Masks tend to fall off over time

This is a response to the latest attempt at blackwashing Miles Mathis and his achievements. After reading Mathis’ own response and most recently my brother-in-arms’ Josh’s response, I feel I need to add my two cents. In particular, some things have to be pointed out and called for what they are. At face value, this time.

I am lately in a special mood when it comes to people, having a fun time while giving them back my verbal description of their own impression. It usually refers to direct human interaction we all experience while socializing in an analogue, old fashioned way.

Have you ever experienced a very strong feeling of annoyance? Annoyance is an unpleasant mental state that is characterized by such effects as irritation and distraction from one’s conscious thinking. It can lead to emotions such as frustration and anger. If you have ever experienced it, you should know how powerful feeling annoyance actually is.

The latest attack on Miles Mathis as it was posted at is one of such powerful annoying agents, for instance. Although it is very hard and subjective to measure the state of annoyance, the linked wanna-be attack on Miles is just that – hard and subjective, void of substance piece of annoyance. It is a large amount of words, that have absolutely no weight in terms of »depth of insight«. It consists of mostly prejudices, assumptions and shows great amount of fear of logic and rebuttals, as it calls for a closed comment section already in its disclaimer. I laughed it out loud. It reminded me of my neighbor’s little dog, who always ferociously barks at me whenever behind a large fence, while he becomes mute once in the open field. Just pathetic. Is that how any man is supposed to behave and act like?

Describing my personal experience with Tokarski, use of double standard is apparent while publishing latest two posts. While my own banned posts was allegedly not sufficiently enough supported by verifiable arguments, latest post at PoM does not even include proper source list or any account of personal experience with Miles. That is with one exception, though – Tokarski and Miles did meet at his conference in Taos back in 2016. Which is a fact so easily ignored. But I am not surprised by the amount of ignorance at PoM as it seems more like a bliss than an obstacle over there.

I did not have enough patience to search through PoM comments for some examples where Miles got praised by Tokarski. Why is that of any importance? Well, in my worldview, one does not expect to be blackwashed by those who bear words of praise for you. I dare to call PoM’s act as hypocrisy, but I let you decide on your own.

All that came to my mind even before I thought about the substance of those two posts. And the substance itself? In my opinion, both posts lack it, they are completely void of anything substantial which would justify the pompous headline they were published under. If Tokarski or K.Starr or any other anonymous authors claim Miles is misdirecting or a limited-hangout psyop, don’t they think they need to undoubtedly prove it? Is that the new low rate standard at PoM? Where is any apparent misdirection coming from Miles? Anybody? Can any of them point out anything meaningful in that reference? No, they cannot as there is nothing alike to point out when discussing Miles’ discoveries. And that is what bothers me the most. All we can read about is their quackery, weak and substance-less points, that do not stick. It is really time for the Intel to gear up and bring out somebody worth listening to when it comes to proper critique of Miles’ achievements. Until now, in all these long years, there is still nobody who was able to find a single issue where Miles can be proven wrong. All I see and read about, is composed of ad hominem attacks, slander and foolish attempts to blackwash one genius’ immense opus of work. Come on, guys at Intel, is that really all you can produce? I challenge you here and now – drop your anonymity and masks and come out of the digital bushes, properly armed with knowledge and decency in conversation. Let us see how you can deal with the truth and do not let us wait for too long.


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  1. Seriously, that’s as good as they’ve got. Ham-handed, hatchetless chop-jobs by weak opponents posing as allies – or whatever Mark Tokarski was pretending to be. As I mentioned in those now-closed, censored comments – why would anyone go to Miles’ conference without having read his physics papers closely in the first place? How could you even be interested enough in the guy or his theories to visit him out-of-state at all, unless inspired by the bright light of his physics papers? Mark only lasted four days of the five. How could you not want that last day to absorb even more?

    But they’re also purposely divisive. It’s not about “camps” or being pro-Miles. It’s about truth and honesty. I don’t concur with or entertain Miles because he’s got long hair or whatever, but rather because his work makes sense, his writing helps me address and solve problems. His ideas work better than the other ones I’ve been exposed to or researched. The whole PoM stink seems like it was intended to polarize people, and that’s just Langley Handbook, chapter 2 stuff. They sent in rookies. Again.

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    1. Jared, I see your point but I think it’s off the mark. Mark has always said his main purpose in going to the conference was to meet Miles in person and size him up. Also that particular conference was open to conspiracy discussion as well. So I don’t really see a big contradiction here. Mark had the time and the means. He was curious about the man. He went. And he claims to have been bored most of the time due to so much physics talk. I don’t feel a need to defend him, but I think our arguments should be on target.

      But I agree with Vexman that something weird is going on over there at PoM. Also I’m like 99.9% certain that ‘Maarten’ is the one who authored the piece by ‘Robert,’ and I find it weird that he would do that instead of writing under his usual pseudonym.

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      1. Thanks for sharing that with us about Maarten. It may be a simple tactic to remain neutral as with saying nothing about Mathis on the surface, so he could later be communicating with the rest of us. He knows we will not toss the baby out with the water. As in the case of Tyrone, for whom I somehow think is just an honest contributor at now infamous PoM. That’s why I find your insight very important, a very good catch.

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  2. lets see if my comment will get through here. Fakeologist throw me out after a few comments of mine, Simon Shack didn’t even allow me to register despite our occasional email exchange. Miles Mathis answers mostly with “I disagree”. Mark Tokarski never did such things. He simply allowed others to comment in his blog only blocking the really ridicule ones which is fine with me. And if one reads between the lines in all those replies to the recent critic on MM it only confirms the critic. Looks like you guys are all from one and the same company. You sometimes pretend to fight like all the wrestlers do. As for me, my family has no mention on the internet, no mention in any paper local or other, not a trace in the world wide web. You cannot trace my family roots back using any ancestry pages. That doesn’t mean, I’m fake. It only means I don’t work for the media. This applies for all regular people and that cannot be said about characters like Sim-on Shack or Miles Mathe-ass. I’m grateful for all the essential input you guys occasionally post but I’m always drawing my own conclusions. You will not misdirect me. Not anymore. With kindly regards. BM

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  3. Using primitive and vulgar language is not welcomed here. Either comply or do not return, I will not ban you for now.

    We do not come from any kind of same company. For one, I am a one-man band and there is nobody directing my thoughts and actions other than my self. That seems to be the issue you’re having with the guys like us. All you have got is presumptions and speculations which can’t be verified. Of course nothing alike can be verified about me or anybody else you’re accusing as there is not a grain of truth there. Do you have anything else to offer, this is really boring, you know.

    Same applies to Mathis and his genealogy (according to his own rather than K.Starr’s), all you have there for certain does not mean Mathis is a gatekeeper per se. You have to yet show me where he’s misdirecting (or whatever you’re accusing him of) and only then start shouting out your usual load. So far nothing worth mentioning or substantial came from all of you combined together. I expect that to remain the same, for goodness’ sake, you haven’t even read 80% of his output before deciding, Müller.

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  4. sorry for using “ass”, where I meant “ace”. And I have this term from Mr. Simon Shack himself. I never had an opportunity to learn English properly. I’m willing to learn. I meant “Miles Mathe-ace”. We all here on the WWW have only digital identities. Everything digital can be faked or copied and there’s no way to prove if someone’s digital identity represents a real person or a team of ghost writers. So the only thing what matters is our outputs which are texts. Texts can be read and one can and always should read between the lines. What Kevin Starr or Robert Zherunkel wrote is not different to what Miles Mathis writes in his genealogy papers, no? MM even confirms those findings were real. Well maybe. Or maybe this is their game of giving each other credibility. I had the same feeling when I read the IMO fake fighting between Phil Jayhan and Simon Shack on letsrollforums. I would never have found the cluesforum without ace baker laughing at them and I would never found Miles Mathis without cluesforum laughing at him. I read the most of MM non scientific papers and overflow many of the scientific ones. You can destroy your entire credibility with a single paper and there is no need to read all of them. I think that’s what MM did with his PI=4 paper on purpose. And that’s what SS is doing with his Tycho stuff now. There’s nothing to see here move along. Mark Tokarski has just announced follow up pieces to the recent critic on MM on POM. So far the texts on POM look more convincing to me than what MM writes in defense of himself or what you guys write to support him. And the fact, that the great and only MM answers to the critics on him twice speaks for itself.

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    1. Some of the findings. Not all. Genealogy is expensive, is KevinS rich or did he scrape all his 30 pieces of silver together to do a hatchet job because he was told to do so? PoM have hung onto Miles’ work but have never really broken fresh ground. Now they’re shooting (at) the messenger for NO apparent reason. Like David Icke was once described, ‘A turd in the punchbowl’, who has now been replaced by Flat Earthers.

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      1. Are U sure they are shooting at the messenger instead of toasting champaigne with the messenger?
        Are U sure the reason is not apparent? Then you have not been paying attention all along.


          1. I consider Muller spooky at least. His comments continuously divert and digress, and he’s not even consistent with himself. Ahmad’s an obvious splat too, given the conversation and feedback. Someone from PoM trolling under a pseudonym, which means “he” is also spooky.

            How do you misspell “ace” and then pretend you didn’t mean “ass” initially? Pathetic. Even non-English speakers know what “ass” means. Everyone does.

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    2. You said you are willing to learn, yet you have again failed to use proper language when describing Pi=4. Yes, in kinematic situations, Pi =4, even Mathis knows how to calculate circumference of a static circle, for goodness sake. So he may have discredited himself in your eyes maybe, but that’s not the general case. I don’t know what to think of you anymore, Müller. Try to be consistent with what you actually do understand.

