Munich 1972 Olympic Games Attack Was Another Hoax

In following text about the Munich 1972 Olympic games incident, we will look at the silly attempts at creating an official narrative, and you will be able to see for yourself once again how badly it was done. All this while having a really good chuckle, with sources available for your own research.

Olympic Flashback Munich

One of the most reproduced photos taken during the siege captured a kidnapper on the balcony attached to Munich Olympic village Building 31, where members of the Israeli Olympic team and delegation were quartered; Source: Wikipedia, author: Kurt Strumpf AP

Several photographers took pictures of the masked man. And yet no English-language caption that has accompanied these photos over the past 45 years has identified him, either by name or alias. That is a mystifying oversight given that there were only eight terrorists in Munich, all of whose names are well-known. Faceless and nameless, his anonymity has become his identity.

I do not remember when was the first time I thought about looking into the Munich 1972 incident, but there were a few links to it that I noticed while deconstructing the infamous Lockerbie airplane crash. Besides the Lockerbie and Munich events, there seem to be a few more interconnected incidents, which got my attention and fit a pattern pointing to the same group of stooges, however you will have to wait a bit more for additional disclosures to be published here.

When thinking about the world as it was in the 1970’s, all such events involving »terrorists« are an indication the PTB were planning in advance: the fake Cold War would be ending in the near future, and another fantom enemy (terrorists) was needed to replace the existing one (invented and defeated communists), a notion that has undeniably become our everyday omnipresent reality. When fabricating a »terrorist threat« that will soon overwhelm the world, all »terrorist« events are adding weight to an agenda of the PTB, and it cannot be overlooked that at least Lockerbie and Munich 1972 incidents look fabricated and do not stand up to the scrutiny of research and a skeptical gaze. Maybe at the time they did not expect such photographic material or any of official mainstreamed resources to be so easily accessible in 21st century, as the whole cover-up was too sloppy to deceive anybody using modern equipment to analyze the available evidence left behind. Furthermore, we have progressed quite a bit since 1970’s in our ability to see through the veil of lies; in my personal opinion, the producers of the past fake events were not exactly talented and / or meticulous individuals, as there are so many ridiculous errors done while manipulating the content of these events.

When looking at the direct aftermath of this Munich 1972 Olympic incident, we see that it precipitated at least two radical changes in German state functioning and initial conceptualization of international terrorism threat: firstly, Grenzschutzgruppe 9 or GSG9 (in english, Border Protection Group 9) was established since the Bavarian policemen were allegedly unable to cope with the [Olympic terror] events, which became apparent during the live broadcasts of the media around the world[1]. The use of the Bundeswehr (German Army) forces, which, in contrast to the police, had specially trained snipers, was not possible under existing law. Therefore, as the second implication, German law was accordingly changed, allowing Bundeswehr to conduct activities in their backyard. Additionally, the events in Munich and Fürstenfeldbruck had further consequences for the domestic policy of Germany. One of them was the largest wave of forced emigration of Arabs in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany[2]. This expulsion, mainly of Palestinians, led to increasing protests at home and abroad. Potential Palestinian terrorists could be expelled without major investigations. The Arab mediators, who had helped in the attempt to free the hostages in Munich and Fürstenfeldbruck, were also ejected after a few weeks. Many Palestinian organizations were forbidden after the incident, including students’ and workers’ associations, which showed that both highly educated Palestinians and »ordinary« Palestinians were definitely affected. On top of that, looking at the international consequences of Munich 1972 incident, we can learn that Israel (ab)used the incident to launch at least two operations – »Spring of Youth« and »Wrath of God«, both representing massive attacks on Palestinians.

The context of the Munich Olympics can only be explained by what happened in Berlin and Garmisch-Partenkirchen (site of the Winter Olympic games) 36 years prior. From the swastika flags that flew on every street corner to the banning of Jewish athletes from competition to the hiring of Leni Riefenstahl to direct the documentary film Olympia, Adolf Hitler sought to turn the 1936 Olympics into a propaganda showcase for Nazism and the Aryan race. “Hitler’s games” marked the moment when the Olympic Movement was irreversibly co-opted by politics.

Like Rome (1960) and Tokyo (1964), Munich 1972 organizers viewed the Olympics as an opportunity to burnish a new progressive image for their country. A dozen miles from the site of the Dachau concentration camp, organizers stressed unity and peace: they created the first official Olympic mascot (a cute dachshund named Waldi) and hired prominent decadent artists like David Hockney and Jacob Lawrence to design festive posters. The motto was »Die Heiteren Spiele« or »The Happy Games«. »The Olympics of Serenity have become the one thing the Germans didn’t want it to be«, intoned ABC host Jim McKay, »the Olympics of terror«.

Official mainstreamed story explains that in early morning of September 5th 1972, at the Summer Olympics in Munich, 11 Israeli olympic team members team were taken as hostages and killed by a Palestinian terrorist group called the Black September.[3] Why? Their demand was to have prisoners of »Black September« released – 234 prisoners jailed in Israel – as well as the founders of the »Red Army Fraction« (RAF) – Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof[4] – held in Germany and Japanese »terrorist« Kōzō Okamoto. For that, they held 9 Israeli athletes and coaches hostage, as they had killed 2 Israeli athletes already at the beginning of the hostage situation. That is the official story, which resulted in 11 Israelis, 5 terrorists and 1 police officer allegedly dead in Germany (the location is a sensitive detail), while the narrative seems World War II story revisited on a smaller scale. [5]

Was the 1972 Munich Olympics attack, which we are told was an attack by Palestinian militant group Black September aimed at Israel athletes, actually a hoax? Was it merely another plot by the PTB to gain sympathy for Israeli machinations? Was it all, then, merely a publicity stunt to win favor for the Israeli entity as opposed to the Palestinian resistance? As well, who was behind this attack? Was it really the Palestinians or was it another element, whose purpose was to set them up for the fall? It would be exceedingly inane for any Palestinian resistance group to do this – murdering Israeli athletes would serve no purpose and would rather be exceptionally detrimental to their cause.

There is already more than enough to start with while thinking about all this, so let’s look at the Black September organization (BSO) first. Wikipedia explains that:

»the group’s name is derived from the Black September conflict which began on 16 September 1970, when King Hussein of Jordan declared military rule in response to fedayeen attempting to seize his kingdom  — resulting in the deaths and expulsion of thousands of Palestinians fighters from Jordan. The BSO began as a small cell of Fatah men determined to take revenge upon King Hussein and the Jordanian army. «[6]

First of all, this name reminded me of another black-labeled organization of stooges that I have taken apart, Black Hand, a strange company of actors involved in Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s fake assassination in Sarajevo back in 1914, which was an official prelude to World War I. To remind you quickly, this alleged assassination was then used by Austria (ruled by the Habsburgs) to wage a war on Serbia, which then led to a major World war.

When looking at the case of Black September we need to look at the Fatah first as most of the Black September’s members were coming from there. We can learn at Wikipedia that[7]:

“Initially, most of its members were dissidents within Fatah who had been close to Abu Ali Iyad, the commander of Fatah forces in northern Jordan who continued to fight the Jordanian Army after the PLO leadership withdrew.”

And then shortly after that comes another passage:

“There is disagreement among historians, journalists, and primary sources about the nature of the BSO and the extent to which it was controlled by Fatah, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) faction controlled at the time by Yasser Arafat.”[8]

What it implies is that BSO was allegedly an independent organization responsible to nobody in particular. Who was it led by? Let’s try to see who was in charge and what can be found about him/them.

Searching the web, I have repeatedly found that the BSO was influenced and led by two very suspicious characters, namely Abu Nidal and Luttif Affif. The former was said to be the mastermind and the quintessential mercenary, the latter was a leader of the group attacking/acting at Munich Olympic village.

Abu Nidal ; Abu = ‘father’ in Arabic, Nidal = ‘struggle’, ‘strife’, ‘contention’ = Father of struggle ?

Unlike most leaders of the Palestine revolution, rural or lower middle-class in origin, Sabri al-Banna – such was Nidal’s real name – was born to wealth, ease and respectability. Palestine was famous for its oranges, and Sabri’s father, Khalil al-Banna, owned a large plantation on the coastal plain south of Jaffa.

Many researchers have already looked into the persona of Abu Nidal and many of them have provided serious indications, that Abu Nidal was a Mossad agent.[9] After many days of digging and reading to find out more about Nidal, I was happy to see my hunch confirmed by Patrick Seale, who wrote a book about him.


In this book, Seale pointed out that Abu Nidal’s alleged senseless and extremely brutal attacks only benefited Israel. Nidal had two thrusts – he killed Palestinians that were a threat to Israel and hijacked American and European jets. Just weird for a Palestinian freedom fighter, isn’t it?

Seale’s hypothesis is based on four main points:

  • Abu Nidal’s alleged killings damaged the Palestinian cause to Israel’s advantage,
  • only 10% of the victims were Jewish, the other 90% were bystanders,
  • lack of attacks on Israel,
  • lack of involvement in the Intifada and Israel’s failure to retaliate against Abu Nidal’s groups.

What is curious is that Israel has never punished Abu Nidal’s organizations, Black September or later ANO (Abu Nidal’s Organization)[10]. Israel has a long-standing policy of launching immediate and massive retaliation against any terrorist attack. While Israeli forces have bombed, shelled and raided Palestinian and Shi’ite positions in Lebanon and have sent hit teams to kill Palestinian guerrilla leaders in other countries[11], they have never attacked Abu Nidal. Given Israel’s harsh and unrelenting policy of retribution against terrorist attacks, this seems more than a bit bizarre.

Yet, was Abu Nidal the ultimate ringleader of the Olympics operation? He was clearly associated, if not directly, then behind the scenes. The typical commentary is that “Abu Nidal is believed to have been involved in plotting the terror attack”. It is his organization so why would he not be involved? The point is – if Abu Nidal was involved, then the Israelis were also involved. That makes it weird for a Palestinian freedom fighter, doesn’t it?

The admitted ringleader of Munich Olympic incident, though, is someone else, a man named Luttif Affif (alternate, Afif), also known as Luttif Issa (Jesus in Arabic). Note the last name, Affif. It is strictly Jewish, in fact, very much so:


Some more research on the name shows that “Afif” means “modest” or “chaste” in Arabic. It is a common Sephardic name (or surname of Jews from Arab countries). Lutif is not a common name, it is probably a bastardization of Lutfi (or Loutfi), which means “kind” or “friendly”. It is also a common first name among Arabic-speaking Jews.[12]

Wikipedia admits it openly, that Issa’s mother was Jewish[13] and what can be found here is Wikipedia “talk” page on the issue, my bolded text:

“Does anyone else have a problem with this biography? To be precise, with the fact that Luttif Afif and his brothers were Jewish? (If you have a Jewish mother, you’re a Jew yourself, full stop. In any case, he was not a Muslim.) This means that a Jewish terrorist led the attack on the Israeli athletes for the purpose of liberating his Jewish brothers from an Israeli jail. I don’t think this makes any sense at all.”

Lower on that same Wikipedia page they talk about a German documentary on the event, and how Afif’s father is interviewed. His father’s name in given as Mohammed Massalha, and the comment says that he calls his son (Luttif) Mohammed as well. On Afif’s Wikipedia page, they also say his father is Mohammed Massalha. But that does not make sense, of course, since his father is Christian. Christian Arabs are not named Mohammed any more than German Christians are named Mohammed. And they especially do not name their kids Mohammed when they are married to Jewish women. It does not make any sense. In the video linked to on that talk page, his father (or the guy playing his father) looks very Jewish.

