WARNING! Most of the text below is the direct translation of an article published originally in Croatian language*, which I translated. Explicit description of atrocities committed may not be appropriate for all readers, so proceed with reading accordingly.


A short prologue

After a very long delay, I have finally managed to find enough motivation and strength to continue this series about the terror of Communist era. This series is actually the hardest subject I have ever dealt with and I strongly doubt I will enter into such ever again. You cannot imagine how much frustration and agitation this series has caused, not only for learning some new unheard bits of truth but also for confronting some people with absolute disbelief about anything I wrote. While my concern was not about proving that I am not any kind of dreary missionary, I was mostly focused on a simple question I have faced: “How to present horrifying atrocity to anybody with no personal experience?”. Although many tens or even hundreds of authors can be found with significant number of books describing similar content as my own authored words, there are still some individuals incapable of comprehending the sad truth of our Eastern Communist bloc of countries. I therefore devote this fifth piece of my series especially to them, however I do not want to limit  following discussion to them only as it would be boring to do so. I encourage everybody reading this to post all your questions, doubts and thoughts in the section below and I will do my best to try and clarify them.

tito applauseThe slaughter of the Kočevski Rog was carried out in the period from 29 May to 9 June 1945. The order for the execution of mass slaughter was made on 28 May at the very top of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia led by Tito. Commanders of this massacre were major Simo Dubajić and his parent “ko-mesarka” – both officers of the 11th Brigade of the 26th Dalmatian Division. They were given a special unit to assist with the crime, which was later joined with/to an unknown Slovenian partisan unit.

With efforts of the weekly “Hrvatsko Slovo” discussions were re-opened on partisan massacre of captured Croatian soldiers and illegally arrested humans (Serbian civilians), completed in late May and early June 1945 in the wider area of Kočevski Rog in Slovenia.


Along with partisan Major Simo Dubajić, formerly commander in chief, but after the collapse of communism a boastful self-proclaimed crown witness of these massacres, the direct command responsibility for this war crime of cannibalistic proportions reliable sources attribute to the partisan officer of an undetermined Croatian personality *. The Yugoslav partisan horde, paramilitary of the Communist Party, had a dual management system. Such systems are independent military chain command and political chain of command. Any unit and individual larger war ventures of partisan militia, had a military commander with limited autonomy to conduct combat operations, and political commanders called the commissar (komesar), who has made all important military decisions and was in every way superior to everyone. The commissar is also the only military officer authorized to issue orders to kill, rape, loot or any other violence against all arrested individuals and prisoners.


Pursuant to the above rule, the dual command system was installed in case of the massacre at Kočevski Rog. This order, issued on 28 May 1945 in Ljubljana,  the narrowest leadership of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia while at a party and intoxicated with alcohol, led by Tito, Dubajić as a military commander was appointed along with a female and superior political commissar. It is important to emphasize that both Dubajić and his female commissar volunteered for the criminal task willingly, with great pleasure and after a very sharp competition. Both officers of 11. Dalmatian Brigade 26. Dalmatian division, then distributed for combat in Slovenia. After the mentioned officers were in place, they planned out every detail of the massacre with the General Staff of the partisan, so-called Jugoslavenska Armija (JA). Then the (mentally disturbed?) savages from the ranks of the 11th Brigade Dalmatian were selected as volunteers of both sexes, who wanted to shed more human blood, and led them to inaccessible jungle-like area of ​​Slovenia – to execute one of the worst atrocities in the entire war history.

The same order for massacre’s execution included an unknown Slovenian partisan unit, which exceeded the number of volunteer fighters of Dalmatian brigade’s butchers, and was included under the command of Dubajić and his female commissar. Slovenian partisans, well acquainted with Kočevje forests full of caves and ravines, carefully selected the hidden spots suitable for en-massé killing and hiding of the bodies and as well determined the guides to these spots.

“The bloody spring of Yugoslavia” ON BBC

The horrors of »Kočevski Rog« crimes committed under the command of before mentioned male-female butchering duo, were publicly discussed, spoken and written about for over three decades, to which the efforts of British BBC radio in Serbian language have made a special contribution to. The first description of Kočevski Rog massacre mediated by the BBC radio was sent to the world in 1976, during a conversation with Borivoje Karapandžića, author of the book “The bloody spring of Yugoslavia”. During this radio show, the author bluntly stated the names of commanders and perpetrators of this bloody crime.