      Comparing Shack with Mathis is no serious comparison in truther terms. Think once for what Shack is telling you with SeptClues – it’s all about media fakery. How can he then use the same video footage, released mostly by the media, to point out where and how it was edited? Fakery in, fakery out, those 9/11 tapes are all useless in terms of analysis other then to prove their fakery. Planes or no planes, 9/11 stinks head to toes. His role was about further dividing 9/11 community, while he gets the credits for pointing out what may be obvious to many. Shack’s Tychos is a miserable attempt at describing visible universe, where charge is not mentioned even once. I don’t remember Shack even touching on physics or math behind it, so it’s impossible to compare him with Mathis. I think many of us can see how Shack’s mask fell of as soon as he published that piece.

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    3. It works both ways, Muller. You say his credibility was lost with a paper you didn’t read very well or understand, minus any rebuttal about the math – but then you post over and over again these inane non-critiques and demolish your own credibility wholesale, multiple times. We have agreed on several topics before and that’s fine. But once again we have a critic who simply refuses to read the material, and instead goes for the logical fallacies as an attempted attack.

      You’re still not even hitting the walls. Build a bigger trebuchet.

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  5. Well done Vexman, and also to Josh for his piece on cuttingthroughthefog. Mark Tokarski has either flipped or is a spook. How else can you explain his position from his amour fou for Miles one minute and now his acting like a spurned lover the next. His recent paper on Eva Peron, wherein he thinks Madonna’s mother even looks like her, was ridiculous. Wanda Jackson looks more like Mad’s ma, even the pale descendant Michael Jackson replacement if you squint enough.

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  6. I seriously doubt anyone can now believe anything PoM produces in future. Mark has deliberately scuttled his ship on the rocks and put his right hand into his vest. Won’t get fooled again.

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    1. Indeed, and looking back at the site I didn’t really learn much of anything. Mark hemmed and dodged when I showed him that his photo-analysis was way below par, and otherwise not much new information was to be had. I still don’t know why he was interested in Eva Peron at all, except as a “time-waster”.

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      1. I suspect he was taking the p*ss or didn’t care anymore, i.e. he knew project “PoM” was winding down. Perhaps the hit pieces on Mathis were the whole point of PoM — everything was leading up to that moment? And it fell flat on its face 😀

        Either way, there is no excuse for the Peron nonsense — he was bulls*tting his readers, and he knew it. I would not give Mark T. the benefit of the doubt anymore.


  7. Mark has put up a new “piece” at PoM now stating implicitly that he can’t handle comments the dissent from the writers’ positions anymore. He labels opposition as “Team Mathis”, which I find hilarious since he’s the one who actually met Mathis, who actually spent four days at a physics conference – when physics is “above his pay grade”. And yet he paid to learn something that he cannot and did not learn. It should have been me at that conference – I was just too busy with work that summer and couldn’t make it out and about for a week. No, I’m not jealous. I’ve just read and poured over the material, done physics simulations with some of it myself, and actually want to keep learning more.

    Those guys are not interested in learning, and have admitted they aren’t capable. Miles’ papers aren’t hard to read – not any of them. It would seem that literacy is also above their pay grade.

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    1. Sure and we are all waiting behind the closed door, broiling as we wait to re-enter his blog’s comment section. There is something much more going on at PoM than just Mark loosing his sanity, I can feel it in my bones. As much as I felt something unpleasant before shortly joining PoM only to be kicked out for rubbing Mark’s fur the wrong way.

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  8. I find it amusing that out of all the recent criticisms of Miles from the Tokarski camp there is not one word of Miles’ writings that have been challenged. Not one thing that Miles has written that is claimed to be false.

    Tokarski and “K Starr” admit that they don’t understand Miles’ scientific writings so they couldn’t very well critique any of that and I see no mention at all of Miles’ papers on art. That leaves his papers on fake people and events but they don’t even mention one specific criticism of anything found in that work either.

    It’s also ironic that they are trying to deconstruct Miles by using what they perceive to be Miles’ own methods.

    In any case I’m glad Tokarski has now shown us his true colors and confirmed who he works for. I think it’s safe to say that Miles’ readership is probably of above average intelligence but I guess Tokarski must think we’re all idiots.

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    1. One big question is: why now? A fumble is more relevant at your own 10-yard line in the 4th qtr and you are still down 7-points with 120 secs to go than if you lose the ball at the start of the second half at the 50-yd line.


        1. Thx for the update. I did not read yours but find your theory about Rossaert interesting. Also, let me just add for the record that the RZ paper is poorly written and structured. On the other hand, I find K.Starr piece impactful whereas RZ, unnecessary.


  9. I sussed Tokarski and his mates out when they attacked Judy Wood. I repeatedly asked them what flags had they all raised and all they had was a feeling in their gut. They then rounded on me citing my username as evidence of my agenda. This after me having the gall to offer on the ground info about the Manchester Bomb.
    The only thing that surprised me was their connection to Intel. I assumed they were just your typical middle class egocentric numptys…
    I recommend that we move away from personality cults ( that are easily attacked ) and refer to the body of work, over the author. Mathisian physics rolls off the tongue quite well.

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    1. I didn’t see the on the ground info you offered about the Manchester bomb. Would you mind linking to it or repeating it?


      1. OK… So the first thing to know is that my name is Danny Malpas, born and raised in Manchester, UK but now live 30 miles away in Bradford. I work in the field of demolition which got me interested in 9/11. I am only concerned with the discovery of truth and i have very little time for bullshit. I have been sifting through the shite for about 15 years and my cynical conclusion is that EVERYTHING is bullshit. (MM’s work is the first thing i have ever come across that didn’t fall into this category). I seem to be in the company of kindered brothers and one day i hope to contribute in some kind of meaningful way.
        Round the time of the Manchester Bomb Bollox, i had only just been introduced to POM (through MM’s paper on POM.)(Funnily, this is how i was introduced to you and Vexman.). Experience (and a cursory glance at media coverage) points us to the conclusion that this was a totally manufactured event/psy op and no bombs went off and nobody died but i felt there might be a little more to the story.
        One of the victims/crisis actors was a middle aged woman whose daughter was taught by my wife at a school 30 miles away in Leeds. My wife was actually her form tutor. The day after the event, her daughter came into school and was then later allowed to go home (perhaps to identify her mother’s body). I am fairly sure the daughter attended the concert with her mom but i cant remember. She took a week off school but would spend lunchtimes with her friends in the common room, and then returned back to school as normal.
        This story has many problems but it would seem that you cannot just hire crisis actors. You must hire their families who must all live the rest of their lives protecting the lie.
        I thought this thread was worth pursuing and discussing because i still do not really know WHAT happened that night, if anything at all did happen.
        Because this story didn’t fit POM’s narrative, they instantly got personal with me and accused me of links to intel. Because it was a multi-pronged attack, i lost interest and moved on. I found many other interesting anomolies that confused things further but i would need more time and space to describe it all clearly. Also, it was a long time ago… Sorry


      2. OK… So the first thing to know is that my name is Danny Malpas, born and raised in Manchester, UK but now live 30 miles away in Bradford. I work in the field of demolition which got me interested in 9/11. I am only concerned with the discovery of truth and i have very little time for bullshit. I have been sifting through the shite for about 15 years and my cynical conclusion is that EVERYTHING is bullshit. (MM’s work is the first thing i have ever come across that didn’t fall into this category). I seem to be in the company of kindered brothers and one day i hope to contribute in some kind of meaningful way.
        Round the time of the Manchester Bomb Bollox, i had only just been introduced to POM (through MM’s paper on POM.)(Funnily, this is how i was introduced to you and Vexman.). Experience (and a cursory glance at media coverage) points us to the conclusion that this was a totally manufactured event/psy op and no bombs went off and nobody died but i felt there might be a little more to the story.
        One of the victims/crisis actors was a middle aged woman whose daughter was taught by my wife at a school 30 miles away in Leeds. My wife was actually her form tutor. The day after the event, her daughter came into school and was then later allowed to go home (perhaps to identify her mother’s body). I am fairly sure the daughter attended the concert with her mom but i cant remember. She took a week off school but would spend lunchtimes with her friends in the common room, and then returned back to school as normal.
        This story has many problems but it would seem that you cannot just hire crisis actors. You must hire their families who must all live the rest of their lives protecting the lie.
        I thought this thread was worth pursuing and discussing because i still do not really know WHAT happened that night, if anything at all did happen.
        Because this story didn’t fit POM’s narrative, they instantly got personal with me and accused me of links to intel. Because it was a multi-pronged attack, i lost interest and moved on. I found many many other interesting anomolies that confused things further but i would need more time and space to describe it all clearly. Also, it was a long time ago…


    2. Indeed, Mathisian physics has been the working name for a bit now. I rather enjoy his writing and his science, even though I don’t think Miles likes me very much (his response emails are always curt and very short) and imagine he can’t stand my art. Doesn’t matter. I’m a student and I’m going to continue studying. And it seems like that’s the distinction here – the PoM clowns in question aren’t studying at all, and even failed the test using Miles’ own methods.


      1. Jared — from what I can tell his responses are curt (almost to the point of sounding rude) to just about everyone. I can certainly vouch for that. I can only imagine what his mailbox looks like — I wouldn’t it put it past Intel to flood him with hate-mail that is strung together by an algorithm. Just endless amounts of hate mail that all generally sounds the same and uses the same ad-hom attacks.

        I would bet he originally answered all of his emails earnestly, but after several years of dealing with the dregs of the net lambasting him for having an opinion and not being ashamed for it, he began posting very quick responses to combat the trolls (and spooks) waste his time.

        -Russell Tropinsky

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        1. Agreed, and I completely understand his curt replies – especially since we’ve never met and he didn’t know me from Adam when I first started sending him my physics vids. He is a bit more talkative now though, after this mess that Tokarski made. I don’t really care if he likes me or not as long as we can keep doing physics stuff together, and as long as he helps me present his theories as accurately as possible. I actually like the guy despite himself. He’s a lot like me in the polemics, though I’m more social and much more ruthless generally. I’m also less busy and have more free time, so there is that.