But the most interesting part of Luttif Afif’s biography at Wikipedia is certainly the following, where his involvement in Munich 1972 alleged attack is described:

“Afif spent most of his time in front of 31 Connollystraße chatting with either the German delegation or the young policewoman Anneliese Graes. According to Graes, Afif spoke fluent German with a French accent. She described him as “always polite and correct.” When he was asked not to wave his hand grenade in front of her, he simply laughed and replied, “You have nothing to fear from me”.[14]

I chuckled reading this as much as when I found a picture of Issa and Anneliese chatting. They look as if they were on a cigarette break outside some coffee shop, their legs calmingly crossed, subtly suggesting with body language they are feeling relaxed. So apparently Issa spent much of the raid flirting with a policewoman. I wonder if he got her number?

Afif - chat

Source: Screenshot from Youtube video »One day in September, Part II«, a documentary about Munich 1972, found here

Dan Shilon, a reporter for Israeli Television, when interviewed for the mainstreamed documentary »One day in September« about Munich 1972 alleged attack, said:

»It was a kind of a bizarre, surrealistic situation in which we journalists surrounded the event with every possible camera. Endless cameras around the Olympic village. It was a great story to many television stations and media around the world. I mean, the climax of the Olympic Games, such an event. And perhaps even some of the stations took a very cynical approach to it saying, “Wow! What an audience we’ll get now!”«.[15]

Now, I can imagine this scene, where Issa and Anneliese are having a relaxed chat, to be a part of the script – to give such drama a temporary suspense, where you can, for instance, go use a toilet and not miss any precious frame while doing your thing there. In case you have missed a detail, look at Issa’s face and note that it is not covered with a mask, but painted over with a brown shoe paste.

munich-massacre-1972-issa     munich-massacre-1972-issa2

Black September commander »Issa« during the hostage crisis in front of the Israeli apartments in the Munich Olympic Village; screenshots from “One day in September”

Issa and a stooge1
Issa and one of his stooges; 5th September 1972

Issa and a stooge

They surely look more like actors on a stage than relentless mercenaries. The man with the gun could double as a rock-star, just imagine a slick Gibson SG (electric guitar) in his hand instead of the gun. Moreover, he surely bears no obvious resemblance to an Arab or a Palestinian. And I really wonder about the fact that a majority of the available Munich 1972 web pictures can only be found in black & white. Were they trying to hide real color of the perpetrators’ skin? With all those cameras and photographers around the Olympic village, I find the absence of high-resolution color images online to be extremely strange.

Issa and Bruno MerkIssa and Bruno Merk2

Issa is talking to Bruno Merk, Bavarian interior minister at the time of event, 5th September 1972

Issa and German officials

In the picture above you can see that Issa has an entire entourage of German officials at his command. The photographers are there, too. No one is in a panic mode and no one seems to be in fear, that they might be attacked by a disguised gunman. What other Palestinian ‘terrorist’ could have such free rein, meeting with German officials, while holding hostages at the Olympic games? Where is the Mossad when you need them? Why didn’t they strike him down? They could have taken him out virtually immediately as he was essentially defenseless.

When mentioning German officials, let’s name them and try to see who they really were. The Munich 1972 Olympic event had a so-called crisis task force (Krisenstab) established, whose members were German federal interior minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher, Bavarian interior minister Bruno Merk, Munich police chief Manfred Schreiber, German Olympic committee president Willi Daume, international Olympic committee president Avery Brundage and state secretary Erich Kiesl. Another official with less significant role in this messy event was Conrad Ahlers, who acted as a PR mouthpiece on TV. With credits to one of my friends, I was able to add some juicy details that you are just about to read, with my [short] comments in brackets.

[Addendum 19.10.2017: Willy Brandt is a spook name. The chancellor was born as Herbert Ernst Karl Frahm, and as a spook went by the names Gunnar Gaasland, Felix Franke, Willy Flamme, Karl Martin and probably others. He was officially a socialist agent fighting the Nazis, which is laudable, but with Miles Mathis’ research on the origins of both socialism and Nazism, this could well make him a different sort of spook. Brandt’s official bio gives him a worker background, born out of wedlock to salesclerk Martha Frahm, never knowing his father John Möller. Brandt joined the socialist party SPD in 1930, but left already in 1931 to join the more radical-socialist SAPD, curiously founded by people like Siemens & Siemens, Seydewitz, Rosenfeld, Sternberg, Levi, Diamant, bearing the names of industrialist, aristocratic and Jewish families. In 1933 the Nazis forced the SAPD underground, and Brandt was sent as an agent on missions in France, Czechia, Norway, Spain, Holland, England, Sweden, Germany. No info about what he did there or what qualified him. He was captured several times, but always went free. His bio says he spoke perfect Norwegian, but not how he acquired this skill. His Gaasland identity was provided by the spouse of his former girlfriend Gertrud Meyer, who before WWII worked with 2 Jewish disciples of Sigmund FreudOtto Fenichel and Wilhelm Reich, who theorized on the mass psychology of fascism. Brandt’s birth name Frahm today appears with many German celebrities, most notably Sabine Christiansen, born Frahm, who went from stewardess to famous talkshow host, while a Frahm politician was heading the public TV board. No explanation is given for the name Willy Brandt though, or why you’re allowed to keep spook names. Allegedly it was inspired by a silk store, or a ship chandler company. That’s just the name a socialist would keep for life, right? Yet it does appear often with industrialists, and maybe Brandt was one of them. There are indeed several genealogies online that consistently name as Brandt’s father or step-father one Lauritz Øyen Brandt, possibly related to Norwegian politician Lauritz Øyen. It could fit, as Brandt’s 2 cabinets both included one Lauritz Lauritzen, former manager in the Third Reich institute for chemistry. However, the Geni tree behind that father is so vast, that it would take an army of truthers to sift through. It goes back to the early 16th century, and connects Brandt to Oslo chief librarian Axel Drolsum, sign language teacher Andreas Møller, the composer brothers Friedrich and Carl Reissiger, and 3 generations Carl Loewe, one being born in Jerusalem, from around the time of cantor Carl Loewe, who wrote oratorios on Palestine and Jerusalem. Plus probably many non-artistic financiers and industrialists who like to be kept off Wikipedia. Willy Brandt is credited with a deescalation of the Cold War. But it seems he also presided over early attempts to replace it with the Terror Scare. So it seems that this secret elite genealogy may be closer to the truth.

Hans-Dietrich Genscher was an iconic figure in the tiny, yet ever-present (neo)liberal FDP party, known for high-level, corporate-type corruption. He was minister of the interior & foreign affairs under 3 chancellors, and instrumental in the forming of their governments. He had been a Nazi party member, claiming he was registered without his knowledge. In WWII, he was held captive first by US, then UK officials. For years after that, he’d disappear for months, officially to get medical treatment. His daughter married a general. He was protestant, but had a “personal relationship” with pope John Paul II. Both before and after his government posts, he worked at law firm BMT, experts in privatization and financial deregulation, who claim to have created Germany’s private radio market. Another BMT partner is named Frick. In the 80s, Genscher’s party FDP was caught in the Flick scandal, where their 2 economic ministers granted tax exemptions of 1 billion marks to billionaire war criminal Flick, who, through his dealings with the Nazis, had made a fortune with arms contracts, expropriation & slave labor, yet held an out-of-jail-almost-free card. A Frick was also a top Nazi from the beerhall putsch. All these names might be coincidences, of course. The name Genscher itself is rare, used by some NY Jews, but it’s one of many variants for Genzer, Ganzar or (Polish) Ganczarski, with many genealogies online, a lot of them Jewish. One curious genealogy even has a Genzer family marrying into a Brandt family: the Brandt Cemetery in Fayette County, TX. Were these regular Texan immigrants? Perhaps not: The Brandts aqcuired huge estates, and came there in 1885, after the “New Germany” project kickoff by the Nobility Society and its successors. Their cemetery is just a 30 min ride from the society’s luxury resort plantation named after Adolf, duke of Nassau. Miles Mathis has identified this Texas territory as the origin of many hoaxers. So, it might be that these Brandt and Genzer families have been working together on spook projects for generations.

Bruno Merk was Bavarian interior minister. He lost his left arm in Warsaw. His small hometown was the birthplace of Josef Mengele, whose family owned the largest factory there. As a politician, Merk is mainly remembered for centralizing state control in Bavaria. He nationalized the county police units, in several steps from 1970 to 1975, Munich last. Merk also introduced the first police helicopters to the Bavarian police in 1971, just in time for their grand appearance on the Olympic terror stage. The centralized police command also seemed vital for Merk’s district consolidation reform: He halved the number of counties, and force-incorporating many communities. One town refused to hand over their townhall files and barricaded the entrance, which was then stormed by the newly nationalized police. County resistance eventually undid this and other incorporations. Bruno Merk was knighted by pope John Paul II with the Gregory cross in 1999, but according to Merk’s trophy showcase, there had already been another knighting by pope Paul VI with the Sylvester cross in 1966, omitted in the official lists. We are left to wonder what he was knighted for. ]

Erich Kiesl was German secretary of state and part of the “crisis task force”. His biography [at Wikipedia here] would be of a typical Bavarian corruptocrat, if not for his education only. He studied at Jesuit college “School of Philosophy”, founded originally at the German intelligence town Pullach, which now houses the BND offices [Federal intelligence service in Germany]. Worked in public finance administration. Joined conservative party CSU, was patronaged by Bavarian godfather of corruption Franz Josef Strauß, comet-like rise, won mandates, then held public offices. Several corruption affairs where he gave public land away to cronies or helped with money laundering. Finally got convicted, paid only a laughable sum, allegedly attacked a bailiff.

Conrad Ahlers was the government spokesman who falsely presented the still ongoing, messy police attack as a completed success story in a press conference, 5 minutes before they all got killed in the official timeline[16]. His role in the event was small, but he is a major politics & media figure, much likely higher up the spook chain than it seems [his biography at Wikipedia here]. His father was a wealthy British merchant with out-of-jail-free card, see genealogy. His wife held an official nobility title: Heilwig von der Mehden. In WWII Conrad was a “batman”, a personal assistant to some (unknown) bigwig. Worked for BBC after war and joined conservative party CDU. Worked for government press office then worked for Germany’s “liberal” elite’s mouthpiece magazine Der Spiegel. He was the main “actor” and even incarcerated in the “Spiegel affair”, when Der Spiegel revealed state secrets about NATO war games and the German army’s minuscule role in them. Got out-of-jail-free though. Joined socialist-democratic party SPD, purported opposition to CDU. Worked for government press office again. Became MoP and worked in “defense” committee then worked for German international propaganda broadcaster »Deutsche Welle«. Retired to “work” in the Krupp family’s “charity”.

