The Best of bits and bobs – Pink Floyd

Left to right: Wright, Waters, Mason and Gilmour. This was Pink Floyd’s finest line-up from 1968 until 1979 when Wright left, followed by Waters in 1985.

Pink Floyd was an English rock band from London, founded in 1965 by students Syd Barrett on guitar and lead vocals, Nick Mason on drums, Roger Waters on bass and vocals, and Richard Wright on keyboards and vocals. In 1967 David Gilmour joined them and soon after, in march 1968, Syd Barret left the band.

Anyway, their official history is not of my interest this time as I was looking for another kind of facts. Also, I have to admit Pink Floyd used to be one of my favorite 5 rock bands of all time. As I learned about the real factors of success in music industry – which is in essence family connections to Intel/Army high-ranking officers – I wanted to dissect Pink Floyd too. My expectations were to find just the same type of connections guaranteeing global stardom, but I was wrong. What I found is even more interesting, but I will let you decide.

George Roger Waters : following his mother, he’s descended from Joan Beaufort , Queen of Scots and James Stewart, the Black Night of Lorn. (also descendant of Sutherland, Brodie, Morrice). Beauforts are related to kings of England’s Plantagenets and William I the Conquerer.  Joan Beaufort’s mother was daughter of Thomas Holland and Alice Fitzalan, while James Stewart’s paternal ancestors few generations back are as well Fitzalans.

David Jon Gilmour : his father was Douglas Graham Gilmour, mother Sylvia Wilson. G-grand mother Alice Stiff, her father Samuel Stiff married Emma Eighteen; Stiff was a son of John Steff and Mary Rattiffee* Johnson. Married to Virginia “Ginger” Hasenbein and later to Polly Anne Samson[1].

Polly was a grand-daughter of Heinrich Hermann Elkan, and was born in Hamburg in 1903, to a bourgeois family of assimilated Jews. His father, Carl (Polly’s great- grandfather), was a useless banker but a talented painter acording to her description in her book »The Kindness« ; his mother, Amelie, was a scion of the wealthy Oppenheimers[2].

Polly’s mother is Esther Cheo Ying, who was among others a major in China’s Red Army before she arrived to Europe[3].

*fudge of Ratcliff?

Nicholas Berkeley Mason: the son of film maker Rowland Hill Berkeley Mason, a.k.a. Bill Mason. Berkeleys can be found among ancestors of George Washington, while Masons are among ancestors of John Quincy Adams.

Richard William Wright is completely scrubbed from the internet genealogy sites.

The ‘Dark Side of the Rainbow’ phenomenon is closely linked to an early internet fan forum,, and a popular 1995 article by New York Times reporter Charlie Savage, who was then writing for his local newspaper the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.

Sometime in April 1995, an internet user in a Pink Floyd discussion group mentioned that “some people down in Los Angeles” had set him onto a strange pairing. Simultaneously playing “The Wizard of Oz” (sans sound, starting at the MGM lion’s first roar*) and The Dark Side of the Moon, claimed the user, would yield a slew of seemingly synchronized moments.

A few months later, Charlie Savage, a 20-year-old journalist with The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, set out to uncover the truth behind this. He found himself pleasantly shocked:

“The result is astonishing. It’s as if the movie were one long art-film music video for the album. Song lyrics and titles match the action and plot. The music swells and falls with character’s movements…expect to see enough firm coincidences to make you wonder whether the whole thing was planned.”

The first eyebrow-raising moment arrives when Dorothy (Judy Garland) balances on a fence at her family farm just as David Gilmour begins to sing the line “balanced on the biggest wave” in the song ‘Breathe’. In fact, from around four minutes into the film, the synchronicity is uncanny for a full 45 minutes, with pivotal scenes eerily appearing to coincide with the end of one track and the beginning of the next.

The match-ups, however are undeniable. In his original article, Savage elaborates on a few of the most notable:

*  During [opening track] “Breathe,” Dorothy does a tightrope-like walk along the holding pen to the lyric “and balanced on the biggest wave.”

*  The line “no one told you when to run” from “Time” is sung just as the scene switches to Dorothy running away from home to save Toto.

*  “Home, home again” from the “Breathe” reprise is sung as the fortuneteller tells Dorothy to go home.

*  “Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit” from “Money” comes as Glinda the Good Witch of the North floats in as a bubble.