Followed by much more detailed review of the Kočevski rog carnage, BBC radio aired a radio show in 1977, a conversation with Milovan Djilas about his book “War Time”, which was published outside former Yugoslavia. Embarrassed, Djilas reluctantly admitted that he, acting as member of the highest body of the Politburo Communist’s Party of Yugoslavia, was one of the commanders of Kočevski Rog crime, but it was later, repenting, called “senseless action of retaliation against ordinary, innocent villagers who were fleeing from the violence of communism«.  He did not hesitate to appoint and name  all perpetrators of the massacre and their former duties during the radio interview.


BBC further aired an extensive review of the article authored by British historian Count Nikolai Tolstoy, published in the journal “Encounter” in 1983, where he described in detail the massacre of Kočevski Rog and gave the names of its principal executive bearers. On this occasion, one of the most responsible persons in command was publicly named as “a certain high Yugoslav party and state female official.” Additional and more detailed testimony about Kočevski rog crime was provided in 1990, on the waves of radio Zagreb, personally by Count Tolstoy. During the one-hour radio conversation, which horrified the Croatian and international public, Count Tolstoy presented the shocking data obtained just two days ago in Belgrade from JA colonel (in peace) Simo Dubajić, former commander of the massacre at Kočevski Rog.

Dubajić has described many details of the event to Tolstoy, and has publicly named the names of commanders and their collaborators involved in the mass murder of people. In doing so, Dobajić said that he was a communist zealot in his youth, which gave him supernatural strength for the grueling multi-day killings of the people, that he, by his own admission, performed with great relish. From then until his death, Dubajić gave oral and written statements, in spite of certain inconsistencies and outbursts of primitivism, which than shed light on the circumstances of the massacre he commanded and removed all doubts about the organization of the chain of command in this war crime. Big part that is missing from Dubajić’s admission is a description of the methodology used during the commited crime. Suchu void was filled with testimonies of those executors of this massacre who, encouraged by the will of Almighty, were given strength to tell the truth about the horrors of the Kočevski Rog, and to wrench the story from the jaws of the media and judicial censorship and surrender it to review to the court of history.

Eyewitness Jure – It was like this

During one 24-hour shift, Jure’s group managed to kill and cast into a pit about 1,500 people. Their clothing and shoes are then loaded into trucks and returned to Kočevje. The victims were brought in on the scaffold and killed without any personal data previously checked.

Conversion of comrad Jure

The most complete and therefore the most valuable description of the events at Kočevski Rog so far is the testimony of one participant in the slaughter, one of comrad Jure’s, given to the author of this text in 1992. This seriously disturbed mental patient made a statement after the sudden conversion to the faith on the eve of his death and that was done only after the recommendation of the confessor. Jura had not slept peacefully for ages. “Images of war” kept returning to him, and he also suffered from a pathological fear of being eventually silenced by UDBA as a witness to the massacre. He claims such was the fate of most executors of Croatian origin involved in Kočevski Rog crimes. Therefore, Jure was for 48 years »not forthcoming«. Although he repented for the sins and made peace with Almighty, while in a conversation with me, Jure did not show signs of sincere remorse for the atrocities committed against the members of his own people.

Jure was in Slovenia as a fighter of 11th Dalmatian Brigade of 26th Dalmatian Division of Yugoslavian army. For killing of captured and arrested Croats he voluntarily answered the call, called out by »one (female) comrade commissar«. »Comrade commissar« transferred the command of comrade Tito to all soldiers in order to “mercilessly liquidate this Croatian band once and for all ” and on Tito’s behalf they were promised »promotion to higher ranks, medals and complete freedom in the robbery and sexual violence against victims«. To those who would proudly stand out during the »liquidation« process, great prizes in gold and other valuables« were announced. After fighters responded to the call and filled such volunteer criminal unit, its members were led by Dubajić and female commissar, stopping in a blacksmith shop near Ljubljana to sharpen their knives and spoons for eyes’ removal really well. From their own »chambers« they took bags of salt for salting human wounds, they even broke into another shop and alienated larger number of axes and mallets and pliers suitable for the extraction of human teeth. Thus equipped, the band was stationed in the vicinity of Ljubljana two days, »warming up« by killing small groups of »bandits«, after which they were transported by trucks to the execution sites at Kočevski rog.