          I’m sure his inbox is just a nightmare.

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  10. MM had his Geneaology info not available at the free Geneaolgy sites. All the individuals (dead or alive, most rich and famous) he has researched using this methodhave had their info available at the free sites by his own admission.
    I find it very curious HIS Genealogy was (and still is) not available for free. I would appreciate your thoughts on this FACT. Also, whatever you think of the man and his work, there is not plausible deniability regarding the indication he is (and can be) connected, don’t you think?


    1. Nobody’s genealogy is available at the free sites unless someone does genealogical research and posts it there/makes it public. If you want to do your own original research you have to pay to access the databases and resources of the paid sites. But then, as far as I’m aware, you are free to make your findings public. What we read on the ‘free’ version of those sites is the research that other people have done and published. So apparently whoever did that research has not posted it. I don’t really find that suspicious at all. They probably don’t want anyone checking their work.

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  11. A has met B (in person 2015).
    A has ALSO met C (in person 2016).

    A = Mark Tokarski
    B = Vexman
    C = Miles Mathis

    What are the odds in real life? What gives?


    1. What is this, Ahmed? I never met Tokarski, so much about your attempt. Which odds are you then looking at I wonder?

      And why did you come here to trash my blog with nothing substantial? This was a nice warning.

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      1. Vexman,
        No unnecessary trolling. It is Ahmad not “Ahmed”. Even a letter is important. Would you consider a smoking gun? I have a pict of MT and MM together but you do not want my input and call it “thrashing” that’s fine. I’m outta here. Best to all of you.


        1. So what if Tokarski was in Ljubljana? I told you we never met in person, so why do you insist with this nonsense? Why else are you trying to seed doubt and disturb this thread with irrelevant issue than to troll? As far as I know, that is what trolls do. Trash other people’s blogs, just like you do, Ahmad. And so what if you have a picture of Tokarski with Mathis, or anybody else for that matter? What is it suppose to prove anyway?

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      2. Perhaps you did not meet the guy under that name when you did met him… perhaps Paul Marshall rings a bell? Let me say it another way: Would you say you have not met or chatted to any american tourist living in Slovenia, ever?


        1. Just what is the matter with you, Ahmad? Can’t you bloody understand that Tokarski and I never met? And who the hell is Paul Marshall? What in the world are you fantasizing about? Drop this nonsense or I’m banning you, my last warning.


          1. Not a problem. I am leaving for good. I just advise you don’t exercise that power you have on a poor commenter like me. Don’t become what you hate. Let me remind you your own words some time back then at POM:”I was at cluesforum site, actually, went there more or less to find some poeple, that would be saying/debating/discussing anything in connection to Mathis. Came there using search engine, can’t remember the terms used. It was fun and sometimes meaningful there until I got banned for realizing it’s limited-hangout fog-distributing site…”


            1. You said that twice already, yet here you are. I’m not exercising no power yet as blog owner, I only warned you twice to stop with that trolling nonsense. You were insisting with the suggestion I met Tokarski, which is a bald lie. I told you to stop yet you continued, what else were you expecting me to do?

              Now you go even further, suggesting what exactly? That my blog has become / is somehow similar to that spooky CF ? Am I distributing fog around here? Did I ban anybody yet?

              Anybody is welcome to discuss relevant topics here, either comply or be gone.

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  12. Have you checked out Straightfromthedevilsmouth blog? Go for a good laugh. Read the last post he wrote. He now believes in Trump and an entity named QAnon. Quite remarkable.


  13. The name of the author of the hit piece(Robert Zheruncle) Miles Mathis states is an Intel joke. I believe he is correct in a literal sense. Bob Zheruncle…Bob’s your uncle?, an English saying meaning ” you are all set” or “there you have it”, it was originally attributed to Lord Salisbury. I did not see this point specifically mentioned and do not know how widely this saying is used outside the UK. I cannot help but feel that this attack on MM was also designed to hit his true allies as an added bonus sowing dissension.

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    1. The clue in the name Bob Zherunkel is to do with Arthur Balfour, he of the balfour declaration. He got his job because Bob was his uncle. The balfour declaration tells us why Britain attacked the Ottoman Empire (If they even did) and alludes to the beginning of the Ashkenazi military occupation of the holy lands also known as the nakba. My guess is that Mr Zherunkel is either Israeli or jewish. It is probably Tokarski himself..

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  14. As to the “Why now?” question I was thinking it might be due to Miles’ recent paper on flat earth dated 4/16. They’ve invested a lot of energy into FE and there is even an international FE conference coming up later this year. I think the FE project is their last hope of defeating the rising awareness of space fakery so defending it is a priority for them.

    I think it’s no coincidence that YouTube recently kicked off the legitimate space program skeptics leaving only the FE spooks. And, Simon Shack’s recent TACOS (full of beans) theory is also meant to distract away from space program scrutiny.

    I think the space program hoax is hugely important to them and they’re terrified it might all come down.

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    1. Yeah, and I’m of the opinion that Shack, his Tacos fantasy, and even that Gaia person are just out there to muddy the waters, now. I know several other really spooky people who are generally pretty decent pals, online, but nothing like that horseshit. I’m not one to be creeped out and at first I just assumed they were stupid people. But nobody is that stupid. Not really. You can’t be that stupid and still find your way into these types of forums. And yes, that’s nothing but an ad hom attack since those people deserve nothing more.

      “Those types” really just seem to be around to siphon away and distract. Doing line-by-line rebuttals in these cases isn’t necessary: “Wrong.” does just fine, across the board. I was a bit misdirected when Gaia attacked Shack on his/her site, but after all that his/her rebuttals to me were just infantile. And in both cases, they’d read none or just a couple of Mathis’s papers and had no retorts on-topic.

      At this point if someone hasn’t read his papers, their critique simply isn’t valid. Fuck ’em. That’ll just be my default leading rebuttal from here on out, seems like.

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  15. Could you all please “Shut up and research” and please, oh please, post more interesting things? I think MM has got it right and I hope he’ll waste 0s more of his time on this stupid childish dispute.
    I use to be a lurker but had to say the damn thing, and I hope the fact that I wrote in this particular post don’t mislead you to think this one is more interesting to me than the ones I don’t comment. In fact I just skimmed through it. In general, number of comments is not that good to measure the quality of a post unless your aim is to make people waste their time.
    Just keep on and ignore the distractions!

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    1. Too busy “shutting up and calculating” right now to do much research. Joking. Feynman is an even bigger flop flop than these phonies at PoM. But I feel you on the spirit you meant it in – and am working on some shit about the Korean War that might be fun. Or boring, if you don’t care about Korea at all. I just happen to have been born in Seoul so I’m often drawn to the history and culture over there.

      Meanwhile I’m stuck in a physics limbo, unable to get my stacked spin simulator to work properly so I can ramp up to the nucleon level. It’s fine mechanically, I just suck at Maya’s animation tools so it’s quite a struggle.

      Got any time to waste helping on projects like these? I’ve got a laundry list.

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        1. Well, you’re welcome anyway! I haven’t contributed much yet but there’s some good stuff in the works. Thanks for the reply.


    2. @ Roberto,
      You have a point there but we do need to let off some steam from time to time to keep our heads clear. 🙂


      1. I notice Roberto didn’t respond to my request for help. Not a red flag or anything, but a simple, “No, thanks.”, would have done fine. 😉


  16. I was expecting to see more discussion after Mathis would make an reply. Instead, the comments were closed and he put another post before Mathis replied. The second post started again with a funny picture of Mathis, which is not a respectable approach. Josh probably responded to many points from the 2nd post (I still have to read the post made by Josh, I only skimmed his post), so I will not go over how weak was the 2 post.

    However, I have to say that the first post made me think again about the PSAT story. Here is my previous comment about this story (on mathisdiscussionboard)
    “I wanted to ask Mathis in an e-mail about the PSAT story. In 1980 Daniel Lowen found an error on the PSAT test Somebody mentioned the story of Lowen on a forum thread that was about Mathis. I read that thread probably last year or 2 years ago but I never asked him in an e-mail. In a way the story matches with the image of a man who finds mistakes in the established math or science. Why did he put this story on his bio? Like I said, some people already checked that fact. It would most likely turn people that are aware of that story away from him. I never mentioned this story in my comments I made at POM, but the story remained in my mind as an unsolved mystery. Was this a test to see if people check his info?”

    After the comment, I actually found some people that used that against Mathis many times. For example see the comments here (I don’t care about the person behind that website, if he believes Mathis is insane why waste the energy by creating a website about Mathis, makes no sense). What do you make of this PSAT story? It was Daniel Lowen or Mathis? This is not something insignificant, since it was already used against him.


    1. Calgacus, have you written to him asking about this? Here is what he wrote on his bio: “He should be remembered by the takers of the PSAT, 1980, for questioning one of the answers on the math portion. The PSAT admitted its error and was forced to change all scores nationally.”

      Now, after reading the link you gave to the allfunandgames website, and then following the links there to some old NYTimes articles about it, I have a hypothesis: many students wrote in about that question, but only one of them was credited with pushing the college board to change their decision. Why did they credit Daniel Lowen? Perhaps because his appeal was the most persuasive and the one they really took seriously. Why? One of the articles says:

      “[Daniel] and his father, Douglas J. Lowen, a mechanical engineer who works for Rockwell International on the space shuttle, sat down to work out the problem mathematically.

      ”My dad tried to prove that I was wrong but he couldn’t,” he said. ”Then he came up with two different mathematical proofs that I was right.”

      “The father then telephoned Educational Testing Service and followed up with a letter. The testmakers studied the material and notified the student the following week that his score would be raised.”