*  “Black… and blue” from “Us and Them” is sung as the Wicked Witch of the West appears dressed in black. That is shortly followed by “and who knows which is which” (witch is witch) as she and Glenda confront each other.

*  “Brain Damage” — which begins at almost the same time as the movie’s “If I Only Had a Brain” — contains the lines “The lunatic is on the grass” and “Got to keep the loonies on the path.” This is just as the Scarecrow flops around like a madman on the grass and then on the Yellow Brick Road.

Members of Pink Floyd have adamantly – and repeatedly – brushed the synchronicities off as mere coincidence.

Whether or not you buy the correlations discussed, trying it out for yourself won’t do any harm. “Hey, worst case scenario, you don’t see the commonalities,” wrote one Pink Floyd forum user in 1997. “So what. You’ll hear a great album, and see a great film. Worse things could happen.”


You can access synchronized version here :

*some advocate pressing play after lion’s third roar


The Pink Floyd’s movie, »The Wall«, is filled with the patterns or symbols used by the so-called »illuminati«, more commonly known as Phoenicians:

  • senseless wars,
  • the phoenix,
  • a »wall« (or pyramid, in 3D for the imaginative ones) made of blocks which are cut out of the materialistic drives of humans,
  • mass mind control (»education«),
  • hate rallies.

Pink Floyd’s album »The Dark Side of the Moon« was produced by Alan Parsons, who was obviously a wonder kid – he got world’s famous studio job of apprentice and later full-time producer at the age of 18. He’s the founder of the Alan Parson’s Project, another spook band, who published the hit »Eye in the Sky« with the spookiest lyrics ever published in my opinion:


I am the eye in the sky

Looking at you

I can read your mind

I am the maker of rules

Dealing with fools

I can cheat you blind

And I don’t need to see any more

To know that

I can read your mind, I can read your mind.





I welcome everybody to leave their bits and bobs about the Pink Floyd in the comment section.



End notes:

[1] From the Hebrew name שִׁמְשׁוֹן (Shimshon), derived from שֶׁמֶשׁ (shemesh) meaning “sun”. Samson was an Old Testament hero granted exceptional strength by God. Source

[2] Source:

[3] ibid


21 thoughts on “The Best of bits and bobs – Pink Floyd

  1. I too am a Floydian , Vexman so thanks for this . Was there no genie for Roger ” Sid ” Barrett ?
    What I mostly still enjoy listening to these days is the live material , 1969 to 1971 ( the earlier shows have few good recordings ) .
    Also I like the other film projects they did , LaVallier ( Obscured by Clouds ) , Zabriskie point ( didn’t that name come up in Mile’s recent paper , Armstrong ? )
    The ‘ More ‘ soundtrack gets less play for me , but it’s easy to see that soundtracking a film is exactly what the gents were studying when they would have sync’d to the Wizard of Oz .
    Are they actually related to Frank Baum ?
    I think the thing that keeps me listening is the live experimentation , even the Grateful Dead didn’t stop in between songs to have a cuppa tea as part of their ” art ” .
    But then again who could afford to tell their managers to flip off ” we need a three minute radio hit not a squeeling theramin , make that happen or you’re finished ”
    Who could but the very privileged , very wealthy upper upper caste ?
    Can someone post a pic of Johnny Rotten wearing an ” I HATE ” Pink Floyd shirt , were the two bands actually promoting each other ?


    1. Here’s pretty Johnny in that T-shirt:

      I’ve been avoiding researching about PF as they were one of my favorites. When Miles posted about Clapton and Page there was nothing more to avoid. I knew what I’d find and that’s exactly what happened. But I still think PF were the most artistic rock band out there. Considering the era and all other historical circumstances, I believe they have produced eternal music within the rock genre and they were really extraordinary talented, especially Roger/Waters and Gilmour. That will remain the fact regardless of their close connections to the peerage. I just don’t appreciate their commercial success as I used to, since it was destined to succeed by default – that’s how the business goes when peerage kids are involved. Stardom included, of course, as per their wishes 🙂

      I couldn’t find direct links for Barret, except that his grandparents and older generations had personal names like Adam, Samuel, etc… He has his further links scrubbed thoroughly on and other sites alike, so we can only assume they’ve scrubbed those with a reason. If you can find any leads worth exploring, just post them here.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was what I mean by that :

    and there is the Waters spitting in the face of a young fan during a show , I read about many years ago in this Bio :
    Waters’ roadies tell the real story , and made the suggestion ” maybe we should build a wall around you ”
    That’s a total Upper Class Twit move , to spit in your fan’s face .