There is another name that should be mentioned in connection to the Munich 1972 Olympic incident, that of Udo Albrecht, a weird Nazi »terrorist«. On German Wikipedia page here, we can learn that »the terrorists were supported by German neo-Nazis in preparation of taking of the hostages and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure in Europe. Files of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), which were approved at the request of the Spiegel in June 2012, confirm this. The contacts between the PLO and the neo-Nazis were already established in 1970 by the right-wing extremist Udo Albrecht and should evolve into a cooperation in both ways«. Udo Albrecht has no public genealogy, but his biography is the spookiest. He is officially a Nazi terrorist, allegedly helped the PLO with the Munich Olympics kidnapping, his father and grandfather were Nazis. Got arrested and jailed for bank robbery and kidnapping in his youth, but managed to escape prison several times. Fought in Jordan in the original Black September, was caught by the Jordanians, but released again by a German politician (Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski, connected to many terror events). He was then caught in Vienna for his help in the Munich Olympics kidnapping, but escaped again after a transfer to Germany. Said to have become Nazi out of anti-communism and hatred for Russian invaders, but later worked for communist and pro-Russian East German intelligence, the Stasi. Also “had contacts” to Western German intelligence BND.

Returning to the official narrative, the Munich Olympic drama was not meant to end too soon. As Wikipedia leads, with my bolded text:

“At 4:30 pm, a squad of 38 German police was dispatched to the Olympic Village. Dressed in Olympic sweat suits (some also wearing Stahlhelme and carrying Walther MP sub-machine guns), they were members of the German border-police, although according to former Munich policeman Heinz Hohensinn they were regular Munich police officers, with no experience in combat or hostage rescue. Their plan was to crawl down from the ventilation shafts and kill the terrorists. The police took up positions awaiting the code word “Sunshine”, which upon hearing, they were to begin the assault. In the meantime, camera crews filmed the actions of the officers from the German apartments, and broadcast the images live on television. Thus, the terrorists were able to watch the police prepare to attack. Footage shows one of the kidnappers peering from the balcony door while one of the police officers stood on the roof less than 20 ft. (6 m) from him. In the end, after “Issa” threatened to kill two of the hostages, the police retreated from the premises.

You just have to laugh at this, a TV camera filming police as they prepare to attack while »terrorists« are watching it on TV? Did any of them bring popcorn along?

Police attack at village
Perched on a terrace directly above the Israeli quarters, a German policeman checks his submachine gun before advancing further.
Police attack at village2
A German policeman outside an apartment where Israeli hostages are held.

Shortly afterwards, the hijackers were granted their demand for an airplane and were taken to Fürstenfeldbruck, a NATO airbase.

diagram of attack - munichmap time
Source: Time

They were supposed to fly to Cairo, Egypt, but the German police had another plan for them – an ambush and killing of all »terrorists« before they would take off. Wikipedia then leads with:

“Five German policemen were deployed around the airport in sniper roles—three on the roof of the control tower, one hidden behind a service truck and one behind a small signal tower at ground level. However, none of them had any special sniper training, nor any special weapon (being equipped with the H&K G3, the ordinary ass-ault rifle of the German Armed Forces without optics or night vision devices). The soldiers were selected because they shot competitively on weekends. During a subsequent German investigation, an officer identified as “Sniper No. 2” stated: “I am of the opinion that I am not a sharpshooter.”

I bolded some text above, although I should have bolded this paragraph in its entirety. It is simply unbelievable, as if Wiki is making fun of anyone who reads it. There is the ultimate hostage drama at the Olympic games, the whole world is following it on TV, yet all German authorities can do is to send in a few untrained policemen? Moreover, they were planning to deploy sharpshooters without sniper guns, which makes me doubt the intent of such tactics. There are two options with this – they would either succeed or fail at the attempt, but such a plan as proposed above indisputably leads to mission failure. I will never believe that the German authorities in charge could have been dumb or inexperienced enough to not figure that out.

So on the rooftop we have 5 sharpshooters with no snipers, while an additional 16 German police officers are preparing an ambush, disguised as crew, on the plane that was waiting for Issa & stooges on the runway. Let me here quote my friend Josh, as he has commented it so well:

»My favorite part of the Munich story is where the German police disguise themselves as flight personnel to ambush the Black Septembrists on the plane that was waiting for them on the tarmac to take them to Egypt. Apparently, at the last minute they realized it was a suicide mission (not clear why) and voted to abandon the mission and then just left. They were never punished, from what I can tell, nor does it seem there was ever any follow-up or inquest, even though this decision ultimately led to everyone (allegedly) dying. Apparently German police can just vote whether to follow orders or not. There’s a documentary where they interview Zvi Zamir, who was head of the Mossad then, and after talking about this incident he just looks at the camera and says “unbelievable” with a look on his face like he’s really daring the audience not to believe it: link «.

Looking at the pictures of Fürstenfeldbruck airbase part of the event reveals some very dubious details. Look at this below picture very closely and try to notice existing patterns, for instance. How many can you see?

Fürstenfeldbruck 1972 - wide angle

Another curious researcher has marked some very important details of this above picture, patterns that cannot be overlooked. To add weight to his findings, if you zoom in on it really close, you will be able to notice a strange white blur around each human figure in the focus. These findings strongly suggest source picture[17] was badly tampered with:


Another issue that is well worth mentioning and is usually omitted at popular mainstreamed sources, is the fact that police psychologist Georg Sieber imagined 26 ways the 1972 Summer Olympics could go terribly wrong[18]. »Commissioned by organizers to predict worst-case scenarios for the Munich games, Sieber came up with a range of possibilities, from explosions to plane crashes, for which security teams should be prepared.

Situation Number 21 was eerily prescient, as TIME would describe many years later. Sieber envisioned that “a dozen armed Palestinians would scale the perimeter fence of the [Olympic] Village. They would invade the building that housed the Israeli delegation, kill a hostage or two (“To enforce discipline,” Sieber says today), then demand the release of prisoners held in Israeli jails and a plane to fly to some Arab capital.” The West German organizers balked, asking Sieber to downsize his projections from cataclysmic to merely disorderly — from worst-case to simply bad-case scenarios. Situations such as Number 21 could only be prevented by scrapping the Olympics entirely, they argued. Instead of beefing up security, they scaled back their expectations of threat«.

In the aftermath on this Munich 1972 Olympic village attack, we can notice that 3 remaining attackers, namely Jamal Al-Gashey, Mohammed Safady and Adnan Al-Gashey, were arrested and jailed in Munich’s prison. Interestingly enough, all were soon released, when German authorities exchanged them for hostages from another airplane hijacking in the case of Lufthansa Flight 615. What followed was an Israeli retribution mission, which is now widely known as »Operation Wrath of God« or Mivtza Za’am Ha’El. Golda Meir, fourth Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli Defense Committee secretly authorized the Mossad to track down and kill those allegedly responsible for the Munich massacre[19]. As Wikipedia leads with:

”The third surviving gunman, Jamal Al-Gashey, was known to be alive as of 1999, hiding in North Africa or in Syria, claiming to still fear retribution from Israel. He is the only one of the surviving terrorists to consent to interviews since 1972, having granted an interview in 1992 to a Palestinian newspaper, and having briefly emerged from hiding in 1999 to participate in an interview for the film One Day in September, during which he was disguised and his face shown only in blurry shadow.”

Interesting enough, some TV journalists should have received a job offer as secret agents, since they were able to find Jamal for the purpose of interviewing him, while Mossad’s unparalleled force of special secret service agents could not locate and execute him.

But there is even more flabbergasting piece of information available at Wikipedia. At the English site of Munich 1972 Olympic event, they say that:

“Of those believed to have planned the massacre, only Abu Daoud, the man who claims that the attack was his idea, is known to have died of natural causes.”

abu daoud

Picture’s caption from the source here: Photo dated 11 January 1977 of Palestinian leader Abu Daoud (centre), who admits responsibility for the terrorist attack against Israeli athletes at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, being driven to Orly airport under police protection after being freed by French authorities. Abu Daoud, whose real name is Mohammed Daoud Odeh, was barred from entering France 03 May 1999 on grounds that he was on an unwanted list. Abu Daoud arrived at Orly airport from Tunis to promote his autobiography, but was immediately turned back by customs officials.

This is really becoming a hilarious story. I beg your pardon? The alleged mastermind of the ultimate terrorist incident of the 1970’s comes »knocking« at their doors and they let him go? Is there any official left in France and Germany with some portion of functioning brain? Yet Mossad’s agents seem to be just as lame as their German of French counterparts[20]:

“When French police arrested Abu Daoud, one of the chief organizers of the Munich massacre, and inquired about extraditing him to Germany, Bavaria’s justice secretary Alfred Seidl (de)recommended that Germany should not take any action, causing the French to release Abu Daoud and the Assad regime to shelter him until he died at a Damascus hospital in 2010.”

I had to read that twice. Can you believe it? There should not be an inquiry about arresting Daoud, who claims to be the mastermind of some serious attack, where many people were allegedly murdered. If Germany did not want to deal with Daoud, why did they not check with Israel? In 1977, 5 years after the Munich incident and 4 years after Israel introduced the »Wrath of God« mission to track and execute all Palestinians involved in Munich incident[21], I strongly believe French intelligence had to know that Israel was more than interested in locating Abu Daoud. I as well believe French intelligence agency was briefed and informed about it. But since this event was not real, and the terrorists were part of the con, there was never any need to arrest anyone.

Let’s look at the Bavaria justice secretary Alfred Seidl before we continue with Daoud. Seidl turns to be another spooky character involved, his Wikipedia biography here reads like a thriller. It says Seidl’s career started when Germany was ruled by the Nazi party in 1935, after studying law and economics at the University of Munich. Until 1938 he was an assistant at the university there and later promoted along with Edmund Mezger when WWII broke out. His work tried to scientifically support the “national socialist law of will” (nationalsozialistische Willensstrafrech) as he was actually a member of the NSDAP from 1937 to 1940. From 1940, Seidl was a member of the Wehrmacht and in 1945 he »settled down« as a lawyer in Munich.

Seidl gained special prominence as a defender in the Nüremberg trials. In the trial against the main war criminals before the International Military Court he defended Rudolf Hess and Hans Frank. Till the end of life, Seidl was committed to the rehabilitation of Rudolf Hess. In the Wilhelmstraßen-Prozess he was the defender of the former Reich Minister and head of the Staatskanzlei Hans Heinrich Lammers[22]. In the so-called Pohl Process (United States of America vs. Oswald Pohl, et al. (Case No. 4)), he defended Oswald Pohl[23], in the Nuremberg Medical Process[24] (United States of America vs. Karl Brandt, et al. 1), he defended Fritz Fischer, Karl Gebhardt and Herta Oberheuser in the IG Farben process[25], he defended Walter Dürrfeld, as well as Ilse Koch[26] in the Augsburg process.

In the civil process of the former forced laborer Norbert Wollheim against the I.G. Farbenindustrie AG i.L. from 1951 to 1957, the first lawsuit of a forced laborer for damages against a German industrial company, he represented the defendant as a lawyer. Even in later criminal proceedings at German courts, Seidl defended Nazi perpetrators, for example, the local physician of the concentration camp Flossenbürg Hermann Fischer.

Returning back to the essence about Abu Daoub, if French intelligence service were not in the know about Abu Daoub, nobody would arrest him at Orly airport as there would be no information available to make an arrest. Yet they missed an opportunity to help and disable future actions of allegedly notorious criminal. If you think only the French and German intelligence services would be so sloppy, you are wrong:

Abu Daoud was allowed safe passage through Israel in 1996 so he could attend a PLO meeting convened in the Gaza Strip for the purpose of rescinding an article in its charter that called for Israel’s eradication.”