      Nowhere does it say that others wrote in. But on the other hand it doesn’t say that nobody appealed. Given the large numbers of smart students taking the test, it seems reasonable to assume that more than one caught the mistake. But only one had a dad who sent in a mathematical proof proving the question was wrong. Note also that his dad was well-connected working for Rockwell.

      And although what Miles wrote seems to imply that his appeal was the reason they admitted their error, if you read it more carefully I think you’ll see that it doesn’t actually say that. I agree it is sort of implied. You can make of that what you want, but if I’m right then I wouldn’t call it a lie. Note also that it says he “should be” remembered. It doesn’t say he “is” remembered. It says “should be,” which could be taken to mean that he never got any credit for questioning the answer but should have. Of course you could ask him and try to end this useless speculation.


      1. I finally sent an e-mail. I told him that he should make an addendum in the “My Genealogy” paper. This is not something that is irrelevant since it was already used against him. Your reply is reasonable, but he needs to clarify the story himself.
        I still have to read your response on your blog. Maybe I will make additional comments on your blog regarding this situation. Right now I can only say that “gold is tested by fire”.


  17. I decided to open comments on my original post defending Miles. You are all welcome to chime in over there, as well.


  18. Just had a quick peek back at PoM to seen if they had recanted (a tall ask) or perhaps even grown up. Now they’re insinuating Miles is a latter day Lewis Carroll, and they’re not on about his writing ability. I think Miles has mentioned that Intel uses pedo-blackmail to blackwash people, PoM are clearly following their paymasters eagerly.

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  19. Jared, I wasn’t online for a few days. We had a long weekend in Germany and I’m avoiding computers then. Therefore I’ll answer now. First “ass” means ace in German. The term Mathe-ass was invented by Sim-On Shack in one of his emails to me. I intended to write “Mathe-ace”, which is as funny IMO. No need to get picky for you.
    Second: here is what I asked Miles Mathis after he published his Pi=4 paper. Maybe you can answer my questions, MM simply stated I don’t get it, which is the simplest form of an immunization tactic:

    “The distances of planets in relation to their sizes are so big, that we can assume a centre of gravity there, handle them as geometrical points and ignore their cycloid spin as a force factor. Besides the Earth for instance turns around 365 times a year having about 40.000 km in circumference during a full year making some 14.959.802.296 km around the Sun which makes the cycloid factor void (Earths way around the sun is 1000 times bigger then Earths cycloid movement). An Olympic runner does not fulfill a cycloid either.His right arm has a bit longer way to move than his left arm, but that’s also no force factor. His chest circumference is about 1m, he runs 400m and is not even fulfilling a one single cycloid. The main factor in the curve is intertia not the spin of the body.
    You (wrongly) calculated PI=4 or 8r, which by the way is the square extent (of the square around the circle). So you simply suggest, the circumference is equal to the square extent if the circle is rolling? Is this some sort of quadrature of the circle solution? 😉
    In your paper on calculus you analyze Newton and Leibnitz and ignore Gauss completely? Why is that? Then you introduce a new syntax based on distances (or deltas) coming to the same conclusion as Leibnitz or Newton but to what purpose?
    The syntax introduced by Leibnitz is not a simple equation therefore the operation of making dx zero on the left side is perfectly valid. dx is not a variable in an equation. It’s an operation instruction. Its geometrical pendant is moving the secant to the tangent reducing the x side of the triangle.
    That also was your main error in your “stairway” picture where you reduce DC making 4 small stairs instead of considering the gradient of the curve. If you split a 100$ note into 100 1$ coins, you’ll still have 100$. That’s obvious. That’s what you do with the stairs in your PI paper. That’s not differential calculus.”
    Why invent something new and call it PI which is already reserved and well known to be something else? Ain’t that misleading in its purest form?


  20. as for the animation above, maybe you can answer me following questions:
    1. why is it put between +-4 on the y axis?
    2. Why not use a circle with the radius of 1 (unit circle)?
    3. why is it not rolling between 0 and 1 on the y axis?
    4. is the dot on the other side of the circle, across to the projected dot not counterbalancing the forces of the first dot? We are talking of a mass here, no? Every mass has a center of gravity. Why not take the dot in the middle of the circle for observation? Planets rotate around their center of gravity as if the entire mass was centered there, no?

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    1. Tomorrow when I have a bit more time, I promise I’ll try to explain and answer some of your questions. In lame language.


    2. Because that’s what we’re measuring.
      Because that’s not what we’re measuring.
      Because that’s not what we’re measuring.


  21. Kevin S. on POM answered to MM’s reply to his critics on him and it looks way more convincing to me than that weak sulk MM is giving us now. Poor MM, nobody likes him anymore.


    1. So the 1,300+ comments, almost all supportive and celebratory of Miles, from hundreds of different people to you equals “nobody”. This is consistent with your other complete failures in math, physics, and every other topic we’ve touched on lately. You can’t count, you can’t read a graph, you can’t understand circular motion, you don’t know what Pi is, and you jab wildly at someone’s popularity as if that had any bearing at all.

      In short, you’re useless and unintelligent. Go back to PoM where you belong – you fit in very well over there.

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  22. see, you also cannot answer my arguments. Is it because of lack of education perhaps? You never learned what differential calculus is and what it is good for? I’m having a master degree in Engineering and I understand the math I’m writing about. You obviously don’t. As for Miles he’s falling into insignificance. Won’t take him long.

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    1. I answered all your questions. I apologize if you’re malliterate and unable to read them, perhaps I’m not writing monosyllabically enough for you to understand.

      Kinda funny how all of a sudden you have degrees in things you knew nothing about in any of our previous conversations. I’m impressed! Technical college? Honorary degrees, like Neil Tyson has? Good work, spook. You earned some instant degrees but still can’t count to four.

      Miles’ defense thread has over 2,000 comments now. Obviously you don’t know what numbers are, what “insignificance” means, what “obviously” means, or even how to find your own Shift key to begin a sentence.

      You’re an intellectual hobbit.


      1. well actually you didn’t answer any on my questions which is an answer in itself, but one that I already knew. You have no idea what Miles is talking about in his scientific papers. Vexman still didn’t find the time to give me answers either. Never mind that too. I just looked this defense thread over by Josh. The great MM writes comment after comment there. Why is that? He never commented anywhere beyond his own papers. Never lowered himself to us common folks. Looks like most of the >1000 comments come from MM himself. He must have a lot of time now, since he’s locked home. That seems to be true.


        1. Müller, let me tell you why I still feel reluctant to spend my time answering you. I figured two things: there’s an extensive explanation I did which you can find at CF, under the Pi=4 thread. There is also an extended input from Josh there under his “daddie_oh” (I think) nick. I could go there and copy/paste it all here, but refuse to do so as much as you refuse to address my repeated arguments about the same subject. To remind you, we did converse about this before.

          The second far more important thing is that I find your understanding of the issue in question erringly similar to that of Simon Hytten (a.k.a. Shack). But I digress here.

          The issue in question can be found in Miles’ 1st paper on Pi:

          “”It is true that in one sense the circumference is a length. In common everyday language, a circle describes a certain length. We can make a circle with a piece of string and then straighten it out and measure it. But in straightening out the string we have applied a pretty complex action to it. The straight string and the curved string aren’t physically or mathematically equivalent.”

          from here:

          Now, in lame words: moving around the line that describes a curvature makes you change two positions: on both x- and y- axis. Can you understand that fact in comparison to moving along a straight line, where you change your position only on x-axis? It is of course understood that we are here comparing a straight line at 0 degrees inclination.

          That is a crucial argument to comprehend before proceeding any further on kinematic issue of Pi. There are others, but I’ll leave them out to avoid any further confusion. There is one thing though I completely agree with though, the kinematic Pi requires a new terminology.

          That all made me decide not to answer any further questions you posted as most of them become irrelevant once you’re on the right path of understanding the issue in question.


          1. what your “lame words” describe is the same movement a dot will make if moved diagonally back and forth across a square. There isn’t any kinematic Pi. Why abuse a geometrical constant, known for ages for something completely different? Lack of words from great MM? He claims to be a poet and cannot deliver a better word for his theory as “PI”? As I told Miles, the way the Earth makes within a year around the sun is 1000 times bigger than its cycloid way during that time. The distances are so big, we can assume geometrical points. The cycloid factor becomes irrelevant then. Miles’ mathematical explanation is bollocks. If you approximate a curve you use the hypotenuse of the triangle not its sides. He then takes differential calculus and uses it as an equation which makes no sense at all. Miles’ equation says that a rolling circle has the same circumference as the square around that circle. Makes this any sense to you? You’re still not answering my questions, you’re talking around them. Why in this animation of yours is the circle put between -4 and +4 on the y-axis, why not use a unit circle rolling on the x-axis, why observing only one point on the surface, etc. It’s all misleading without any serious content. All “experiments” Miles mentioned, all silly youtube videos demonstrate the influence of inertia if anything and not some “kinematic situation”. Inertia is completely ignored in Miles Pi papers. Why is that?


            1. “Miles’ equation says that a rolling circle has the same circumference as the square around that circle. Makes this any sense to you?”

              See? I told you we have a huge issue in question. But it concerns understanding of this issue properly. Miles never said that. Neither did I or anybody else who understands kinematic Pi.

              A point on circle’s curvature (!) travels a distance of 8r(adius) while the circle completes one full turn, but only when then circle is in motion (=kinematic situation). I never claimed I can travel around the curves on rectangular path, since I don’t. The only difference is that now I know how to calculate the distance I traveled while in curves. So you can sleep at night better, Müller, I have no issues with your beliefs as long as you leave me alone. Having said that, I’m done with my attempts to help you understand anything.

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              1. I have read dozens of Miles papers, though the (Pi = 4) thing always baffled me. Now I am not saying I am an expert. I did manage a 4.0 in college that included Physics and also aced Algebra & Geometry in High School and College. Now in practical terms, “Pi” is used in Commerce to calculate the volume of a container, where the exact amount in the container is important to the seller and the buyer and in that context “Pi = 3.14…”.

