This post is a continuation of two previous installments (Part I, Part II ) dealing with a very interesting subject. Authored by a reader, who wishes to remain anonymous. It relates to the phenomenon of sound and our perception of sound and music. Enjoy! 

Now that you are maybe a bit more aware of the compromises of present day audio systems regarding true natural sound reproduction, I want to give you some hints as to what can be done to audio signals in general to „enhance“ intake by the recipient. This has nothing to do with the art involved, this is about commercializing a product in order to achieve more sales by creating a subconscious desire. You all know the phenomenon, you hear a new song on the radio and it immediately catches you, not leaving your head for hours or even longer than that.

While this of course can happen naturally, I will try to point out some tweaks that can be applied to a music signal to get you hooked for good.

There have been tests that go back many decades concerning the employment of a „feelgood signal“ embedded in the music material in order to make audio content more palatable. Radio stations had been equipped with that signal and listener numbers would rise. There is not much talk about these things and the reader may decide on his/her own if ethics are involved among those in the position to decide whether or not these techniques are applied or not.

And it doesn‘t really stop there. Your subconscious is a really powerful instance that makes up a large part of your life. Without you even knowing it perceives and stores life experiences in a much more detailed way than most of us are able to (re)imagine. By storing inaudible information in an audio signal, your subconscious will be forced to pick that up and store that information. As simple as it may sound to you, if you underlay a music track with a message such as „buying makes happy“ or „you always need more of this“ and play that back to the listener, your subconscious will pick it up and thereby can plant a template (a way of reacting) in your mind that might be acted out physically, without you actually knowing why. The only possible avoidance of such mind-control is to consciously withdraw yourself from such sources, inner and outer. Please let that sink in for a moment. Think of the marketing possibilities of that. Do you really believe that those who own the tools to employ such techniques actually resign from using them? If you have ever encountered the absolute ruthlessness of any major business you should really be able to estimate the chances given here. „What can be done will be done“ is the kind of „work ethics“ you will most probably encounter.

I found an article going deeper into the subject of mind manipulation techniques, which you can read here. It is from 1989 but still has relevance. While some things mentioned back then might have changed (probably not for the better), I think it gives you a pretty good overview as to what already could be done even then.

„Can there be any more deception added?“, is a question that comes to mind. What about the music itself? Without going into much further detail on this, you might agree with me right away that certain chords played, generate a certain mood or feeling within us. Research has been done on this already. This in itself can be a powerful tool in altering consciousness which can be and often is misused by record companies and artists alike. If you rhythmically combine certain chord sequences along with the appropriate vocal informational content (aka. making a song) you can either do so with the good intent of making the world a little lighter by putting heart in it, or you can do it with the intent of binding customers by completely catering to their desires rather than creating a real piece of art let alone enlighten the listener to a higher sense of life itself, wich to me is a basic trait in music that in my mind has been systematically removed almost completely from today‘s mainstream culture.

It is this omnipresent lack of heart that made me turn away from it in its entirety. I always looked for archaic qualities in music, it is potential to connect and unify, to convey something that carries a universal truth within.

In older times there would be bards touring around in some parts of the world, who in the best case were travelling messengers of universal truth, reminding the audience of such truth and thereby creating a communion, a communi-cation. It can be regarded as an essential cultural function that has to be taken upon by someone responsible, ethically stable and basically connected to the higher truth behind material life. I‘ve seen artists and/or bands perform life that would carry that archaic trait. But as it turned out this would be the total minority of cases over the decades. Often times I witnessed bands losing their initial flame, and too often it had to do with them signing to a major label, which in most cases means the handover of any free creativity whatsoever.

Please think about that cultural function of music for a minute. Then try to apply that function to today‘s pop culture for example. Do you find anything substantial there? Do you find any one of these plastic puppets would be capable of doing the job of purporting the wholesomeness in which we really live? I sure enough don’t.