My goodness, maybe we are all misinformed and Mossad actually employs good-hearted individuals, whose job is to help disabled and weakened elderly people cross the street on their way from the grocery. Leaving sarcasm out of my suggestion, it is obvious Abu Daoud is yet another mole within BSO or PLO, doesn’t it?[27]

Historical documents released to Der Spiegel by the German secret service show that Dortmund police had been aware of collaboration between Abu Daoud and neo-Nazi Willi Pohl (aka E. W. Pless and, since 1979, officially named Willi Voss) seven weeks before the attack[28]. In 1970’s Pohl was a member of the German neo-Nazi scene with relations to the criminal milieu and to PLO and other »terrorist« organizations. The contact had been made by Neo-Nazi Udo Albrecht, with whom Pohl was a friend for several years. As a PLO member, he organized weapons for Palestinian »terrorist« commanders in Germany.

Pohl helped the »terrorist« of the BSO Abu Daud in the planning and execution of the Munich 1972 Olympic incident, according to his own statement. After the assassination attempt, he was arrested at the end of October 1972 with weapons and Black September’s threatening letter. Pohl was condemned to a two-year and two-month imprisonment in 1974, in spite of the crushing defect. Four days after the judge’s speech, the terrorist accomplices were already free again and set off for Beirut. Pohl has retired from terrorism decades ago.

In December 2012, Der Spiegel reported that Pohl, according to his own statements, has been spying as the agent for the CIA at the center of the PLO secret service since 1975. He is said to have provided information on attacks in the Middle East and Europe under the cover name of Ganymede and was involved in the collaboration between neo-Nazi Udo Albrecht and his accomplices with the Palestinians. Another German source[29] writes that before the break in their friendship, Albrecht and Pohl were closely interwoven. They had the same lawyer in Germany, the Recklinghausener Wilhelm Schöttler, who is a member of a number of German-Bavarian associations, and in 1972 he had represented the surviving Munich Olympic alleged assassins as an attorney.

For the last section of this piece, I would like to touch on the alleged victims of Munich 1972 incident. While working on the subject I already realized, that most probably there would be no quality pictures of those alleged victims, which leaves me only to speculate about them. Here are some rare pictures:

Munich 1972 - israeli athlete alleged corpse

Looking at the alleged corpse’s leg section, right under the »10« sign, from its hip to knee – what was supposed to be femor (large tie bone), looks more like an exposed metal part. The same could be said about his knee, which looks more like a complicated metal part. Its lower right foot is completely missing with only ashes remaining, yet some 20-30cm above there can be noticed some relatively undamaged section of lower leg, which is then again badly damaged above knee. I suggest here this is not a real human body that was partially incinerated. I noticed that white blur around the edges of helicopter’s remains when zoomed in, which indicates this picture may have been manipulated.

Munich 1972 - victim - Romano

Dubious part of this picture is noticing white shirt on his chest (as opposed to red stained), which would suggest Romano was shot in the back. I find that strange, since mainstream sources claim he was fighting with the attackers, which would imply he was faced front to them. From this angle it is impossible to be certain whether we are actually looking at Romano, even if it was a high-resolution picture.

Munich 1972 - victim1

I can notice nothing in particular with this picture, but there is nothing conclusive about it as well. The only thing that makes me wonder is the absence of any visible blood stains, quite an unusual marker for anybody shot dead in a massive shoot-out. Supposedly, we are looking at one of the dead attackers, obviously shot in the back.

Munich 1972 - victim3 - 3 palestinians.JPG

We are here supposedly looking at three Palestinian attackers, the one in the middle is supposed to be dead. From left to right: Sirimer Mohammed Abdullah, Ibrahim Mosoud Badran and Abed Kair Al Dnawly.

To conclude with a quote from Time article published on 18th September 1972, with my bolded text :

»The difficulty of concerting international action was demonstrated last week when 17 nations met in Washington to seek agreement on measures against skyjackers — and failed. Even if governments could agree, the Black September gangsters would be hard to eliminate, since they move so stealthily. Quite probably, the world will have to endure more Munichs before it learns how to curb them.

To counter the guerrilla terror, governments everywhere will have to pay far closer attention to security—not only on airliners, as they are learning to do, but at almost any public event or occasion that terrorists could disrupt, as they did the Olympics. Perhaps the ultimate significance of last week’s horror in Munich is that the historic, bloody conflict between the Israelis and Arabs has now been exported from the Middle East to the rest of the world, first to Western Europe, and maybe eventually even to the U.S«

There it was, the essence of the terror agenda, right in front of our eyes for decades already, waiting to be re-discovered and finally understood. And that, my dear readers, may be the most important message of this manufactured Munich 1972 Olympic incident: it presaged and helped lay the foundation for the new essence of our counterfeit reality, culminating on 9/11 2001, bringing to life a monstrous myth.



Additional resources:

Full documentary »One day in September« , here


[2] ZDF documentary; Der Olympiamord

[3] Wikipedia here calls it a “massacre”

[4] Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof are the founding members of Red Army Faction (RAF) also known as the Baader Meinhof Gang after its two leaders. Mainstreamed version says it was originally inspired by the 1960s student protests against the Vietnam war and other anti-US demonstrations. When the protesters became radicalized they sought to make their point with bomb attacks, assassinations and kidnappings across West Germany. I would suggest here these two stooges were planted as controlled opposition, radicalized on paper only, with the sole purpose to demonize legitimate anti-Vietnam movement in Europe. Something similar to what Tate murders did to hippie and anti-Vietnam movement in USA.

[5] I have bolded the numbers for numerology / gematria experts, but have left my commentary on these numbers out at this point, until I feel confident enough to discuss them.



[8] There are several points where it may be understood as if I took the Palestinian resistance and the PLO at face value. I feel fairly certain that Palestinian resistance has been just as much (mis)led and co-opted and controlled as any other similar organization.

[9] Strangely, though, none of these authors ever had any thoughts about the possible fakery interlaced with intelligence work, agents and TV/media manipulation. However, I found Patrick Seale’s work revealing enough of the truth to realize who are we dealing with in the case of Sabri al-Banna alias Abu Nidal. I did not have enough motivation to thoroughly examine Seale’s work and see in particular where he might be misleading or omitting any facts. I have presumed some of his conclusions as common sense and therefore included them as such.

[10] The Abu Nidal Organization took the name from its founder Sabri al-Banna, but like other terrorist organizations, it also went by a variety of other names. Here are some of the common ones:

  • Arab Revolutionary Brigades (ARB)
  • Arab Revolutionary Council
  • Black June Organization (BJO)
  • Black September Organization (BSO)
  • Fatah al-Qiyadah al-Thawriyyah
  • Fatah Revolutionary Council (FRC)
  • Revolutionary Organization of Socialist Muslims (ROSM)
  • Fatah the Revolutionary Council (FRC)



[13]Source: ; or

[14] Source:



[17] You may have noticed that the author of the linked video used another picture to draw his lines and circles over while making his point ; I presumed it was done with the purpose to avoid any copyright claims of picture’s author and to further avoid the video being removed from YT. I used instead a high-resolution picture depicting the very same scene so you can see much more details when zooming and analyzing it – the essence has though remained the same.

[18] Found here:




[22] Hans Heinrich Lammers was a German judge, administrative jurist and ministerial official. In the time of National Socialism, he was head of the Imperial Chancellery. In the Wilhelmstraßen process he was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in 1949 because of war crimes and crimes against humanity. Source

[23] Oswald Ludwig Pohl was a German SS leader and general of the Waffen-SS. As head of the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office (WVHA), Pohl played a key role in the implementation of the alleged Holocaust. As a war criminal Pohl was sentenced to death during the Nüremberg trials and allegedly executed in 1951. Source

[24] The accused were 20 concentration camp doctors as well as one lawyer and two administrative specialists as organizers of medical crimes. 14 of the defendants had already been named responsible in the trial against the main war criminals. Some perpetrators had died, some had committed suicide or had already been convicted in the Dachau trials. The whereabouts of some perpetrators were unknown and evidence was not yet available. The final selection of the defendants was therefore aimed at accusing leading representatives of the “national medical services” of the national socialist state. Source

[25] It was the sixth of a total of twelve successor Nüremberg trials against those responsible in the German Reich at the time of National Socialism. The verdicts were used to punish “looting” of foreign companies in the former German enemy countries of Poland, Norway, France and the Soviet Union. Another offense was “enslavement”, the planned use of forced laborers from the concentration camp Auschwitz III Monowitz, built especially for the construction of the Buna works. Also the production of poison gas (cyclone B) and its delivery to the SS for extermination purposes in concentration camps was treated in the process. Source

[26] Ilse Koch was the wife of the camp commander of the Buchenwald concentration camp, Karl Otto Koch. In the post-war period, she was internationally known as the “Witch of Buchenwald” and was condemned to imprisonment by both an American court and a German court.

[27] When searching the web for some clues about Abu Daoud, I have discovered another mainstream source, where I learned that Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister, was once the military commander of the operation Bayonet, where the group of commandos allegedly targeted and eventually killed 3 leaders of Black September at once. Link:




57 thoughts on “Munich 1972 Olympic Games Attack Was Another Hoax

  1. Your time and effort are very much appreciated. I learned a lot. You have just gained a loyal follower.


      1. Those are kind words Vexman, but in my opinion, Mark, Josh and yourself are the founding members of what I call the MM-Grassroots-Movement. And judging by that outstanding information sent by your reader the movement is growing. My project is “still in development.”

        I remember thinking that the film “One Day in September.” was great, but that was a different lifetime. I’d just like to add that the director of that film, Kevin MacDonald’s maternal grandfather was the famous British filmmaker Emeric Pressburger (Hungarian Jew). In England, Pressburger found a small community of Hungarian film-makers who had fled the Nazis, including the influential Alexander Korda, owner of London Films, who employed him as a screenwriter. In the Laurence Olivier biography “Lord Larry” it states, “Winston Churchill recruited Alexander Korda to set up offices in America which were a front for the SOE and MI5, Korda then recruited Olivier to work on behalf of the SOE.”

        As recently as 2016, MacDonald directed an episode of the miniseries 11.22.63, reinforcing the mainstream story of the JFK assassination. Based on a Stephen King novel, executive produced by J.J. Abrams.

        P.S. Loved the back and forth with your commenter “A Lonely German.” I would suggest he did write an essay for you.


  2. Thanks for unwinding this staged event. I learned a lot too. Curious your take on the TWA flight 800 crash? It appears to follow the script with many anomalies and misdirection.


  3. The damage is done. Virtually 100% of the Europeans who watched the event on TV (and who DIDN’T watch TV in the early 70s?…) not only bought into the “Israel = always the victim” narrative hook, line and sinker: They also formed a [trauma-based] emotional bond with this narrative, and passed that bond onto their children. Today, if all the surviving protagonists came forward and declared the story a hoax, presenting unshakable evidence, I reckon 97% of Europeans will refuse to even consider the possibility. Many of them will give up God in a heartbeat, but to doubt Israeli actions is a no-no.


    1. Good point there, Dayne. It is one of the goals of such events, to solidify the picture of Israelis as eternal victims, isn’t it?


    2. So if this thing is a scam then can you tell me where David Berger went? He was a friend of mine and I would wonder what happened to him if he didn’t die here because it was a hoax.


  4. Hello I am new here. So let me greet you first and congratulate you to your interesting website which I will follow from now on.