                Tube like containers are used in too many things to list but here are a few: FOOD & DRINK CONTAINERS, RAILROAD CARS carrying liquids, PIPES & HOSES moving liquids, BARRELS for containing and transporting liquids and solids. Items like CARPET & LINOLEUM are also rolled into tube-shapes and being able to calculate the exact volume of these items for shipping is paramount to the seller and buyer. How about AIRPLANES & ROCKETS or RIFLE & CANNON BARRELS?

                Now a circle of say 6″ in diameter would have a radius of 3″ and if rolled would have a circumference of about 18.85″. The square around that circle would have 4 sides equal to 6″ each, so would have a perimeter of 24″. Now in calculating the total space that a round container uses in shipping would in fact be the same as the square around the circle, since there would be unused air space, so in that context, one could say “Pi = 4” but in calculating the volume of the container, it would certainly have to be “Pi = 3.14159265359”.

                Now the question: “Miles’ equation says that a rolling circle has the same circumference as the square around that circle. Makes this any sense to you?”

                Now, while technically, a circle can have a perimeter, a square cannot have a circumference. This is a simple matter of the definition of what the two words mean.

                Now it has been years since I read the MM paper on “Pi = 4” so I cannot recall the context in which it was used but here is some other food for thought.

                If you were standing in the right spot looking at the Great Pyramid, the Sun (Ra) would seem to roll up an edge of the structure to the peak and roll down the opposite edge to the base before disappearing beyond the horizon once again. Now I cannot tell you if this would work on only a certain day or days or on any day or everyday or if you would need to reposition to get the proper view oin the downslope so any thoughts on this would be constructive. The slope of the Great Pyramid is approximately 51°52’±2′ and the Latitude of London is approximately 51.5074° N. Now that is surely not much of a coincidence and the “zero” longitude line “where time begins” is at the Greenwich Observatory? Any thoughts?


                1. Well not only has it been many years, but you also missed or forgot the entire central premise behind Pi =4. All that rambling and you didn’t get a single angle on the topic. You didn’t even bother to look up any of the papers you previously failed to understand.

                  “Now it has been years since I read the MM paper on “Pi = 4” so I cannot recall the context in which it was used but here is some other food for thought.”

                  No, that’s not food for thought, that’s starvation. You aren’t thinking and didn’t think when you tried to read them, not enough to actually read them. You mad yet? I will tell you why you’re stupid here and completely wrong.

                  Pi = 4 in ALL KINEMATIC SOLUTIONS.

                  He blatantly states this in all his papers. Pi = 4 whenever you have a motion, meaning a velocity, because TIME is the difference. Pi = 3.14 only when we remove the time variable. That’s why the number is so stupid and irrational in the first place. Because the time variable has been subtracted out.

                  Since you didn’t understand this, you didn’t read or comprehend what you did read, and that’s entirely your fault. Hate to break it to you but this is the weakest rebuttal I’ve seen on this topic in the same four years, kiddo. Run along and let the literate folk continue the discussion.


                  1. It seems in your rush to defend the Miles Mathis (Pi = 4) that you completely overlooked everything that I wrote and your attempt to make me feel small and stupid is something a child would try but not a grown man. My point was/is that “IN COMMERCE” which is in fact where 99% of calculations are needed, (Pi = 3.14) and it works, for the reasons I already stated and I also stated that (Pi = 4) works for calculating the space needed for shipping said tubular products. I do not use nor do I have a need to calculate using equations for moving objects, nor do I have a need or use for algebra or physics in real life. The majority of people who use equations are using them in observance of objects that cannot be measured in a physical sense or they work purely in hypotheticals. Engineers obviously need to be able to get correct answers to these important questions when designing and building machinary, structures, etc.

                    Now I also made it clear that I could not remember the context in which Miles stated (Pi = 4) as it had been years since I had read that particular paper and no I’m not inclined to look it up and read it again. My commentary was prompted only because so many people seem to still be debating this issue as if there are not more important things to do!

                    It seems that you are one of those who always has to try to prove that you are the assmartest man in the room, even if it is an imaginary room AKA a blog.

                    My take on Miles Math-is is that there is indeed a healthy dose of the truth, yet some groups are untouchable while others get the blame at every turn, but then your a real smart mother funker so you knew that already and you will take my response here as a direct attack on your fragile ego and try to come up with some more insults in a vain attempt to make me feel small but that’s okay, you can type away all the insults that it takes to try to make you self feel superior or you could apply that same amount of ENERGY in bringing forth real solutions to the real problems we face in the real world every day, most of which are LEGAL problems because the PEN-IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD.

                    With all the talking and typing about FAKE NEWS, FAKE WARS & FAKE HISTORY there doesn’t seem to be too many intelligent folks talking about TRUSTS, CONTRACTS, BANKING, THE COURTS, MARITIME ADMIRALTY LAW, THE UCC, etc. Do you see my point here or do you just want to continue on with (Pi = 4)? Debating (Pi) is a waste of everyones time, which was/is my point?


                    1. Sorry I had to trounce you and hand you your malliterate ass here, but you came in acting the fool so I simply treated you like one. Have a nice day, please be kind to yourself and shrug off my demolition of your self-esteem. You will heal. Have faith in the human spirit!


                    2. Well, being 20+ years removed from having to calculate imaginary shit using equations in Physics class, I had to look up that big word “kinematic” not being able to remember what exactly it reeferd to, mostly due to my overall lack of usable brain material, having squandered it all smoking pot and drinking beer & whiskey, but while searching for the meaning of “big words” that dazzle me, I by accident came across a bunch of “kinematic equations” and noticed that they were all deficient in the (π) symbol, which seems a bit odd considering all the discussion here, butt doo knot fear JM, you had absolutely no detrimental effect on me though you may want to work on your own self assteam in other ways besides trying to belittle everyone else cause it will be a lonely life and just an FYI, you are not the first per son who has tried to end a meaningful debate or discussion using gradeschool insults and all I can say is you shoulda been there where I was at that time cause it will thicken a baby soft skin to have the upbringing I had, so you really should realise that casting insults only projects an overall lack of intelligence, as it surely does not make you seem like someone worth following or listening to and I would suspect that you are probably really intelligent in selected areas while possibly completely lacking in other, much more important areas of thought, so although I have not compiled all of my various thoughts and discoveries into one place, I have a tiny sample of shit on the blog which contains a fair amount of shit to spite the Gatekeeper Mark Tokarski over at POM, so you might enjoy that a bit and take your time and feel free to ask questions about anything at all, because as soon as you think you know it all, you have lost and without an intimate knowledge of the alpha-numeric code and the true meaning of words, you really have no idea what the value of the words you use adds up to and use of the wrong word in a LEGAL situation spells doom for you, so I am not giving up on you as it seems that you may have potential, whereas a lessor man would have just told you to *#$% off and BTW, the great Miles Mathis has read a few of my thoughts and has responded with “thats probably right” on some while giving a “thats wrong” on others, not that I would be looking for his approval, though at one time I thought it would be beneficial to everyone else if he and I worked together on some of the revelations as he has some great ideas and I have some great ideas, but in the so-called truth community there are mostly Planted Agents, a few Lone Rangers and a multitude of Ditto Heads and all the while THEY continue on as THEY did yesterday, raping and pillaging, via the Imaginary Money DEAD WORLD CORPORATE System, while great minds toil away arguing about fucking Pi = 4?


                    3. You entered this discussion about Pi without even knowing what “kinematics” meant.

                      That’s really all there is to it, my dude. You came in unarmed and can now leave with even fewer arms. Have a nice day.


                    4. Wang Dong: “Hey everyone, let me waste your time telling you why I think Miles’s paper about Pi=4 is wrong even though I haven’t read it and nobody asked me.”

                      Also Wang Dong: “Hey everyone, debating Pi=4 is such a waste of time, what are you even doing?”

                      Honestly, I’ve never seen someone so obsessed with trying to find ANUSES. I’ve got a suggestion, Mr. Dong, if you want to find an ANUS, just look in the MIRROR!


                    5. There ya go Josh. At least here ya can’t delete my comments! (or maybe yoo can!) The question you should be ass king yoreself is “What type of butt pluggers obviously created the English Language with a multitude of pet names for the anus?” butt please enlighten everyone on the life and death importance of (Pi = 4 in a rotational kinematic equation) and the numerical value of JOSHUA is 74, just like JESUS, LUCIFER and JURY. Although, JESUS is merely the plural of JESU (as in JESUITS) and JESU, of course is 55 and since it appears you have read and learned a bit, you know what 55 is now don’t ya? It was written that JESUS had 12 disciples and there are 12 members of a JURY (who can save yoo ass) butt sins now eye halve yore attention, “How many MOONS are out/in a 4 year PRESIDENTIAL TERM?” The straight answer is “50”, just like the 50 STATES, because each STATE Ca-Pi-tol is a “Little Star of Bet’ le ham” (moon = bare ass) and eye bet yoo saw that “Pi” rite there dint ya? And of course yoo nose full well that “Caca” is Espanol for “shit” butt the “Little Star” on yore keyboard is the “asterisk” (ass tear risk) butt I’m sure yoo an’ yore frenz had all this/shit/hits figured rite out. Now since yoo are so intimately educated on what Miles has figured out and left out, maybe yoo shooed bee checking out hour word/turd pile over at for a further drop down the Rabbi-toll and BTW “The POPE” is the “Rabbi of the CROSS”, i.e “Follow the White Rabbit.” Hell THEY gave ya that one in the MATRIX. Now yoo can cuntinue 2-tri-2 make yoo self feel superior with insults witches yoo perogative or yoo could doo something useful to expose the Butt Pluggers Hierarchy. So what’s it gonna bee? Attack the messenger? Again?


