BBC does it, too

I am too busy lately with entertaining an essential capitalism paradigm – earning some money, which leaves me with almost no time to devote to my blog. There is as well another subject that I have to finish and is really time consuming, since it is dealing with another revision of particular content that I have so far contributed to this blog. It is going to be an interesting read when done, I promise.

Until then, there is a very interesting video of BBC I am posting about as I believe it needs much wider exposure – BBC was caught it the act of manipulating what was supposed to be the truth. Maybe you have already seen or read about the issue as it dates to august/september of 2013, I have to admit I was to ignorant about it back then, since that particular year had my focus on something much more personally overwhelming.

Robert Stuart first brought it to public scrutiny and he has taken this issue to the highest level of BBC Complaint’s department, where he was eloquently dismissed. All those different levels of complaint’s departments remninded me of Dante’s description of hell, funny that. Anyway, as Robert has put it:

»Analysis of the 30 September 2013 BBC Panorama documentary ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ and related BBC News reports, contending that sequences filmed by BBC personnel and others at Atareb Hospital, Aleppo on 26 August 2013 purporting to show the aftermath of an incendiary bomb attack on a school in Urm Al-Kubra are largely, if not entirely, staged.«

There is Russian Televison’s (RT) report that gave this staged event full of crisis actors media attention, which is peculiar to say the least – why would any MSM outlet finger-point to another MSM outlet about something like that, when they are all owned by the same group of people? If they were not owned by the very same guys and gals, they would not be a mainstream outlet, right? Anyway, I would recommend to start with this video as it is actually a condensed version of the most obvious fakery/staging going on as noted in at least 3 different BBC’s reports.

There are original BBC reports that were the source of Robert’s complaint and can be accessed here:

It may be hard for some to believe the BBC was guilty of the degree of blatant fakery suggested by RT, but at the same time we have to admit the separation between “edited reality” as portrayed by the BBC and wholesale fabrication as portrayed by the fictions shown here, is not clear or specific. Robert Stuart’s detailed breakdown of the Panorama documentary at the center of this controversy, has thrown up many concerning anomalies and puzzles, and really does beg the question – can we be sure where precisely any one piece of “news” is located along the truth/fiction axis?


3 thoughts on “BBC does it, too

    1. Thanks for your comment here, I didn’t know YT took that video down so I just replaced the link.

      Both are screenplays in my opinion, RT exposing anything BBC did or vice versa. The same applies to Skripal poisoning, I don’t believe any of this to be true. The whole story keeps myths of agents and spies alive, giving us the feeling cold war never ended. Or another myth of hostile commies from Russia trying to overrun and outsmart us. Just bollocks. Like I said, I don’t believe any of it. You shouldn’t as well, anything coming from the TV is pure propaganda. It’s interesting to see their modus operandi while trying to manipulate and confuse though.


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