Upon close inspection of my teenage heroes and almost any other mainstream output I came in contact with over the decades I have to tell you, that there is a truth to be found behind the curtain, that when found will enable you to see through the major deception of bread and circus that these major level „artists“ are all taking part in, there is almost no exception. For starters you might want to refer to Miles Mathis‘ art and counter-criticism page, where he outs several big players such as Paul McCartney.

While I cannot deny the massive but superficial attraction some works do seem to offer (I fell for that 30 years all together 🙂 ), I simply cannot deny any longer the intent behind all of these stage(d) actions, encompassing you with something that I would call trauma based social engineering. If you sonically belong to the flower power era you surely did notice the sheer amount of dead pop and rock stars over the years. And it has not changed, just look at who of „our heroes“ have bitten the dust in the 90’s or in the last couple of years, almost regularly under especially disturbing circumstances. It is presented to you that way on purpose, the reason behind it being, the more shocked you are the more you will consume. So the energy of your grief is worth a trainload of money for some people and it can even be processed further in a ritualistic way which is also done.

You may make your own inquiries regarding certain individuals in that circus that you may have favored over time but I will tell you out of many years of research that you will find nothing pleasant. The truth can hurt but will also set you free. It took me quite a while to get attuned to the fact that something I cherished over all these years has been massively compromised to fit the needs and greeds of certain individuals you don‘t want to have coffee with. These people don‘t have any scruples to make you bleed, financially and energetically. By making you feel constantly incomplete on a subconscious level they keep squeezing you out. They keep you coming to their malls on your search for inner completeness, which surely isn‘t found in material things. A completeness that has always been in you. By freely submitting yourself to their music and tv signals you subconsciously agree to swallowing everything they put underneath the music, which in that case acts as no more than a bait. By creating chaos and lack in your mind, they make you believe that you are always missing something.

Still haven‘t thrown you off? 🙂 Maybe you are awaiting those tech tips to enhance your personal listening experience. I will come to that, but only after I have taken you to the lion‘s den. We will have a peak at the beast inside, leave it, and then come those tips.

Ok, what next? Can there be any more to it, the grand audio deception? We‘ve learned above that rhythmic composition of music and informational content in the form of speech or singing can be used to achieve a certain emotional outcome in the audience that can be further extended and intensified by the electronic measures described.

According to some it doesn‘t stop right there. These people argue, that major label live concerts and recordings are somewhat more of an energetic ritual than most people are aware of. And that there are many agendas tied to the music business in general, all about spreading chaos and confusion and keeping your awareness to a very small bandwith that can be easily controlled by the mass media, inhibiting you from finding the nurturing comfort of real self awareness, which would make you useless to their sales plan. Because if you start to see the truth behind this you sure enough don‘t want to pay any more money for that crap. Your consciousness is the key to wake up to this rality. The more you become aware of this manipulation and on top of all your self, the less these things can harm you.

In the 1970‘s a guy named John Todd (birth name Lance Collins) made a couple of voice recordings regarding the use of black magic in the music industry to infiltrate the minds of western culture. He claimed to be a witch and a high ranking Illuminati member, deeply involved in the music business as a record company representative. He stated on his voice recordings that ritual black magic is used in the industry to literally put a spell on the audio masters of mainstream superstars. The masters would be taken to a temple room on certain dates and placed on an altar. A group of black magicians would then ritually summon a demonic entity that would be bound to that master. This master would then be used in the usual way to create every copy of that album, thereby extending the spell onto these copies which would in turn each host its own entity, ready to be taken to your home. Todd would state, that the number of albums in your home would reflect the minimum number of negative entities present. While John Todd‘s persona and high ranking position inside the Illuminati had been questioned over time, the things he mentions regarding ritual black magic are coherent and deep reaching. It is said that he got killed by the Illuminati. While it would be nice to see his genealogy tracing back to the British peerage, the 400+ families that run this planet (see Mathis for this), it doesn‘t necessarily mean that the guy told all lies. Often times it has happened that many truths have been attributed to those agents, before they either disappeared were „killed“ or declared insane, taking the truth with them. It‘ is a common scheme that has often been employed by intelligence which in turn is largely owned by those families. It is really up to your very own discernment, as to whether these things ring true with you or not.