                    6. Josh is correct. Atop that, you’re not only a shill and a troll, you’re so bad at it that it you should feel ashamed. This isn’t Facebook, this is a discussion about serious topics which you couldn’t even begin to process.

                      You didn’t even know what “kinematics” meant, dude. Just pathetic.


                    1. I see that on your blog you mention many times the gematrical code “ANUS=55”. I can add that 5+5=10, 0 being the Anus and 1 being the dong or the wang.

                      Wang Dong, thank you for the entertainment provided. I still consider the possibility that you are serious and not just a troll, since some of the ideas on your blog are reasonable enough. However, your comments on this blog show that you are unprepared to talk about the topics you tried to debate.


                    2. Well I was not trying to “debate” the Pi-hole issue as such, only trying to point out that the number derived from 22/7, has as its primary use in the system we live in, to calculate the volume of tubular objects, for the purpose of commerce.

                      Now moving on, I assume this hole discourse is revolving around “rotational kinematics” and I guess I did not realise that was all anyone was allowed to discuss here in this comment thread. Now I will toss out another revelation that throws a monkey in the wrench of any attempts to calculate precisely the motion of a real physical object and that is that in nature there is no such thing as a perfect circle, so any equations would only apply to man-made objects that can be nearly perfect circles or spheres.

                      Now had I chosen to persue engineering as a trade, I would be in a better position to “debate” this issue, though my points that usually get lost in the sea of insults from the likes of Jarhead Minison are that great minds should not spend too much time and energy debating how a circle has the same circumference as the square around it when it is not possible for a square to have a circumference. At least two posters here used that language.

                      My work decyphering the cryptographics of the English Language stands on its own and is far more important than this issue because if you do not know what the words truly mean, you are lost at sea. Gematria is the practice of coding numbers into words, while cryptography is making the connection between a word and through its numerical equivalent another word, which reveals the true meaning of the 1st word, witches “getting the last word in”.

                      Now the word “kinematics” like so many other words, begins with (kinemat = 11+9+14+5+13+1+2 = 55) and as eye have shown so many times before, any letter combination that equals 55 = anus, butt for further confirmation, look at the letters between the “k” and “t” and voila, we have “inema” witches of course “enima” or “enema” butt then maybe everything is all just a crazy coincidence like with the word/name (TAOS = 20+1+15+19 = 55 = anus) or the name MILES MATHIS could be seen as “less mi mathi” and “mi mathi = 13+9+13+1+2+8+9 = 55).

                      Do not get me wrong, we all have been given names that were technically “created” by the Masters long ago and far be it for our parents to know this/shit.

                      Often, there is no need for cryptography to see the theme as with the last Presidential cycle we were given DONALD JOHN T RUMP, MIK PENCE, HILLARIUS ROD HAM CLINTON, BURN KNEE ASSENDER and TeaM CAIN. Now there is always lots of discussion about the 33rd degree and while the last names reveal the target, the first AND/OR middle names reveal the shooter, so lettuce begin.

                      DON = 4+15+14 = 33
                      JOH = 10+15+8 = 33
                      MIK = 13+9+11 = 33
                      ILL = 9+12+12 = 33
                      RO = 18 =15 = 33
                      BURN = 55 (yeah Bernie got fucked hard in the pri-Mary)
                      TM = 20+13 = 33

                      Now while ROD-HAM seems blatantly obvious the name CLINTON at first glance does not, butt then we find that (LINT = 12+9+14+20 = 55 = anus).

                      Now also whoever shows up with the 11 letter stage name will be the weiner, so count em an’ weap DONALD TRUMP
                      BARACK OBAMA
                      GEORGE W BUSH
                      BILL CLINTON
                      HARRY TRUMAN

                      Further confirmation that TRUMP would be the weiner is found in the numerological value of the name (TRUMP = 20+18+21+13+16 = 88) and he would take office in the year of the 88th anniversary of the 1929 crash, butt they also got a liitle reflection as the crash was 71 years before 2000 and TRUMP took office 17 years after 2000 so (71-17).

                      Now if you re-arrange the name WASHINGTON you get SHIT ON WANG
                      And if you re-arrange the word PRESIDENT you get TERD PENIS

                      These things are not by chance or coincedence. The only time the Elites concern themselves with “Pi” is when calculating how much work its going to be to funk you hard in yore assets with their BIG CORPORATE TIME CLOCK other wise noun as BIG BEN, JAM IN!



                    3. You are saying that the contrived gematria is more important than Kinematics (or in this case circular kinematics). If Mathis is right, a lot of celestial mechanics is wrong. There are even application on earth, since it may influence the winners in the sprinting competition (sports fraud). Of course circular motion is everywhere even on earth. For example, we have cyclones and other movements of the air that influence weather.

                      Yes, a lot of symbol calculations are contrived. But Mathis actually tries to eliminate a lot of complicated math nonsense that is used as smoke screen (also eliminating virtual particles, hyperspace, dark matter and similar contrived entities). He actually tries to show that we can quantify or illustrate many physical principles only using some basic and fundamental math. Regarding your comment about perfect circles, even if they don’t exist in nature, the concept of circle is still useful as an approximation (many flowers are an approximation of a pentagram, many pyrite crystals are almost perfect cubes, honeycomb cells are hexagonal). In the end the best we can do is to find useful approximations that mimic what is really happening in nature.

                      The only that was missing in this discussion was to do a gematria decoding on PI and kinematics. You finally did this on your last comment, maybe because my comment triggered you do do this (so your move was not unexpected). I am aware of gematria,temurah, cryptography ,steganography, allegory and other types of signaling (like using number 11,8, 33, 47 etc). They also seem to be fascinated by the number 55. You can read the last part of “The theology of arithmetic” by Iamblichus (using material from Nicomachus), where a lot of mathematical properties of 55 are mentioned. SGD channel probably has a few videos about how they incorporate various numbers in architecture (for example ).
                      When we see these numbers in dates, architecture or in the context of the story , we should take note of the mentions. In the end we don’t know exactly why and how they use these numbers. After a point, it is a waste of time if we spend our time playing with gematria codes. A lot of gematria manipulations used by various internet writers are random and seem meaningless.
                      I want to end by saying that you also brought gematria into this discussion in an unintelligent manner (I started the gematria talk, but my comment was meant as a joke). Maybe Vexman will consider this discussion a waste of time, but it may have some useful seeds in it.


                    4. calgatus,

                      Finally a mature response to my comments, although the use of “unintelligent” stands out a bit, although maybe sometimes I might stretch it a bit on the cryptography. My bad. I did a thoughtful read of your commentary and most of what I post in cyberspace is not comprehended or appreciated at all and it seems that all truth is at first rejected. I have much respect for much of what has been brought to light in the Miles Mathis papers and although time is always an issue, I try to at least browse through anything new that appears there.

                      I only found POM because Miles had mentioned it several times and I thought maybe I should take a look at it, though it took a bit to figure out what POM stood for. Once there, although I did not much care for most of the subject matter, I found some of the commenters there to be genuine and had some productive discourse with a few of them. It did not take long to find out how much gate keeping goes on there as writers have left and many commenters have left, been blocked or banned, including myself.

                      Mark Tokarksi (toke arse key = suck shitty dick) claims he has to keep me from over running his blog with Gematria (banned at POM) but Gematria and Cryptography, though related, are 2 different things and it seems like many other things, the waters have been muddied. He has, in fact, blocked nearly all commentary I have left there, most which does not include any Gematria or Cryptography.

                      Obviously, Trillions of Dollars each year are changing hands (from the lower and middle classes to the Upper Class) and each event that is perpetrated, is coded with the truth as it is their way of revealing what they are doing which in there system makes it LEGAL or Lawful. The premise is used by POLICE to justify shooting a suspect. “Stop or I’ll shoot!” is all an OFFICER needs to say to justify lawfully shooting someone in the back who is running away. LEGAL is based on written words and Lawful is based on spoken words IMO.

                      An example of a somewhat covert announcement would be all of the movies that came out in the 1990’s with 9/11 or 9:11 in some form in the background of scenes. It would appear, that was their way of showing that they had something big planned for that date. There was also a movie or TV show that had a plane fly into the WTC.

                      I do not follow any book of rules as I have found that the truth of most things comes from within which is without. I know that seems as a contradiction. Intuition is what most would call it I guess. I took on this thankless task because someone had to do something and in a stange way, I feel that I was chosen, though I am not a religious person. I have been shown future events many times in dreams and if it is a spiritual group or whatever, they never speak or show themselves in the dreams.

                      Right now I tend to believe that i can only see future planned events, not necessarily natural events and no I do not think I am The Messiah, The Second Coming or any of that nonsense. I think I just choose to think about dreams in a different way and maybe have by chance some higher ability to connect with “the muses” as Miles likes to call them.

                      I had not intended to break down the code of the language when I began this quest. At the time I was just looking for answers that could not be found. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that through the language, I would be able to pinpoint the group at the top of the pyramid and I believe that I have done that.

                      Take a look into what Peter Thiel did to the men at Gawker for outing him and his wealthy friends as being gay! Now there was a doumentary made about how Peter Thiel funded a LEGAL team at a cost of over $10,000,000 in an ACTION brought by Hulk Hogan against Gawker over some sex tape that they released. Now watching the documentary, it certainly seems that several of the men running Gawker were gay, so why would another gay man go to so much trouble to punish them for exposing he and his friends for being gay?

                      Well Gawker was bankrupted by the LEGAL proceeding and eventually shut down. Now this:


                      The lesson to be learned here is that low level gays are not allowed to out upper level gays? Now Richard Nixon is quoted as saying “Behemian Grove is too faggoty” and “Homosexuality killed the Roman Empire” and then conveniently Watergate happened and he was kicked out of the Presidency.