    I want to add that the famous or infamous website which is defunct for quite a few years revealed more than 10 years ago that the whole Munich affair was some kind of hoax and Abu Nidal was some kind of Mossad asset. was probably run by some member of TPTB and used an outrageous tabloid style (think of the infamous “Confidential” in the 50s as a role model but for readers with the attention span of 30 seconds) to reveal even more outrageous facts. was quite avantgarde in revealing the extent of psyops which manufacture our news and history. This was a time when Miles Mathis was happy to list his favorite TV series an pop songs and seemed never able to connect the dots who was behind the degradation of the visual arts he was constantly riling against (I was a reader of his rants even back then and would never imagined how his writings would evolve over the years). But because of its trashy style only a few took seriously and when you referred to it you were met with indignation. It is ironic that this psyop buster was probably a psyop as well.

    Since you show more knowledge or even interest in current German politics than any foreign spectator could muster for this second rate show (probably even third or fourth rate when you think about its phoneyness for a minute) I assume that you are a German or have some deep running connections with this hapless country. For some reason TPTB seem to have chosen Germany to be their main sacrificial lamb in order to bring about their “New World Order” which a of euphemism for worldwide jewish rule. So Germans are the victims of some the most brazen psy ops in history. Unfortunately the German brain doesn’t seem to be wired to understand such brazen deceptions (this is a crude metaphor of course). So there is a serious lack of understanding of some of the most important psyops. I hope that you can amend this sorry state with you fine blog a bit.

    And let me ask a personal question if you don’t mind. Are you a jew or a gentile? Given the fact that jews are behind those hoaxes and psyops you mention in your blog and you seem a bit reluctant to stress this fact an answer this question would be interesting for me.


  5. Hi there, Lonely German, welcome to the blog. Thanks for all the nice words, I hope you’ll be able to learn something new around here.

    Interesting to learn about website, I tried to search website hoping I could locate and read it, but I’d need an exact website address to do that. Anyway, I think I may have found an unofficial archive at, can you please take a look at that link and see if it has anything in relation to the original site?

    Your assumption is wrong, I’m not a German. I’m from Slovenia, a small country just beneath Austria, but I think you’d know where it is. My nationality is Slovene, though my parents moved here just before I was born. Genetically, I’m mostly a Croat, though my g-grandfather was an Austrian, so 1/8 of my blood is really Germanic in origin. But that’s not at all related to my interest in Germany and/or its affairs, I’m trying to focus on fakery and all the intrigues regardless to where they’re being perpetrated. I’m extremely happy that my country is somehow below the radar, so no major psyops are conducted around here, but that doesn’t mean we’re not influenced by these.

    I’d agree about Germany being specially targeted by the PTB and I’d be confident enough to say that it’s been like that at least since the WWI. In think the PTB are afraid of German nation, which is the reason they’ve successfully slapped you twice already, taking the ground below your feet and the country itself. Just sad. Pretty much the same issue as with the Serbian nation, they’re experiencing at east century long PTB’s efforts to obliterate their national character, as if they are not allowed to develop to their full potential. The list of countries with similar issues is probably quite a long one.

    I’m not a Jew, so that would make me a Gentile. But the issue here is that the vast majority of the Jews are being fooled as much as anyone of us Gentiles. It’s about that small clique of self-imposed ruling families, either Jewish or crypto-Jewish, that are using their position of power and unimaginable quantities of money to do whatever they want. And apparently, fakery and hoaxing of the reality is their favorite kind of mental masturbation, I really don’t know what to think about that in particular.

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    1. Hello Vexman thank you for your prompt answer.

      Although the headline states “not affiliated with Judicial-Inc” this site carries indeed some of the material which was published back then.This new site seems to be a damage control effort to discredit the old site by publishing the more unsavory material and leaving out the better stuff.

      Unfortunately the material about the Munich psyop is not among the republished material. If I remember it correctly it was published when Steven Spielberg’s “Munich” which was the usual Hollywood effort to keep the psyop alive came to the cinemas. Some articles with their trashy tabloid style linked to some wordy background pages where excerpts of books and official documents were interwoven with proper arguments. The background pages showed that behind the website were very intelligent individuals and that the tabloid main articles were some kind of deception. I believe the Munich hoax had such a background page which had excerpts of Seale’s book to prove that Abu Nidal was not what he seemed to be for the casual follower of the news. And I think it had some of the photos of the Fürstenfeldbruck stage as well. was the first major website that I was aware of, that concentrated on psyops and false flag terrorism. It was a forerunner of the cottage industry in the web which appeared since the events (or non events) of Sandy Hook. And it is strange that such a dubious outfit which treated such serious matters in the most flippant way possible was the ancestor of Miles Mathis and others. I often ponder about this.

      To add to the intrigue of there was a poster in a now defunct which went under the name of “skunk” who was obviously connected to The was probably the biggest forum back then for posters who were aware of a jewish problem but didn’t want to have part in a Nazi revival opposition for various reasons (the reason that the Nazi movement was a huge false flag in order to found Israel was probably not a popular choice back then but would be my reason now). This forum is defunct as well for several years, and when you search for it in a search engine you could believe it had never existed. The poster “skunk” had a legendary status at this forum as the most jew-wise poster possible. It was strange though that he seemed never committed. He threw his information bombs and then disappeared. A flippant one liner was the most you could hope to get from him when you asked him for more information. I remember that this “skunk” posted at another forum which emphasized more the racial aspects of its opposition to jewry. And since the “skunk” stated (probably correctly) that all the supposed leaders against jewry in the “white nationalist” mold were agents for the jews he wasn’t liked by the administrators of that forum. The “skunk” was banned there for the most intriguing reason that he must be a member of the intelligence community because published photographs of the false flag terror sites which were nowhere else published. I can’t verify those claims since I have no overview about all available photos but that reason made me ponder the possibility that there could mind boggling efforts of deception which I had not considered before.

      Since psyop busting has become one of the most interesting and intellectually challenging subjects for people who are aware that they live in a world which is controlled by evil elements and don’t like the direction of the development of things in the wake of Sandy Hook, I often think about Some sites seem over the top for me and an effort to discredit the serious sites. And sometimes it seems to me that the psyop busters are too much conceited smartasses in the mold of the dubious “skunk” to be the real deal. What is the point of revealing the deceptions when there is no real anguish about the world we are living in and all is some kind of crossword solving? And sometimes I think all this psyop busting leads to a new stage of demoralization. If Miles Mathis is correct almost all achievements of the human race were done by jews, the non jews are the the eternal victims and rubes. He even seems to believe that the great German composers were cryto jews following Disraeli’s lead. Sure, the truth is the truth and even it is unpleasant it should be accepted. But I find his reasonings often unconvincing. I don’t want to go into details now, but his arguments seem to presuppose all-knowing wikipidia and geni editors which is very doubtful. And much of his reasoning is bit too sweeping for me (“Ah, his mother was named Turner and we have seen a Turner in another article so he must be a crypto jew as well” etc). I would really be interested in your view of Miles Mathis which I follow (I mentioned it in my first comment) quite a while. Btw., I never tried to contact him because he always seemed to be quite arrogant and not interested in discussions.

      You seem to share the view of Mathis that only a few families rule over us and that it is therefore false blame jewry as a whole. I find this point of view unconvincing. It is mind boggling enough that such a small nation (race, tribe whatever) can rule of the rest of humanity it would be impossible to thin that group further and maintain control. Think about how elaborate some of the hoaxes are and how the party line must be observed by all the media outlets and educational institutions. Sure, there is a hierarchy and those on the top know more than those on the bottom but I would think a large part of jewry is involved in a conspiracy against the rest.

      What I find funny is that with Mathis’ sweeping family extensions the family must be a really big one. The Camp Nou in Barcelona would be far too small for family meetings.

      And of course I know beautiful Slovenia and can understand your feeling of being blessed living there. Believe me it is no fun at all being German at this time.

      I hope you find my comment not too rambling.

      Best wishes


      1. No, your comment is far from rambling, there are several points to address in my view.

        Your notes on website are very sharp. When I was composing my Munich 1972 piece, I ran across this liberty forum but only as a linked source. Clicking on it would redirect to a notice of expired webpage, and can’t access the forum’s thread. Digging into the technicalities shows, that it takes a single command line to prevent a server showing a webpage, which I find very peculiar at least. That’s why I save some websites I find really important on my disk, as there is obviously nobody to trust the archives to. Anyway, a couple of other websites were linking the “skunk’s” post about Abu Nidal and there were few verifiable facts that I was able to cross-check. I published most of that in my piece, mostly based on Seale’s book findings. It’s a shame this disappeared, I’d really like to read through it. If you can find its original web address, I may be able to find it.

        You’ve asked what’s the point of revealing the deceptions and in my opinion the point is to spread the truth as far as possible. Can you imagine if the truth would have an option to be televised for 1 year and all other media would follow this example? The world as we know would most certainly disappear, in peaceful terms, hopefully. I was criticized for my idea that the truth would momentarily had to be pushed, but the essence is in dismantling the distorted reality and replacing it with either the truth or even better – nothing at all. If my blog’s content helps in waking up all those intelectually absent in this huge mess, than I have been rewarded greatly. Sooner or later, there will be enough words said and some action will follow and I hope I’ll live long enough to participate in such change.

        In my opinion, you do need some more optimism. Learning about any psyop and about the principles of hoaxes, makes you invulnerable to their effects. As much as I’ve read and experienced about the process of waking up, the feeling of anger and demoralization are quite normal among us. Of course you get that lousy feeling, just look around you -there are countless psyops going on that you know about, and about the same number of those you’ve never heard of, as much as I. I never thought all this hoaxing to be possible just a few years ago, but now that I do, it has overwhelmed me. I somehow feel obligated to write about it.

        Will post another comment about Mathis and the jewish issue later.


      2. A lot can be said on the topic of Miles Mathis and his reasoning. However, what he offers is not unconvincing at all, in my opinion. On the contrary, I find his work unique as he seems to be the first one to follow the genetic connections of the PTB. And reason tells me that in this society, where nepotism can be observed in real-time and has been historically recorded as factual, that it’s not a far-stretched theory to say many of the TPB are genetically connected/related. Just look at the history records, for what they can be trusted, there you can undeniably notice that power structures and power positions get inherited. By what logic and where does that come from? When you further think that the modern TPTB have removed old power structures, such as church and old nobility, either by intrigues, poisonings or crypto methods of breeding into the old rulers’ families (think of Jagiellons), it all becomes very logical for me at least. If I was somebody with such position of power and wanted such abusive system to be preserved, only my relatives would be considered as heirs. That’s how this world seems to function for eons already, and it seems there is nothing to actually refute it. I would agree up to a point, that Miles shouldn’t be extending family membership only according to the last name matching to the PTB’s as it is not 100% sure. But on the other hand, such speculation is in the right place – once he learned that the age of intrigues has lasted for centuries and he found some family connections among TPTB, he extrapolated his conclusions to the extreme. I’d still say, that he is most probably assuming correctly in majority of such cases since nepotism was proven hundreds of times. There is no logical reason left to think otherwise as nothing has changed to support it. I tend to take some of his conclusions with a grain of salt, but in general i tend to agree with his view that they’re mostly genetically connected power structures.

