The Islamic Resistance Movement is a distinguished Palestinian movement, whose allegiance is to Allah, and whose way of life is Islam.

Yes, that would be the same Hamas organization, that was supposedly run by the Palestinians and which is fighting the Israelis for the Holy Land. As the story goes, back in the days Hamas allegedly assassinated Egyptian president Sadat. While I strongly doubt the official narrative of that particular assassination and think that it was probably all fake, there were many Palestinians, members of the Muslim Brotherhood studying at Egypt’s Islamic universities, were deported. So we have Palestinian fighters acting detrimental to the cause of the rest of Palestinian people, just like in the case of fake Munich 1972 Olympic attack, which I already wrote about.

Another peculiar issue with Hamas is that it has a Jewish lawyer representing them, namely Stanley Cohen. He represented as well some of the most controversial public figures, like members of Bin Laden family, sheikh Abdul Rahman Yasin, the mastermind of the alleged World Trade Center bombing of 1993 and a few other members of Hamas and Hezbollah. My guess about Cohen: he was playing a devil’s advocate for the accused, knowing it was all fake accusations based on fake or hoaxed events. All that made handy propaganda content, a cheap PR for his masters while he was building an image of some bad-ass political activist. The best part of his Wiki entry is this: Cohen was allegedly owing IRS some money, so they sentenced him to 18 months of federal prison. The name of the prison he was sent to? USP Canaan, Pennsylvania. What a joke, really. ]


The comment continues:

We have also Tariq Ramadan (born in Geneva, Switzerland on 26 August 1962), son of Said Ramadan and Wafa al-Banna, who was the eldest daughter of Hassan al Banna [founder of the Muslim Brotherhood].


Tariq Ramadan is involved in fake events in France and Switzerland [such as accusations of sexual abuse/rape, which plays nicely into the men-are-pigs agenda as a method of social engineering. Tariq is currently being investigated by French authorities over two allegations of rape, sexual assault, violence and harassment and plays the same role in France as Harvey Weinstein in the USA]. Gamal al-Banna, the liberal Muslim reformer, was his great-uncle.

His father was a prominent figure in the Muslim Brotherhood and was exiled by Gamal Abdel Nasser [ from Egypt to Switzerland ]. It seems that this family Al-banna is involved in more than one fake event !

As i understood, Banna in Arabic means “mason”… in French, Frères Musulmans (Muslim Brotherhood) has same initials as Free Masons or Francs Maçons = FM


Then another commenter made a following connection:

Al-banna? Albania? Coincidence?

Interesting picture of Albanian hero Skanderbeg who fought against the Ottomans:


[Skanderbeg a.k.a. Djerdj Skenderbeg Kastrioti is according to Wiki’s entry:

…an Albanian nobleman and military commander who led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in what is today Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia“.

Albanian? As it seems, he was not even remotely Albanian just a few generations back. Geni scrubs his mother and we don’t get too far back following his father’s ancestors. However, following Skenderbeg’s wife Donika Kastrioti (née Andronika Arianiti-Muzaka), we find her paternal grandmother was a descendant of Komnena Nemanjić (Kominia of Serbia), who was a descendant of Arpads through her father and of Komnenes through her mother*. We are looking at the connection to Byzantine – Jewish emperors of Komnene family, which is . . . not so Albanian after all, eh?

Did the rule of Komnenes extend to modern history? The commenter left us a clue as you’ll see.]

Albanians served in the 21st Waffern SS Gebirgs-Division Skanderbeg. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni also spelled al-Husseini:

Amin al Husseini bei bosnischen SS-Freiwilligen

The above picture seems a bit doctored to my eye, especially a few dark areas within it, which seem penciled in. But for the sake of the argument, do you see Mufti’s hand sign? I don’t really think it is just an official salute. If you wonder why I think something like that is a sign of anything, you may want to read what Gerry found out about ancient symbols of spookery. Here is a short excerpt from his Ancient Spooks, Part 5:

“The hand “leader” pun seen as an upheld arm on Phoenician steles may also be the explanation for the mysteriously unexplained Roman salute, which allegedly spawned the Nazi salute & Bellamy salute, but was curiously not widely used, depicted or described in Ancient Rome. Most of the few references are from Trajan’s column, where it is analyzed to be a gesture not known to everyone”.


3 thoughts on “Bits and bobs II

  1. we have this old hieroglyph
    meaning jubilation (hillul)
    that will give our “e”
    it looks really like the “heil”

    “…This in turn comes from the Semitic letter hê, which has been suggested to have started as a praying or calling human figure (hillul ‘jubilation’), and was most likely based on a similar Egyptian hieroglyph that indicated a different pronunciation.”

    i can’t find the page where is described how this hieroglyph has become (when passing to phoenician abjad)
    1) FENCE (fusion of “hayt” and “hazir”)
    2) WINDOW (“hillul”)

    it’s funny because if you translate the word “phénix” in hebrew, it will start with this He
    and He is the fifth (5) letter of hebrew alphabet and 5 is the number of arms of the free mason star, the flamboyant star

    hillul is also close to hillel that you know from Miles.

    and hillul became window and we have the Windows OS

    and hayt and hazir became FENCE that is close to fenix and we are prisoners of this fence as we are prisoners of all the fakery and the fucking world they built for us



  2. I have also read about Banna’s connection to MI6.
    Which is natural as Islam is a tool of war and somebody just have to use it.

    I happened to end up at an Albanian News site once, and was surprised that it actually looked like a rare German. As i see now at wiki, it is regarded as indo-european but unrelated to others. I thought it might have been used by Yiddish relatives. Something evil is it anyway, they cannot hide Tyrana so close to Serbia (Serfia)
    Guess alban in PIE would be white somehow.


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