Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic

This is a re-post of an article “Data that disprove the COVID-19 pandemic” by Colleen Huber and Boris Borovoy, as published on January 18th, 2021. Before any eyebrows are raised due to a peculiar date of publishment and its meaning, I do encourage everybody to carefully read the following abstract, then follow the link at […]


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Bad Moon Rising

These last few months have been really odd, even surreal to live through. With majority of people conforming to the idea of an invisible enemy, going out in the public was an experience unmatched by anything I could have imagined. Being honest, I have to admit that it is very likely I would have been […]

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Nano plastic particles and plastic waste – the last call for sanity

The first synthetic plastic – Bakelite  – was produced in 1907, marking the beginning of the global plastics industry. However, rapid growth in global plastic production was not realized until the 1950’s. Over the next 65 years or so, a true catastrophe happened. Facts about the pollution Vast majority of plastics is not biodegradable and […]

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Masks tend to fall off over time

This is a response to the latest attempt at blackwashing Miles Mathis and his achievements. After reading Mathis’ own response and most recently my brother-in-arms’ Josh’s response, I feel I need to add my two cents. In particular, some things have to be pointed out and called for what they are. At face value, this […]

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This post is a continuation of two previous installments (Part I, Part II ) dealing with a very interesting subject. Authored by a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous. It relates to the phenomenon of sound and our perception of sound and music. Enjoy!  Now that you are maybe a bit more aware of the compromises of […]


About predictive programming

This post is the result of Kevin’s comment left below Maarten’s post at POM blog about unrelated, yet fascinating topic. Kevin and I ended up debating about the Alan Parson’s Project, a band formed in the 70’s, and their spook role and markers. Few comments ended with the idea of predictive programming and I thought […]

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Business as usual

Few months ago I composed several articles about the distinctive automobile brands, looking at the names behind those brands and their war profiteering business. Then my brother-in-arms Josh published his two-part essay about Smedley Butler (Part I, Part II), meticulously disclosing many details about Butler and the company of useful stooges, with all the particular […]

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The Internet’s Dark Web

I think many of you will be surprised to learn some new, less known facts about the internet, the digital wonderland of the 21st century. We all know that the internet is huge, right? It would take us months or even years to Google search and find every single existing internet page. But did you […]

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What the Nuclear Hoax Implies

I would like everyone to consider what the nuclear hoax implies. Really, this could easily be the mother of all hoaxes of the twentieth century. Consider that the nuclear bomb was impossible to make. The science was not there. The theories were incorrect. The geniuses of all geniuses were fabrications. Not even a thousand billion […]

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Revision of blog’s content

After few months of waiting and exchanging some emails with Frank O’Collins, the author of Vatican Holocaust, I have decided to remove those articles from visible content of my blog until further notice. My biggest concern are few subjects mr. O’Collins wrote about in the series that are not explained according to all known disclosures […]

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