I think I will leave it at that, but will try to explain what an entity is. An entity is basically a force field that has consciousness. You are a living entity inside a human body. You have different force fields in and around you, the sum of which are called your aura. If your aura is completely intact, there will be no such thing as sickness or lack of any kind, nor will negative force fields/entities be able to penetrate your natural field imposing their negative effect on you. But since most of us have an aura which is not fully intact, due to trauma and toxins, the potential is there that energetic parasites (negative conscious force fields/beings) can gnaw at you, feeding off your energy. These energetic parasites can occur naturally or they can be ritually summoned, with techniques thousands of years old, and be programmed to fulfill a certain task.

I know that the whole supernatural stuff is too much for most people. I can only turn you towards the east, where you will find most people having no problem comprehending what I write here. This is ancient wisdom and nothing new. The fact that we simply almost forgot about these things in the west doesn‘t make them disappear or any less important. Black magic (concentrated negative intent) has been practiced for millennia and is being practiced today on a very, very large scale as we speak. Shamanism has been practiced for just as long, which in simple terms is the opposite of black magic, namely concentrated positive intent, some say lightwork. These people simply laugh at you when you ask them if the aura or 4D/quantum is real. It is commonplace to them as it is part of their daily work. There are also a lot of shamans in the west who have a very busy schedule healing peoples‘ energetic damage, inflicted upon them by the countless sources we subject ourselves to. Things like energetic parasites or auric damage are not even questioned rather than treated appropriately. I was a frequent client so I‘ve come to know my fair share about these things over the years. From my own experience I can say these things are real and I live with them as an integral part of my daily life. It has become part of my personal hygiene to improve the state of my aura, be it by meditation or good nutrition and by consciously avoiding the multitude of toxins this „modern“ world has to offer. This especially goes for watching tv, which is the number one polluter.

After my findings regarding this big audio deception I refrained from listening to music almost entirely for about three years. Something that had been unprecedented since I was nine. Up until then I was on a 8-10 hours per day dose, sometimes more, heavily addicted to whatever blasted out of my speakers, always longing for more. Now from a distance to me it is nothing but a vicious cycle I‘m really lucky to have left behind. When I happen to accidentally listen to a song on the radio sometimes and that song sticks in my mind like glue, creating discomfort in the end, I am reminded of the deception and smile, popping in some local band‘s self produced work of art…:-)

So here we stand. Are we at the end of culture? Or maybe at the beginning of a new one, one that is attuned to the principles of nature. It is a fact that listening to a recording could be a potentially wholesome and even healing experience on every perceivable level, a captured moment of something beautiful and unique and in its best case enlightening, but that enjoyment has been greedily mistreated and deformed in sometimes vicious ways to create products void of soul in the end. Guess what happens to you when you unwittingly consume such products on a daily basis? Same goes for industrially grown fruits and vegetables.

Maybe I was able to create some awareness when it comes to choosing your input more consciously.

Thanks for your attention.

Love D

P.S. As promised, here are some tips to make your stereo listening experience more worthwhile.

– I already gave you the speaker tip. By turning your speakers slightly outward and thereby pointing the backs to one single origin of sound you will have a closer to natural playback and perception of the music. Play with the angle to adjust the soundstage, also play with the distances between a) the speakers themselves b) the listener and the speakers. I bet you will achieve the „trademark“ of so many expensive speaker systems, in that the sound event gets completely separated from the speakers creating a clearly defined soundstage, but this time with at least a chance for true 3D playback. (If the recording has some natural noise left.)