        Yes, I agree completely – it’s mind-boggling that such a small nation would be at the very top of power structure. But why not? There seems to be no strong reason to deny this, rather than an old one saying they’re significantly over – represented in power positions in comparison to the statistics, which notes there are less than 20 million of Jews in this world. How and why this came about? I sincerely don’t have a clue, but I can’t deny that I noticed it very long ago. As much as I noticed that many people before me observed the same thing and were mostly worried about this. Sure, many people need to be involved in fakery business, but not all are Jewish with family connections to the PTB, some may be just well-paid mercenaries, agents, spooks or whatever you’d like to call them working for their own benefits. I think there are less than 20.000 people all together in the con business with TPTB family connections – that kind of number is almost statistically insignificant (if we may assume there are really 7 billion of humans populating the Earth), yet large enough to completely entrench us in the lies. The most important thing beside manipulation, is owning the news media and creation of the needed hoax/fakery narrative which gullible people mostly take at face value. It may be completely true, that this nasty business of fakery is unbelievably easy to perpetrate once you have the critical power positions covered. And I think that they don’t need an “army” of all Jewish people to rule this world in such way, quite the contrary – they keep it as low as possible, being notoriously greedy they try to keep all the spoils within a very narrow circle of trusted individuals.

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  6. Thank you for the answer. You are certainly more optimistic than I am. I don’t want to discourage you in the slightest. Keep up your good work. And good luck.


  7. One additional thought. Your 20 000 are very low because you have to add all those who are shilling for the hoax as well. Take the biggest hoax of all the hoax that cannot be questioned. Millions and millions of jews have defended it and are willing to smear you, put in prison if you question it. For all other hoaxes it is the same. If their rabbi or jewish tells them “This hoax is good for the jews” they will defend it. So in the end nearly all jewry is involved in the whole hoaxiology.

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    1. I agree with you about the shills, they’d have to be counted in. Just my curiosity – what is your position on this? How many of them are standing against us in your opinion?

      There is something very strange about the holocaust, I agree. If we were to follow Mathis’ reasoning and say that the 3rd way is most probably the right way, just what would be the real story of holocaust? It’s obviously not what we’re told and I really don’t believe no Jews (or any other nationalities, for that matter) died while working there. One of the worst problem here is the “antisemitic” dogma, that they use to label anybody mentioning the word “jew” and that is not a coincidental status in our society. I am still loudly against that discriminative law, that doesn’t allow the proper revision of an important issue such as holocaust. It can’t be more wrong than it is, but the reality is apparently brutal and people might really get imprisoned for doubting the official narrative of holocaust. The next step are thought crimes, right?


  8. I can’t elaborate on my views on the holocaust if I want to stay out of prison. Do your homework on this subject. It it always important first to get the basic subjects right before you go into the finer details. That is one beef I have with Miles Mathis. As a amateur mathematician he should know how to built a proper argument. First you have to get your foundation right! But he never speaks about the most fundamental hoaxes and how this whole hoaxiology is deeply ingrained in the jewish “religion” as can be shown by the Talmud. Instead he constructs very obscure arguments about very arcane hoaxes and all to deceptive purpose to show that only a few jewish families are involved when in fact nearly all jews are involved at least as potential propagandist of the hoax. It is all a bit like the deceptive “satanic bloodlines” which was all the rage a few years age. Fritz Springmeier and David Icke were the main propagandists of this bs.

    Then there are all the small hate hoaxes which may be the archetypical hoaxes of jewry. If you follow the news only casually you will notice there are several of those incidents in every year where a jew has painted a swastika on his own door and cried “We are persecuted”. This is normal jewish behavior i guess and it is aptly referred to in the Polish proverb “The jew cries out in pain when he kicks you”. The aggressor hoaxes you into the belief that he is a victim.

    Normally the swastika is in the news and the indignation from jews everywhere. When somehow the police finds the real perpetrator there is silence. I would be very surprised if not all jews in the neighborhood know that the perpetrator is most likely one of their own. But have you ever seen a jew speak out that those silly hate hoaxes should be stopped? Me neither. This shows for me that nearly all jews know that that the hate hoaxing is part of their culture and that they can only survive if they mask their evil intentions (like flooding the host country with foreigners which is a cold calculated genocide) by pretending to be a victim. So I would guess that nearly all jews are involved in the whole hoaxiology.

    Take 9/11 for example. I guess nearly all the jews living in New York know who is behind this big hoax (Miles Mathis is silent on this subject too). But I would guess that 95% would tell you that evil Islamists are behind it, 4,9 percent evil would tell you white fascists like Bush and Cheney did it. If you can find a handful who admit that it was organized jewry you can count yourself lucky.

    So now you can probably guess how many jews I would group into the enemy camp.

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    1. I did my homework, as much as the sources allowed me.

      Would you be interested in writing an essay like this? No need to involve Holocaust directly, but I really see a lot of potential in your assessment. I’d post it here so we could have an open debate about it, there’s nothing wrong in doing that, I guess.

      Anyway, we may differ only concerning the correct number of hoax team members in this issue.


  9. Thank you for you invitation to write an essay which you would publish on your blog. I’ll reflect on it. But generally I think I am too depressed about the current state of affairs to fancy myself as an author of essays. I am even a reluctant commentator these days. I was more active in the past, because I had hopes that I now longer have and the last thing I want to do is spread any kind of defeatism among those who still have hope. But perhaps I will change my mind. For now I would prefer to comment because I feel I can be more constructive this way.
    Another problem is the complexity of the issue. Since the “skunk” with his has implanted in my mind the idea that there is a constant stream of hoaxes (psyops, false flags whatever) coming from jewry a decade ago, I have observed so many hoaxes. And since hoax busting has become so popular in the wake of Sandy hook I have observed so many infiltration and deflection efforts from jews. Honestly, I would be hard pressed to find a starting point if I would write an essay. And how to finish it when there are so many facets to be observed? So short comments from different angles are less painful to write.

    In addition I have some general complaints about the whole hoax busting business. In general it is too humorous and hobbyist for my taste. I see hoaxes as genocidal weapons in the arsenal of jewry. And my country is currently dying because of the effects some of these hoaxes. So I don’t see anything funny in these hoaxes, as “josh” (who is a jew as I understand it. I enjoyed his essay for Miles Mathis btw.) in his comments which you integrated in your essay obviously does. To make jokes about how some details in the hoaxes are fucked up and laugh about it seems to me as stupid (as a non jew so no offense against “josh”!) as to make fun about the war paint of an atomic bomb which is about to land in your city. The hoaxes are doing their jobs, the genocide and mongrelization of the great white nations is unfolding currently. And when the great white nations are finished (with the possible exception of England which seems to be a special ally of jewry. That is why TPTB allowed Brexit to happen) the hoaxes of jewry will find another targets until they own everything and all non jews are entirely broken slaves. I have not read enough of your essays to assess whether we see eye to eye in the general assessment of the function of hoax busting. So I would prefer to wait a bit more before I would commit as an essayist.

    But again, thank you for your invitation and the possibility to make my comments here.


    1. What I had in mind was you writing about the issues we’re just discussing, you don’t have to touch on any particular hoax. Although you hit hard with your words, there is so much I can relate to, like in example of the humor used in anyone’s writing style (or hoaxiology deeply ingrained in jewish religion). I never thought about it in that way and I can again relate to your view – maybe I’ll be in your shoes in 10 years, fed up with all this mess and hoax busting business. I read your last comments again and I doubt you’d have any issues with starting or finishing your piece. Almost every paragraph can be used as a kick-start to a great essay, but it’s possible you don’t see it that way. In this case, you’re wrong 🙂 Besides, so what if your piece would be read as depressed, life itself is like that from time to time.

      You’ve again mentioned the function of hoax busting and I have to repeat myself – I’m not on any purposeful mission other than “shouting out” loudly what I observe and notice. I’m not after fame or glory and I don’t care what anybody thinks of it actually. If I’m able to help a single person to understand this world better, I’ll be more than glad. And if I find some great minds along this road, so much better. Josh is one of them. At least I’m slowly realizing that I’m not an alone observer of this shitty mess nor the only one who wants to end it for good. As you can see, I’m trying to be optimistic and simply hope I won’t be painfully disappointed in the end.

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  10. Great stuff, guys. Another Gernan here. I’ve been following all of this for more than 10 years now and only awoke to the Jewish question about two years ago. But it’s always been right in front of my eyes.
    Cui bono? Who can’t you criticize?
    90% of the alternative news are fake. Alex Jonestein is a Jew. I was a longtime listener. The “Globalists”. Yeah right.
    Anyways, I just wanted to drop a few things what I have come to believe as fake. I read most of Miles’ papers. I mostly agree.
    The following things for me are also fake. Some of them you might not agree on, I know Miles would not.
    The biggest one being that I think, no I know, the Earth is flat. This one is for me right up there with the Holohoax. But I don’t care if you agree or not. I am not here to push that point of view.
    Another one being that there are no Nuclear bombs. Nuclear energy is real, but the bomb thingy is fake. Thats the ultimate constant fear porn.
    I personally have come to the conclusion that the “satanic” part might be another hoax. The elite want to be seen as powerful and dark. Yes, they are killing ppl, having sacrifices, but less than you think. That’s what psychopaths do, but forget that part of summoning demons. It’s all mostly hoaxed, a staged event, hollywood make believe. That’s their greatest power. They get into your head!
    Another hoax. How many ppl are there? 7 billion? Give me a break. Never, ever. If I showed you a crowd of people you would not be able to tell correctly how many individuals there are.
    Plus I also believe there are way MORE Jews then we think. Most of them are Cryptos
    I am a gentile, consider myself Prussian. The jews didn’t hate Germany, they hated Prussia and its view of the world. The Jews created Germany. They came with the Romans.

    Yes, all of this is depressing. Because we are the first ones in a long time to have woken up to the truth. Many of our ancestors have fallen for THEIR lies and passed them on to us.

    But I will say this one thing. The White man will survive, even if many will suffer and die prematurely. Those who survive are the strong ones! And strength is needed in this feminised world. The Jew rules through the woman.


    1. Hi there. I am chiming in to support the other two Germans pisting before me. I can fully relate to their stories. I can confirm that the German people have somehow been a roadblock to the NWO and were subjugated via two WW and now cultural Marxism. I can also confirm the fakeness of the holohoax. The Germans were duped by the potentially jewish clique of the Nazis who were sponsored by Wall Street bankers (same as the Bolsheviks). Albert Pike, head of the US masons wrote a letter to Mazzini in 1871 describing how the Germans will be exploited and used to justify the foundation of Israel. So if it is not jews than it is masons or jesuits (the latter founded by jews). And masonry is Kaballah for gentiles. But there is something deeper there, which ties in with “satanism”, as the Kaballah abd Talmud tie back to Babylon, while the masons also invoke constantly Egyptian gods. I would define satanism as worship of the creation (material stuff, but also shortcuts like magic) and inversion of the natural (or god’s) order. Also as a following of the left path (immoral order). In that sense all elites are satanists indeed (whether satan is real, metaphorical, or imagined). Our whole “civilization” is built on perverted principles, e.g. check Platon’s “dreams” of master-slave relationships, full subjugation to the state, which is ruled by “philosopher kings”.

      Finally I want to point some things about Miles M and his cultist followers like Piece of Mindful and Josh. Miles does display some arrogance and will not touch some topics, which is blindly mimicked by the groupies, abandoning all thought. And Miles is by far not infallible as evidenced by the absurdity of some of his “science” papers. In a sense it is dangerous to refer to MM as someone may read his science stuff.

      With that I wish all here the best and do not let the hope ever die. The least we can do is try to save ourselves and loved ones from the matrix.