    1. The Pink Floyd was aggressively promoted by the ICA/Tavistock spooks as part of Londons Operation CHAOS. Malcolm McLaren is directly from these same cabals so your instincts are right on the money. Its all about having your hooks in the underground. International Times, OZ, Berkeley Barb, the Oracle, Tuesday’s Child etc etc all ADMITTED to being “sister publications” with each other (read: fronts). Barry Miles is an epic liar; he’s been paid handsomely to spin psychedelic horse pucks. All of these upper class twits spit in your face, imo.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Good to see you creating new content.

    Maybe this can be useful . When you go to Lloyd you get ‘male proper name, from Welsh Lloyd, literally “gray,” from PIE root *pel- (1) “pale.” ‘ . Gray or grey is the intermediate color between black and white, the colors associated with freemasonry and dialectics. So in a way you get “pink gray”. Maybe there is some color symbolism here.

    The only thing I knew about Pink Floyd was the “We don’t need no education” song. In the end we have another example of family members pretending to be rebels or anti-conformity.


  4. Vexman , actually this is more to my point about cross promotion with Punk bands , that Pink Floyd spent some of their DSOTM money on a studio for their own privacy and some Punk bands recorded there .
    We are told they would have to spend the money or surrender to a 75% tax rate .
    Mason bought cars , Gilmore bought guitars , Waters bought Art and Wright bought cocaine , and a Greek Island and a yacht .


  5. The Teatime during The Man and the Journey concert .

    They would use the quad concert setup to do the footsteps parts , so it seemed to follow around the room through the speakers , on the Pepperland , California show you can hear the amazement in the audience . Which actually begs the question , if your lead creative band mate overdosed on LSD , why would you continue as one of the foremost Psychedelic groups seeming to promote it’s use ?
    Waters is said to have not taken LSD , he and Mason were into beer and Gilmore / Wright were the psychedelics / herb users .


    1. I wonder that too. He’s completely scrubbed from the net and I’m sure it’s like that with a strong reason. What is to be noted is that he had an enormous collection of expensive cars already in his youth, so I think he comes from great wealth. Where else could he got them if not by his daddy’s help?


      1. ” Wright married his first wife, Juliette Gale, in 1964. She had been a singer in one of the early bands that evolved into Pink Floyd. They had two children and divorced in 1982.”
        Although that first name looks like clue , I didn’t get too far on the Gale name , except to perhaps find the inspiration for the animation for The Wall , ? The Teachers wife ?,_Baroness_Gale


      1. Guy Pratt, son of Mike Pratt, musician, composer and actor, best known for playing Jeff Randall in ‘Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)’; Kenneth Cope played the dead partner or spook. Mike Pratt had eyes very similar to Humphrey Bogart, whose great-great-great-great-grandmother was Elizabeth Pratt.


        1. russell,williams, hamilton, greene, steele,spencer, carpenter, their names are all similar, or of a type


  6. Here are a couple of mid 70’s live songs , early versions of the Animals album ,
    notice the horse theme at the end ” who was broken by bridle and bit ”


  7. Yes i also have been so haunted by early floyd live. And it is in particular Richard Wright who is to “blame”. He have told in interviews that he was inspired by pianist Bill Evans, which sounds true, as he also is incredible. He had his peculiar chords from Lydian, and the research of George Russell (book 1956) while Wright played Egyptian scale at times at tunes like Set the controls.. But elsewhere, his incredible gifted ear led him to unimagined sensitivity, such healing vibes.

    But yes drugs was his problem, and he only managed to make two solo albums, both very good, but it was the reason why Waters dared to throw him out of the group. Shame on him, and as consequence The Wall is the only Pink Floyd album without him. I bought it the day it came out and was so disappointed i cried, and sold the shit after two days.

    I think David Gilmour have been a regular hash smoker, it explains also his few productions.
    Guy Pratt did also play at Nick Masons floyd legacy concert. Always felt he was some kind of opportunity seeker. Not so gifted.

    Another overlooked Wright tune, Stay from Obscured
    And btw , the endless river or one of its issues contains two bits of a long unreleased jam from the 90ies nicknamed the big spliff, where Wright uses the farfisa again. Amazing.


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