– Another tip would be to build yourself a stereo phase switch box for inverting the phase of the audio signal before it enters your speakers. When you recall the phonograph you will see that upon playback, the recorded material would naturally be inverted in phase, since the diaphragm would swing the opposite way than in record mode. This absolute phase inversion must be maintained throughout the whole production process of the recording or you will loose the potential capability of 4D playback. Since you will come across many recordings, each with an uncertain number of phase reversals you cannot be sure if it will play back the right way. You simply have to try. You will notice no audible difference but if your audio chain is by chance free of major obstacles and the recording is a good one, the difference might be felt.

– If you want to get even more serious about natural playback I can only recommend a Harmony Evolution quantum chip. It is not cheap but as a side effect offers extreme health benefits. What it does to technical and biological systems alike, it puts all the energy fields involved into coherence. Has to be heard to be believed. It does incredible things to an Iphone playing music, as these things are completely off.

– For the builders among you I recommend trying to remove all unnecessary signal processors out of your recording/playback chain. This includes for example things as Dolby noise suppression on tape decks as well as signal interpolation in cd players (digital in general is not opposed to 3D or 4D perception). Prefer single bit conversion. Just get rid of everything you can, and try to make sure that every part in the chain can handle maximum frequencies. Udo Petscher implemented a feedback function somewhere in the chain, maybe in every single device, that would allow the music signal to be fed back to that same path of playback. If it is done right and your system can swing itself up, some serious stuff might happen regarding feeling.

– As for choosing the right audio material I can only dearly ask you to stay away from major label zombie garbage. If you subtract that from your menu it will massively shrink your record or cd collection. It hurts, I know, but it is the only way to give your mind a chance to breathe and perceive something natural for a change. Try Indian sitar music and you will be deeply affected, if you manage to overcome the western perception of it sounding off and instead perceive the fantastic beauty and harmony within. Other than that, try to imagine putting ears on your heart and listen through them. As you cultivate that picture within you, your perception will change for the better, enabling you to discern the energy suckers and the giving ones. 🙂


  1. Thank you for this post, and its previous instalments. I’m going to try some of your speaker tips as I think anything to compensate for compression is well worth a shot. And your point about Indian classical/sitar music is well made – some of the most amazing and blissful music I’ve ever discovered has been from Ravi and Anoushka Shankar, Usted Rais Khan etc. Particularly Ravi. I have found ‘Your Eyes’ by Anoushka Shankar a good introduction to friends who were skeptical about sitar on the whole. The video is on YouTube, she plays beautifully and looks like a goddess! Anyway thanks again for the interesting reading material, and for not shying away from ‘esoteric’ subject matter. I have always been skeptical of Todd’s claims, but much of the rest resonated (pun intended).


  2. I once watched a YT video many years ago of David Crosby explaining how Crosby Stills & Nash used black magic to conjure up entities to help make their music better. I cannot recall everything he said, and I understand he is not a trustworthy source, but he talked about it in detail and I believed there was truth to what he said. He stated that the process helped him become a legend. He said you cannot sell music at his level without it. I suspect entities are just energy forms, not evil per say, but powerful and problematic.


    1. Crosby is full of it! What he should have said is that you can’t sell music without being part of either the peerage or spook families. Yeah, there’s unseen forces, but Crosby is talking through his *ss. He probably thinks it gives him some kind of cachet or street cred, but I’m not buying into his B.S. Miles Mathis has said when one sees the world “occult”, insert the word intel.


      1. I hear ya…Crosby is NOT to be trusted. But I have had my own experiences with the “occult” for lack of a better word, and I have experienced some crazy stuff. It is not so hard to make contact, I learned that the hard way. So it would not surprise me if intel knows how to make contact. It is not too difficult. Talk to anyone (non famous)who has had a near death or out of body experience, and they will confirm that there is something to make contact with.


    2. It didn’t work then! He should demand his money back! Loved the Byrds’ music, especially Younger than Yesterday (the duffest track was a Crosby one, Mind Gardens), ’tis a pity they were numpties like most famous musicians. Crosby, he couldn’t even fake his death when he should have done.


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