      1. Interesting comment, although I partially disagree with it.

        The biggest issue you’ve mentioned is in my opinion German people being exposed to an attempt of slowly breaking your (German) national awareness, affiliation and spirit. I don’t know exactly why is this so, but I do interpret it like that, as much as I see Russia and nearby Serbia or Greece in the same process of being crushed for ages already. In my opinion, the Germans and Russians are the PTB’s worse nightmare, as they are perceived as proud and strong people, potentially forming the leading force of European and human progress in general. I believe Germany (or Russia, for that matter) would easily replace England or USA in their position of dominating the world. The issue here is, that PTB are consequently trying to annihilate such German or Russian possibility in fear of losing their position of power. And I also believe, that’s the main reason why Germany was selected to be propagandized as the aggressor country of WWI and WWII – so it could be twice robbed by war reparations payouts, legally occupied, devastated in the process and its people ultimately brought to their knees by an invented penance over the alleged extermination of Jews. We can see very similar process in Russia or Serbia, where communism and Bolshevism intellectually and physically devastated its host countries, regressing them to almost unrecognizable image of their former selves. So, yes, besides the Jewish connection and invention of Jesuit order, communism / marxism, revolutions,etc., the Jewish individuals are seemingly the decision-makers and nobody knows exactly for how long is this the case within our civilization. As you’ve pointed out, Talmud is surely connected to the ancient Babylon and ancient worshiping of the Moloch, however its impossible to say with certainty that actual members of TPTB practice any of the rituals themselves. Does being of Jewish origins imply religious following of Talmud? No, it doesn’t, as much as being a Slovene or a German doesn’t imply we’re followers of Christianity in its religious form. Btw, I personally find Talmud to repulsive to read. You may argue that the Jews are not a nation, but I would say they are as much as i.e. Kurds or Gypsies (and many other around the world, Aborigines or north-American natives, co-called “Indians”). Any attempt at tagging PTB is irrelevant to my point – I see this religious connection to Moloch or Satan as a possible distraction to realize what these people are in reality – immoral, ethic-less, mean, heartless, stone-cold, psychopathic and void of any empathy. Whether we need to label that as Satanic (or any other tag, for that matter) is actually meaningless, since we all agree that PTB’s actions are wrong, which is absolutely enough to make a judgment. But I agree that this evil aspect of their characters is a significant marker.

        On the other hand, I find it amazing that you are able to see/read Plato as teaching perverted principles, while in your opinion science was/is never affected by the same people in power. I think you are not consistent enough and I further think science was as much corrupted in teaching its knowledge as any other aspect of our civilizations’ knowledge. After reading Miles Mathis de-unification theory, I learned about much more logical, consistent and comprehensive way to explain our physical surroundings. And I consequently think you’re wrong to say Mathisian physics is an evidence to discredit his monumental discoveries in other fields. Quite the opposite in my opinion, as I was myself awaking by reading firstly his physics books only to realize such fakery of reality extends to every possible aspect of our lives.

        I’d as well appreciate any substantial argument to support your claim of absurdity in his theory, as I may be much more interested in physics debate in such way. So far you have only offered your opinion, a high-flying criticism of Mathis’ physics based on one sentence only and have offered nothing in particular to the substance. Are you able to surpass opinions and elaborate on your thought in some other fashion?


  11. Hi. If you reread what I have written carefully, I have defined satanism as a principle, basically worship of matter / creation, inversion / perversion of nature’s / god’s principles, and amorality. This principle (or principal?) has had a long following and I do not claim it is only jews, although the latter seem to be always enmeshed. When one speaks of jews one probably needs to be careful, as those are most likely just Ashkenazi, and any motivated person can take over this religion.

    Regarding Plato and science – the important part of Plato had little to do with science and all to do with how to steer the masses. The rest is just rhetoric. I am aware that sciences are corrupt to a much bigger degree than I think you are.

    Mathis has a good intuition, but is also in love with his intelligence, which would blind him. I will give you 2 examples – he claims that pi=4 empirically (but this would mean that a circle has the same length as a square) and he is proud of his “repair” of the theory of relativity, while omitting to see that the whole theory is bogus and Einstein is a fraud (e.g. ask Tesla); Einstein’s next great achievement after this theory was to propagate the nuclear bomb hoax and that was all from the “greatest genius” ever to walk the earth. So I like reading historical hoax unwindings by Mathis, but I think he is “dangerous” as a sole (and blindly followed) reference.


    1. Just to be clear, I didn’t want to enter into an argument with you by my previous comment, only wanted your opinion backed with some mechanics or links, etc…, so I could better understand your issue with anything. And to be honest, I had a gut feeling you would be replying about Pi=4.

      Mathis proved Pi=4 only in kinematic situations, while he never argued nor denied Pi=3,14… as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter – in its static form. Mathisian physics theory of kinematic Pi=4 starts with the calculus, which would be obligatory reading for proper understanding of kinematic Pi=4 foundations. There are 3 important issues that he properly addressed before addressing the issue of kinematic Pi=4. I’m quoting from here, where Mathis explains what are those 3 fundamental issues : ” The first shows that the derivative has been defined wrongly from the beginning, and that the derivative is a constant differential over a subinterval, not a diminishing differential as we approach zero. There is no necessary approach to zero in the calculus, and the interval of the derivative is a real interval. In any particular problem, you can find the time that passes during the derivative, so nothing in the calculus is instantaneous, either. This revolutionizes QED by forbidding the point particle and bypassing all need for renormalization. The second paper proves that Newton’s first eight lemmae or assumptions in the Principia are all false. Newton monitors the wrong angle in his triangle as he goes to the limit, achieving faulty conclusions about his angles, and about the value of the tangent and arc at the limit. Finally, the third paper rigorously analyzes all the historical proofs of the orbital equation a=v^2/r, including the proofs of Newton and Feynman, showing they all contain fundamental errors. The current equation is shown to be false, and the equation for the orbital velocity v=2πr/t is also shown to be false. Those who don’t find enough rigor or math in this paper should read those three papers before they decide this is all too big a leap”.

      It all becomes much more understandable if you look at any animation of cycloid. It is well known that the length of cycloid’s arc is equal 8r as well. You can go here and press “start” to see the animation of cycloid and what path is described by the point on circle’s boundary – when in motion.

      On Mathis’ science page here, there are more than 45 papers addressing Relativity itself. With all respect to Tesla as a reference, I’d really appreciate any link to a correction of GR theory, like Mathis’ is. Only then can we address your statement of GR theory being a hoax. By saying “GR theory is a hoax” and not supporting it with any substantial alternative theory is not exactly proof of understanding the physics, it’s more of a “hear-say” debate. I’d like to again kindly ask you to provide the sources for your statement or at least look and read the sources I’ve offered above, and only then approach this issue from some more scientific angle.


  12. Hi Vexman. I really did not want to get into a physics debate. I do not dispute the fact that Newton or Feynaman have many points wrong, I just say that Mathis is also wrong on some of them – often not seeing the forest for the trees. Take this as a warning if you will or as an urge to dig deeper and search for other references. I have a good source, but will not disclose out here for several reasons. One being that this source has withdrawn from public comments, second that he will not like my bringing him in here and a third that I was hoping for a type of unbiased independent third party input on these topics without presenting already made conclusions. Note I do not say Mathis is ill intentioned or a shill (although the latter is possible with any truther). I also think you do not feel completely at ease with the way he does his genealogical research, do you?

    One way to look at both Einstein and Newton is to check their backgrounds, millieu, motivation etc to know that nothing good will come out of them (except good misdirection, magical thinking etc.).

    Finally let’s do a thought experiment: lets take 3 cars driving say 50kmh. Two will drive along a 90-degree triangle with equal sides with length r with end points connected with a quarter of a circle (with radius r). Cars will accelerate to 50 beforehand and maitain the speed. Do you really think that the sum of the times of cars 1 + 2 to travel the distance will be equal to car 3? Besides, Mathis uses a lot of mathematical methods, but mathematics is just a language and can be twisted ro suit an outcome. E.g. do you know that the sum of all numbers 1+2+3+… is equal to -5/12 or something?


  13. Well, ultimately any human can be wrong. I appreciate your input and your call for another reference, but honestly I find it weird that your incognito source doesn’t want any publicity. The last interesting additional resource about the false premise of modern science that I’ve come across is Dewey B. Larson with his “Reciprocal system” theory, but he’s already deceased. Anyway, Larson goes even further back into (philosophy of) physics than Mathis. With only two fundamental postulates, he was able to construct a theoretical universe based on just the inverse relation between space and time, that he called “motion.” (It has nothing to do with something moving – “motion” is just a ratio between space and time that causes change). I’m still in the process of reading through it, but can assume your source would be some other author, one still alive. So, until I find any better explanation, I’ll stick to the charge and de-unification theory of Mathis.

    I wasn’t able to imagine your thought experiment so I can’t answer your question. You didn’t describe what path is the 3rd car covering, so don’t know what to compare it with, but I presume you are making an analogy to the Pi=4, right? And yes, I do realize math can be used in tricky ways, just as is in the case of 1+2+3+4+…=-1/12 . The video of mathematical “proof” for that is here:


  14. I would like to mention an important name related to the issue of manufactured terrorism. The name is Max von Oppenheim . Some important quotes from the wiki page ” For example, when tensions were later heightened by the Aqaba border crisis, 1906, British and French papers accused Oppenheim of acting in ways to incite pan-Islamic jihadi massacres of Europeans and of plotting with anti-French Algerian, and anti-Italian Tripolitan, rebels” and

    In late 1915, British High Commissioner in Cairo Henry McMahon claimed in a report that Oppenheim had been making speeches in mosques approving of the massacre of Armenians initiated by the Young Turk government earlier that year.[4]

    Oppenheim was credited with being the one who came up with the dual approach to fighting the British and French: through regular troops and by encouraging uprisings by the masses.[5] Some among the Arabs reportedly referred to Oppenheim as Abu Jihad (“Father of Holy War”).

    We should take with a ton of salt the stories presented on his wiki page, but we can assume that he played a role in the creation of the “Jihad” and “Arab terrorism” project. If I remember correctly there are mentions in the conspiracy circles about how the US created Islamic extremism during the Soviet-Afghan War ( see Operation Cyclone). With Oppenheim we see that the project was already started before even the creation of Israel. Of course, they had to accelerate the project after the Six-Day War of 1967. in 1973 there was the Yom Kippur War. The Munich hoax was probably a preparation for the Yom Kippur War. We should also not forget the Robert F. Kennedy assassination in 1968 by Sirhan Sirhan (which was about 1 year after the USS Liberty Incident).

    In one of the wiki quotes I mentioned above, they say that some Arabs reffered to Max Oppenheim as “Abu Jihad” (translated as “Father of Holy War”). The funny part is that there is a more modern Abu Jihad, with the supposed real name “Khalil al-Wazir”. No doubt, this Wazir is a legit “Abu Jihad”.

    Another related thing is the Lavon Affair. One big question is why the Israeli finally acknowledged their involvement in an indirect manner. On wiki they say ” Israel publicly denied any involvement in the incident for 51 years; however, the surviving agents were officially honored in 2005, being awarded certificates of appreciation by Israeli President Moshe Katsav”. We can probably assume that we are dealing with a greater deception. Maybe the whole thing was a hoax, but still a part of a greater deception.

    Maybe we should try to understand the greater deception that ties all the connections I mentioned above. I will write a few additional comments, since this comment is big enough.


    1. Abu Jihad (Khalil al-Wazir) was a real person in the PLO and that was his real name.

      The Lavon affair and USS liberty are out in the open now, there is no use denying them. The important thing is that NO ONE CARES! That’s why the israelis don’t care that much if they admit to them or not. No grand 4D chess game here, they take Pollard back to their criminal head quarters and receive him like a hero because no one cares or dare complain.