                      Now most people do not have a clue who Peter Thiel is, which is how THEY like it. He was the original outside funder that launched FACEBOOK in 2004 and he also launched PAYPAL. He is currently officially worth 2.5 Billion Dollars, (and like Emperor Nero) married his boy friend in 2017 and has Citizenship in Germany, The United States and New Zealand.


                      Now Miles Mathis papers have noted homosexuality appearing, far out of proportion to actual
                      population percentage numbers, in positions of power and influence. And the numbers of men pretending to be women is another angle that Miles has so far shied away from. 10% of all Jewish men are gay (about 300,000), which explains why so many Jewish men appear in positions of power. Now if these 300,000 men were divided into groups of 1000, each with a representative to a Jewish Congress, could that then be called “The Committee of 300”?

                      Also, Kevin S. did some really good articles that were posted on Miles Mathis website about how all the top actresses in the Movie Business who were born before 1920, were all most likely men in drag. Here are some links to the series titles “strange relations” and although Miles and Kevin seem to have had a falling out, at the time Miles allowed these to be posted on his site and the articles are still there, which tells me that although Miles and Keven may not like each other now, Miles must still respect the work Kevin did on this series.

                      Click to access strange.pdf

                      Click to access strange2.pdf

                      Click to access strange3.pdf

                      Click to access SR4.pdf

                      Then there is the covert introduction of various gender bending synthetic chemicals that are physically turning boys into girls, where they will sometimes even start to grow breasts. What type of people would do this on purpose? These chemicals are also in the water supplies and runoff and dumped into rivers and a multitude of animals are now categorized as “gay”.

                      Bisphenol A (BPA) a synthetic chemical that mimics estrogen, which was first synthesized in 1897 and somehow it bacame an ingrediant in plastc food and drink containers, baby bottles and other infant items like teething rings?

                      Then there are a multitude of chemical agents put into cigarettes, that almost guarantees that a Mother who smokes or is in an environment exposing her to cigarette smoke will have a child with some sort of genital birth defect such as ,undescended testicles and/or micropenis or low to no sperm in boys and tiny to no breasts and/or underdeveloped ovaries or worse in girls. To intentionally do harm to another is supposed to be a seen as a Criminal Act.

                      The Cigarette manufacturers (2 corporations in the Western World) are protected from revealing what they put into the product under the guise of “trade sectets”? There are only 2 Corporations making all the cigarettes and each is using the same chemicals so the truth is obvious here! Technically China has there own cigarette Company that does not export as far as I know.

                      Yeah we could get into the imaginary money system, the rigged stocks and bonds markets, the insurance fraud, the tax schemes, the various banking scams and frauds, the Court System, the various schemes for dividing the sexes and breaking up the family unit, the various schemes for causing then pretending to try to cure Cancer, have an honest discourse about Local, County, State, Federal and International (CORPORATE) Control Structures and Hierarchies or we could forget all that and try to figure out under what scenario (Pi = 4).


                  1. No need to apologize really, it’s more humorous than malicious. I think it’s important to keep some sense of humor in these things, at least in the discussions. If a character comes in fumbling and keeps on missing the point, it’s certainly not your fault!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Thanks for your support, Jared. I was feeling bad for hosting it, that’s all. If I could, I’d stop him much sooner. It’s not so much about missing the point that bothers me the most. He was showing disrespect towards Miles, you and Josh,which is completely intolerable, extremely irritating and annoying. Nothing alike is welcome around here, so I feel I should have made that clear sooner. Dong didn’t want to realize he was heading out or maybe he was usurping on purpose, It doesn’t really matter, my reaction was untimely. That’s the reason I apologized for.


                  2. Wang Dong Assphelt is clearly obsessed with butts and gematria, maybe he’s just not getting any?


          2. just one more thing and then I’m done here: Miles claims to explain with his Pi=4 theory some crude “observations” supposedly made by Nasa or even some quantum mechanics problems. All those things are fakes. Nasa does not fly into space (satellites do exists but that is a different matter), quantum mechanics is as absurd as the relativity theory is. Yet still Miles Mathis delivers a theory to explain their problems?
            Simon Shack does the same with his Tycho-theory. He based his Tycho-model among other things on the existence of double star systems (Sirius) which only very few claim to observe. You can for instance make pictures of the ISS even showing some details, I did that myself using the P900 Nikon from my son. You will not see Sirius as a double star no matter how expensive your equipment may be. Yet still Simon rejects pictures of the ISS and accepts “pictures” of Sirius as a double star? All this is Flat Earth in different clothes to me. Its junk science and only works if somebody never learned any higher mathematics. No offense. My background is in electrical engineering by the way even though I work for big banks in Frankfurt now. I know what I’m talking about. They don’t. And finally as for satellites, I’ve watched the ISS many times, I’ve seen Iridium flares many times, I’m using satellite TV since the 80-s, so satellites are a real thing to me. No so Nasa and their stories. Now I’m done here. With kindly regards.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. Satellites exist but yet nobody flies into space.

              You’re an electrical engineer but yet you work for big banks.

              That’s all we really need to know about you. You’ve outed yourself.


            2. just for clarification: I have a master degree in electrical engineering but I went into software development in the 90-s. The banks in Frankfurt just pay way better than factories. Once you have a serious degree it opens many doors to other areas and possibilities. If you’re willing to learn of course. Vexman, you’re still talking around my simple questions. Miles wrote in his Pi=4 paper I quote: “Pi is defined as the ratio of the circumference and the diameter. I have proved that when motion is involved, that ratio is 4”.
              If you take the unit circle with diameter of 1, its circumference is simple Pi, which is 3.14. The square around that circle has the circumference of 4×1=4. The quote from Miles’ paper says exactly that if the circle is rolling its circumference becomes equal to the square around it. The animation of yours does not use the unit circle because than it would be obvious that the conclusion you’re drawing is wrong.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Müller, I’m not talking around your simple questions. I refuse to answer them as they become irrelevant once we come to understanding of the issue in question. I thought you said you’ll be gone with your previous post, which by your new post just got extended. Interesting.

                See? I told you Miles knows what static Pi is. It’s defined as the ratio of the circumference and the diameter. You then continue with your explanation, where you took static circle with a square around trying to follow what Miles implied for kinematic situation. The issue in question is there, right in front of your nose. When we put the circle in motion, there is a point on its circumference that we need to look at and follow its path. We can observe the path of this point in motion here:


                Do you see any squares in this demo? No, because the point follows the path, which is described by its true mechanics of circle’s motion. This path is described as a cycloid, which is well known fact for ages. So we need to invent nothing new here, do we? Theory says that the length of cycloid’s line = arc length = 8r.

                So following the observed mechanics, logic and theory when in kinematic situation:


                You see how simple this was? While it’s true that the circumference of a square around the circle = 4 ; if r=1, as you suggest, we’re talking apples and oranges here. You still want to talk about the static circumferences where in fact motion is applied.

                In other words, you are focused at the wrong point. Follow the point on circle’s curvature and you’ll understand what this is all about. It is as simple as that if you are honest. Considering your degree, this should be a piece of cake for you.

                Liked by 1 person

                1. General idea (Don’t know, if it’s correct): Make an animation (whoever can, or in your mind), that shows the circle boxed in in a square, of side-length equal to the circle’s diameter. Mark one point where the circle touches the square (in the middle of a side), then the circle starts rolling, folding out the square into a line and colorizing the part of the line it has traveled over. (In an animation like this it would have first to roll to one end of the line, then back over this bit to the other side, so this half diameter isn’t counted twice) When the the point has colorized the whole line length, then it would have used color for 4 diameters? Is that it? (I haven’t thought this through yet, just looking for a better way to visualize this. Tired, So see y’all,maybe)

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            3. Jared, you’ve just outed yourself as flat earther. Satellites are simply shot into space like bullets. A rocket engine accelerates after launch to a certain maximum speed. If it reaches the so called “first cosmic speed” it will start orbiting. If it reaches the second cosmic speed, it will leave the Earth’s gravity field. No humans necessary there. That’s how I learned that when I was a child and that’s how it obviously works today, except you didn’t learned that the way I did.


            4. Just for clarification, I have a PhD in Detecting Bullshit, and let me tell you, Mueller: you need to work on your technique if you hoping to make a living as a bullshit artist.

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            5. That’s not how orbits work at all. To achieve an orbit, acceleration greater than the body’s gravity is required – and at a vector perpendicular to that body’s gravity. That’s what the “gravity turn” is, in rocketry. You can’t just go straight up at any velocity and achieve an orbit. Once again you demonstrate a complete lack of mechanics and knowledge on yet another topic.

              I’m patiently waiting for you to get one thing right. Me, a “Flat Earther”? I’ve never once said anything about the Earth being flat. You can’t straw man me, son. You aren’t even able to answer or insult me. You flail away at topics you know nothing about and then accuse others of being what you are yourself.

              Pathetic. You’re a waste of taxpayers’ stolen money, spook.

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    1. He is incredibly annoying. He hijacks almost every thread on this page with his argumentative twaddle.


    1. ok Jared, one last time, ok. Velocity and acceleration are both attributes of the same law of nature. You can’t separate them. There is no velocity without acceleration. There is no constant speed in nature. Acceleration always comes with a mass. Only a mass can and have to be accelerated. That’s why the relativity theory is crap. Light has no mass therefore it has no speed at all it only has a range and intensity. A rocket has to accelerate its own entire mass to reach a certain speed. This mass will be reduced as the engine burns the fuel. That’s the content of the so called rocket equation and was known before NASA hired von Braun who then realized that flying to the Moon is impossible because of the rocket equation. Then the narrative changed and the cosmic speed wasn’t mentioned anymore. If you shoot a bullet, it will also be accelerated but only for a very short period of time. When the bullet leaves the barrel it already has reached its maximum velocity and can only gets slower. The inertia of the mass is the reason it reaches a certain distance depending of its mass, form, air movement, angle, etc. The same applies for rockets. They get launched, reach their maximum velocity, the engine gets off and the inertia of their masses pushes them to a certain altitude. Is it high enough they start to orbit, is it higher than that, they leave the Earths gravity, etc. That’s the definition of the 3 cosmic speeds. It is not that difficult, isn’t it? You can observe that on fireworks, they accelerate for a short period of time, then they still fly higher for a while even though the rocket is not burning anymore and then they start to fall down and explode. Except satellites reach an altitude where they start orbiting instead of falling down.
      Miles’ weird theories, Simon’s Tycho, David Icke’s reptilians and Flat Earth belong to the same category of psyops intending to distract and defame.

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      1. I remember operating at a Third Grade level as well, Muller. It was a simpler time, when life was grand and nothing had to make sense and I never bothered to study anything or read anything scientific but comic books and National Geographic and Popular Science. Dinosaurs ARE AWESOME!

        But you, sir, are a failure with each sentence. You don’t know what a velocity is, you don’t know what an acceleration is, you don’t know what mass is, you don’t know what light is, you know nothing of rocketry or astrophysics, and you don’t even believe that your own eyes work. Which means you don’t believe in reading or words or pixels either. You’re downloading all these conversations directly into your blind brain somehow using the same magic you believe controls physics. The light entering your eyes isn’t real since it has no mass and therefore cannot collide with your eye receptor cells. It also cannot power plants through photosynthesis since it has no mass and thus no energy, according to your theory. So you don’t believe in plants either. Nor do you believe in the sun, electricity, magnetism, or anything else.

        You don’t believe in anything which would include yourself and so… Poof! You no longer exist. You’re done here, son. And anywhere else you post. You have ceased to be, per your own paltry, toddleresque theory.

        Nice knowin’ ya, spookycakes.

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  23. Hahahaha. Now you’ve given yourself away. All of this has just been a pathetic attempt to group Miles’ work in the same category with FE, Simon’s Taco (full of beans model) and even, some how some way, reptilians. The problem is that although you are trying desperately hard, you aren’t landing any punches. Do you know what that’s called? It’s called flailing. You’re totally flailing Mr. Mueller. GTFO.

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  24. Well done gentlemen. A great teaching moment here. You can use this for a case study in shooing away the spooks. Instead of bug-off it can be called spook-off.

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  25. I’d like to reiterate how important it is that Piece Of Mindful’s anti-Mathis hit-pieces failed to address any of the points Mathis has actually made in his hundreds of papers. The only rebuttals I’ve ever seen to any argument Mathis has ever made, are:

    discussions of Pi where they (purposefully) ignore the kinematic stipulation
    a rebuttal to his claim that the Buddy Holly tribute bandmembers, as minors, couldn’t easily be driven across state lines

    Pretty weak. I mean, of all the things I’ve read by Mathis, maybe I don’t agree with 1%? But generally only when the speculation gets a little too deep for me to follow. I can’t so much say that he’s wrong in those cases, as much as I feel out of my depth.

    If someone did my genealogy, they’d find close relations to military bureaucracy and Jewish people and a few spooky folks, and a distant connection to General Robert E. Lee. But I’m just a middle-class schlub who has no secrets to tell. I suspect that a few people I knew growing up were juiced into something, but it’s just a sneaking suspicion I’ve had.

    So when PoM tried to take Miles down by showing that some of his relatives might have been upper-middle class or Jewish, it looked even more mundane than my personal experience, which is pretty mundane indeed.

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    1. This has been my experience almost entirely across the board, be it on science or physics forums, tech forums, social media (egads!), or any other platform when discussing Miles’ theories or ideas. I have yet to encounter an actual rebuttal, out of thousands of “debates”. Maybe tens of thousands. My bias is present sure, so a neutral outsider might see an “actual” rebuttal where I would not, but that is to say anything close to a rebuttal to me is so weak as to be irrelevant. Usually they don’t even address Mathis at all, and lately I’ve had a stream of comebacks about me being a licensed professional landscaper of all things, which is hilarious.

      But it’s almost always a stream of logical fallacies. At best. Lately it’s mostly been, “Who is this fucking retard?” Which is actually better than anything PoM tried, if you think about it. When dealing with gradeschool minds, except recess-level rebuttals. 🙂


  26. I would like to discuss some aspects of the papers “MY CALCULUS APPLIED TO
    AND OF 1/x ARE WRONG”. I manly want to discuss some problems related to the tangent of exponential functions, 1/x and ln(x). First, I want to introduce the concept of subtangent, and you can find some info here .

    The concept of subtangent is important because the exponential functions and the log functions are supposed to have a constant subtangent. The exponential functions should have a constant subtangent on the x-axis, and the log functions should have a constant subtangent on the y-axis. In the most simple cases, e^x should have a s=1 on the x-axis, while ln(x) should have a s=1 on the y-axis. You can use these facts to make geometric constructions and see if these geometric constructions give the right tangent slope. I used GeoGebra, and I got the right slope (as expected from the main stream equations) to at least 5 decimal points for ln(x), e^x, 2^x, 1/x. GeoGebra has a function that allows you to obtain the tangent at a point. I used that function, but I also used geometrical constructions related to the subtangents. When I used my own constructions, I got pretty much the same slope as when I used their tangent function (to more than 5 decimal points if I remember correctly). The idea is that these functions supposedly have these useful geometric properties that make it easy to draw a tangent at a given point. log and exponential functions have constant subtangents, while 1/x has -x as subtangent (if I remember correctly). My geometric experimentation with GeoGebra agrees with the numbers obtained given by the main stream equations.

    In the exponential paper Mathis says “First of all, accurate slopes and tangents are very difficult to find by hand, especially to curves that are curving so slightly. I doubt you or anyone else can find that accurate a slope by hand. That is why these equations were developed in the first place: you can’t do it by hand or eye”. Now, I did the geometric constructions in Geogebra (and of course the program provided the actual function curves), but the slope obtained with these simple subtangents can be constructed using compass and straightedge (if the curves are already given, of course). The subtangent for 2^x cannot be constructed by compass and straight edge, because s=1/ln(2) (but it is easy in GeoGebra). I think that the constructions in GeoGebra are a fair assessment, especially if I do my own geometric constructions (once the functions are given) and I don’t rely on their tangent function(where you select a point and a curve, and they give you the tangent to the curve at that point).

    In the Natural log paper Mathis says “The current derivative was found by looking at the curve on the graph and actually drawing some tangents. After long years of this, it was decided that the slopes seemed to follow 1/x. Then the math was simply pushed to create a proof of that educated guess”. As I write I have lnx on GeoGebra, and at a random point my construction agrees to 9 decimals that the slope obtained with the subtangent has the same value as 1/x.

    I did not write to Mathis since I wanted to discuss the topic here first. I do believe that he should touch on the subtangent in the future (as it applies to exponentials, ln and 1/x). My main problem is only about the tangent, and not the other issues discussed in the 2 papers. Regarding the other ideas, I tend to go with Mathis. I say “I tend” because my thoughts are not final and many ideas presented require more meditation. I also have a distrust for many of the algebraic manipulations used in the most common proofs. However, these functions are supposed to have these simple subtangents so the construction of derivatives become easy geometric problems (especially when done in GeoGebra). The numbers of these geometric constructions can be extracted without the GeoGebra software, and they seem to agree with the main stream numbers .

    On the exponential paper Mathis says “Therefore, finding a velocity from a derivative with exponential functions is mathematically impossible, by the current methods. And if you do find a tangent by other more clever means, that tangent won’t be the velocity at x.” My comment is not about the other issues discussed in the 2 papers, like the idea that the tangent is not the velocity. Maybe other people here may want to discuss these ideas, but I am only interested in the geometry of the tangents. I do believe that Mathis should reconsider a few statements he made about the geometry of tangents. Maybe somebody will find some problems with my approach, but for now I consider that my GeoGebra experimentation has a strong empirical approach.


    1. Calgacus, I was more into gravity as a charge binding thinking lately. Will try to give some comments to your ideas when I find some free time.


    2. Vexman, I wonder if you thought about this comment since your last reply. I sent an e-mail to Mathis about a month after I wrote the comment but I received no response.

      I still think that Mathis should talk about the constant subtangent property in his log and exponential papers. Especially, since this property seems to contradict some statements that I quoted in the first comment. I also think that historically this was an important property, but nowadays it is probably not mentioned in the calculus classes (I completed a lot of calculus classes during college but I found out about this property recently, which is a bit sad). I believe that I saw online an Indian engineering textbook that discussed the property of constant subtangent (good to see that this property is taught in some places). Nonetheless, I feel that the papers are a bit incomplete without discussing this property.

      Again, my comment is about the geometry of tangents and not about how these tangents are used in physics ( velocity, acceleration etc). In the last paragraph of the previous comment I already tried to clarify that this is about the geometrical properties of the exponential and logarithmic functions.


  27. I think that people here should be aware about this physics stackexchange thread . I believe that the thread was started by a person involved in the infogalactic discussion from Mathis’ page (as I mentioned in the previous comment ).
    I would assume that the stackexchange forums are guarded by the spooks. Nonetheless, maybe some people here would like to respond on these forums.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read all the dialog and watched the video again, not for the first time. The dialog on that page and in the comments on the YouTube page are quite different. Nobody gets the right answer on that page, but some folks on the Youtube comments DO get it right. So I would agree with you, that page is full of spooks. Controlled misdirection.

      You have to do all kinds of mental gymnastics with friction and centripetal force and whatnot to convince yourself that Miles is wrong. It’s pretty funny to watch or witness, actually! Like baboons struggling in the mist, picking lice off each other and bragging about how advanced they are. =D


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