  15. In a comment above I mentioned Max von Oppenheim. I assume that the Oppenheim family is related to the Oppenheimer families. See . The most famous Oppenheimer is the one involved in the nuke hoax, J. Robert Oppenheimer. Actually, Robert had a younger brother called Frank, who was also involved in the nuke hoax. Other Oppenheimers are involved in the diamond scams (De Beers). Michael Oppenheimer is involved in the global warming scam.

    I only scratched the surface with the Oppenheimers. Nonetheless, I wanted to mention them as a reference in connection to the larger global deceptions.


  16. The Lavon affair and the USS Liberty incident are probably the most famous topics mentioned in the conspiracy circles in relation to Israeli false flags. The USS Liberty incident is probably more famous than Lavon affair. Since we started to see that many of these incidents are probably fakes, we should also consider that these 2 incidents are part of a larger deception. This is not about making excuses for the Jews or the Jewish elite, and say that they “din do nuffin”. We should consider the possibility of a greater deception. After all, the Mossad is supposed to wage war by deception.

    A lot of people talk about the Greater Israel project. But if the world is not enough (Bond motto), why would Greater Israel be enough.So I would not be surprised if this Greater Israel project is a misdirection .I still think that people should have this project in the back of their mind when they think about various world psyops. However, I would bet my money on a greater deception. I would not be surprised if they will come with a kabuki scenario where the blame for the conflict in the region will fall on US, neocons and some bad Zionists . Maybe they will create a UN zone to bring peace to the region (maybe even the creation of a Middle East economic region similar to EU). Also, will the Baha’i faith be used to tie the Abrahamic religions together? A few countries like Spain allows certain Jews to return back. maybe these reverse return laws are made with a view towards a future geopolitical psyop. A controlled demolition of the economic power of US would play nicely in such a scenario (especially since the politics of US could be blamed for the conflicts in the middle East and other regions). With the evil elements out, they could create peace in the region, but I would assume that they will limit the emigration of Jews in Israel (so no need for Greater Israel).

    I am very interested in your opinions about Lavon and USS Liberty. Do you consider the possibility that these incidents were hoaxes? Is there a greater deception? In a comment above I mentioned that Israel finally acknowledge in a indirect manner the Lavon Affair after many years of denying any involvement. So now they look worse, since the Lavon affair was supposed to be a false flag operation. False flag operations are the favorite topic of the conspiracy and alternative people. However, people here are familiar to the concept of hoaxes and deceptions that go beyond the assumptions made by the average alternative people. Are the Lavon and USS Liberty incidents part of the operation of revealing the bad Zionists and other people that will be blamed for the conflicts in the region. In the previous paragraph i gave more contextual info about a possible geopolitical psyop meant to bring peace in the region and the world.

    I also think that maybe the Robert Kennedy assassination and the USS Liberty incident are connected. He died on 6th June 1968 and the Liberty incident was in 8th June 1967 (almost 1 year difference). Sirhan Sirhan was supposedly Palestinian. A possible explanation is that the USS Liberty incident was still relevant after 1 year, so maybe the media would still cover the incident. An evil Arab doing an assassination at the right moment would make the issue of Liberty irrelevant since all the media would focus on the assassination.


  17. I’m late for writing here but….

    you said that Nidal’s real name was Sabri al-Banna

    same name as Sheikh Hassan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al-Banna, known as Hassan al-Banna, best known for founding the Muslim Brotherhood

    we have also Tariq Ramadan (born in Geneva, Switzerland on 26 August 1962), son of Said Ramadan and Wafa al-Banna, who was the eldest daughter of Hassan al Banna.
    Tarik Ramadan is involved in fake events in France and switzerland.
    Gamal al-Banna, the liberal Muslim reformer, was his great-uncle.
    His father was a prominent figure in the Muslim Brotherhood and was exiled by Gamal Abdel Nasser[ from Egypt to Switzerland,

    It seems that this family Al-banna is involved in more than one fake event !

    as i understood, Banna in arabic means “mason”…
    in french, Frères Musulmans (= Muslim Brotherhood) has same initials than Free Masons or Francs Maçons : FM


    1. Thanks for your input, the connections you’ve described never occurred to me before. When it comes to non-european names and surnames, i’m a bit lost. But learning every day, little by little.

      Speaking of it – Maçon vs Macron. There’s just one more letter added to the French president’s surname, morphing a mason into an ‘ordinary’ elite member. Coincidence, right? 😉


      1. Al-banna? Albania? Coincidence?
        Interesting pictrue of Albanian hero Skanderbeg who fought against the Ottomans:

        Albanians served in the 21st Waffern SS Gebirgs-Division Skanderbeg. The Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni also spelt al-Husseini:

        The Grand Mufti looks a wee bit like Chelsea owner, Russian Roman Abramovich.

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        1. That mushroom hat tho.

          Regarding the name Albania, I also find it interesting that there was (supposedly) a Caucasian Albania. During the crusades, the European nobility married into various Caucasian nobility (Armenia, Georgia). If there is truth to chronological revisionism, maybe there is also some connection to the Argonauts who went to Colchis. Since I mentioned all of this, there was also an Iberia in the Caucus region in the so called ancient world (Albania and Iberia were neighbors)

          There were also Croatians in a few SS divisions . From what I see these divisions included many Muslim Bosniaks. In the standard history we are told that the Germans had to intervene in the Balkans because the bumbling Mussolini tried and failed to conquer Greece. But in my opinion the true business was to set the Balkans for future conflicts and transformations (including the introduction of communist governments). In my opinion the purpose of the wars is social engineering . Think about how the image of the evil Nazi is used to silence people that are against immigration (especially if it is non-white immigration). In Western Europe, the non-European immigration was one of the most important projects. In the Balkans and Eastern Europe the project included Communism. After the communism the Eastern European countries have this situation

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          1. The axios link led to another article labeled ‘How immigration could save the post-industrial world’, followed by ‘Robots are stepping in to help solve the worker shortage’! Robots building cars have been with us for decades, the Unimate, General Motors industrial robot, was in situ in 1961. Japan has low birthrates but no mass immigration for them!

            and 23. Waffen SS Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division, ‘Handschar’ and ‘Kama’ respectively, recruited Croatians, while Skanderbeg was made up of mostly Kosovo Albanian Muslims. 7. Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division ‘Prinz Eugen’ had Croatians, Hungarians, Romanians and conscripts from Banat which today is in modern Serbia.

            The Wehrmacht even had an Indian Division instigated by this dodgy dude, who fled from India to Soviet Russia with help from the German Abwehr in 1941 and thence to Germany:

            Chandra means Moon, while the meaning of Bose is “Wealth, gem, radiance”. (Coincidently? Böse is German for evil.)

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        2. The Grand Mufti Amin Al Husseini, was undisputedly a Palestinian.

          In Palestine, especially at that time, most people knew their lineage and could easily trace it back 300 or so back in time. Your tribal family name was important. It was important to know who you descended from and Al Husseini family in Jerusalem was well known. One of the other great leaders of that family were Abd Al Qadir Al Husseini and his father Muza Qazim Al Husseini, two of the finest specimens of the Palestinian revolution.

          It is worth noting though that Haj Amin, while quite famous and was potentially set to be a leader of an independent Palestine; suffered from the inherit flaw of most Arab leaders, which are mostly characterized by feelings of grandiose, the hiring of incompetent people so they never become a competition or a replacement and an overdependence on international relations and Arab solidarity thinking it will solve the day instead of depending on your own.

          Haj Amin was not well liked by those who worked with him due to his incompetence and bad decisions. He put his cards on politics and getting help from Arabs or believing some promises from the English which all proved to be a total failure.


    1. Such word usage is usually a sign of a gentleman with higher than average IQ. I’m so glad you came by, the above discussion will reach new heights with you, I’m sure.

      Put arguments to the table or get lost from this blog. This kind of language will get you banned, you can rest ass-ured.

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  18. Very interesting and useful post. I always wonder how free and easygoing Issa and Tony acted during the day. They were very easy to shot and taking down the leaders are usually the main task of antiterrorist forces. They were also clothed to be visually very attractive unlike the other group who barely were seen at all.
    The photos of dead terrorists are strange too. The picture of dead Issa in airfield shows him with closed eyes. The picture from morgue shows him with eyes OPEN and with stretched face muscles exposing an angry grin (of pain)! Deads dont have emotions!


    1. They didn’t shoot the leaders at that point because it was not the right time for it, the other kidnappers would have shot the hostages if they did and they still didn’t get authorization for it then.

      After they sent them off to the airfield they later shot them in a completely botched operation which the israelis insisted on the Germans to do.

      Above is according to Abu Daoud’s testimony here:


  19. Some info which can be found by Abu Daoud Testimony here:

    The attackers did not plan on killing anyone, the main reason for doing the kidnapping was to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause and maybe free some prisoners, they expected to be sent by airplane to an Arab country after a publicity stunt. The attackers were given strict orders not to kill anyone unless they had to defend themselves. One of the hostages escaped at the beginning of the attack and they could have easily shot him but they didn’t.
    It was the israelis who insisted the Germans attack kidnappers and not resort to diplomatic measures. They blackmailed the Germans using holocaust guilt to accept israeli plans.
    The leaders of the group were not shot when they were visible as you suggest because the other kidnappers would have killed the hostages. They were only later shot when the Germans started their attack.
    The later freeing of the 3 remaining kidnappers was agreed upon beforehand by the German government. Basically it was a hot potato issue. The Germans couldn’t release them without a good reason and if they kept them they risked future attacks or kidnappings from the PLO. So they contacted the PLO to fake kidnap an airplane and demand their release which they would do. Abou Daoud says they refused but that Wadee Haddad accepted the German offer, took the money (9 million USD$) and freed the prisoners for them.

    Some general information:
    – “Al Banna” family name is a common name, meaning the builder. It is a very common name like the carpenter, the blacksmith, etc.. It is common in multiple countries. People with the same family name in different countries are not necessarily related or free masons.

    I am full aware of the controversy surrounding Abu-Nidal (I haven’t completely made up my mind about the subject). Abou Daoud claims in the above testimony that Abu Nidal was working for the Mossad, but we really have only speculations. Abu-Nidal had something wrong in his head for sure. But we do not have his word of events, we do not even know if he did the operations that are attributed to him or not. He was working for the most part for Iraqi intelligence. I do knot know if they could have hired him while he was also working for the Mossad. Additionally he was killed/suicided seemingly by the Iraqis in apparently an attempt to appease the Americans/israelis.

    -George Habash, was in France in treatment and he was not arrested (although they had a half mind to do it). Yasser Arafat was treated in Paris (Maybe later killed off or finished there), many anti-israeli leaders were allowed back into Palestine. I don’t want to get into too much details, but israelis have their eye on the bigger picture which was the complete dismantling of the Palestinian revolution and resistance which they now almost completely succeeded in. That’s why they allowed some elements back in and didn’t go on an assassination rampage like killing Abou Daoud or denying him passage especially that he stopped becoming active. They killed Arafat only when needed long after killing the important master minds and brains behind the PLO (Abu Iyad and Abu Jihad). They also later killed Abu Ali Mostafah when they felt he still poses a danger.

    -Yes indeed the israelis and world parasites benefited greatly from such operations as Munich and many others. This does not necessitate that it was staged or faked.


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