They were greeted there by Slovenian partisan units, which then led voluntary butchers to hard-to-reach places of execution, patroled a wider crime area, tended to supply butchers with food and drink, and equally participated in the killing and abuse of the victims. “Commander of Operations”, who represented himself as Simo, the witness did not know in detail, and was seen occasionally at execution sites. On the contrary, the killing at crime scenes was commanded all the time by (female) Commissar, that the witness did not known in detail. Simo was addressing her as »Miljo«. According to partisan custom, the partisans of this “heroic” era addressed each other by personal names, nicknames or conspiracy, i.e. false, names, but to actually know person’s full name, even in the same unit, was rare. Therefore eyewitness Jure never knew his true personality, not »commander’s« nor »commissar’s«, and neither most of the other voluntary butchers’ personalities.


Jure claims to have participated in the massacre for full 12 days and that is from Tuesday 29th May to Saturday 9th June 1945. »Liquidations« were performed in shifts of 24 hours of killing and then followed by 24 hours of rest. When resting, they were sleeping in log cabins of some partisan hospital, with the strictest ban of any contact with the local population. The killing lasted from dawn to full dusk, i.e. 4h-22h hours. During a single 24-hour shift, Jure’s group succeeded to slain and discard some 1,500 people into the pits. Their clothes and shoes were then loaded into trucks and returned to the city of Kočevje. The victims were brought on the scaffold and killed without any control-check of personal data, without being called by their names or any other evidence. The commander and executors of the crime did not see the need for a detailed determination of the total number of those killed, their age or gender structure. It is important to note that no person executed at Kočevski Rog was either questioned, charged or convicted to death penalty by any kind of court, not even by partisan martial court.

Their mass murder was personally ordered by Tito on May 28, 1945, while he was heavily drunk at the day-long celebration of partisan militia’s victory in Ljubljana. Tito was not puzzling over any number of stipulations, way of prisoners’ selection and those arrested for execution at Kočevski Rog. This question was let to their partisans, the »revolutionary associates« to decide for themselves. The choice and number of victims at Kočevski rog’s massacre were therefore, as part of the then flamboyant elemental mass killings, randomly and freely improvised by Tito’s murderers. The exact place for the massacre was then decided by drunk Marshal Tito based on the advice of Franc Leskošek – Luka and Boris Kidrič, formerly commander and so-called political commissar within so-called Chief of Staff of Slovenia, and Ivan Maček – Matija, Chief of OZNA for Slovenia. All three knew wastelands and caves of Kočevski rog very well, because these same woods of Kočevski rog was the place where they were hiding, undiscovered throughout the war.


Described circumstances make it difficult to determine the exact number of Croatian and other victims executed at Kočevski Rog. Eyewitness Jure did not have an overview of the work of all scaffolds, so he could not personally estimate the total number of people killed. Approximate number he handled with is  the assumption justified on interviews with other members of Dalmatian and Slovenian butcher units. After the task, Jure and other butchers from criminal volunteer detachment, roughly concluded that »tens of thousands of people« were killed at Kočevski Rog. Jure, on the contrary, claims with far greater degree of reliability that his group of butchers killed about 11,000 people. Except for eight hundred Slovenes, all other victims were Croats.

Among the victims there were a lot of secular people, women of all ages, children and entire families. On many number of victims, before the executions, mutilations of genitalia were performed and other incomprehensible atrocities. A large number of prisoners and arrested individuals arrived on the scaffold already badly beaten and disfigured.

Partisans diligently continued the bloody beating of the victims until their “liquidation”. Almost all the girls and women of mature age were raped before the murder. The rapes were public, serial and very brutal. Fighters regularly forced women to fellatio and wetted them in the mouth. Some partisan ended act of rape by slaughtering their victims and drinking jets of hot blood from the throat vessels just cut-opened. Jure states that at Kočevski Rog he attended rapes of boys and adult men. But the highlight of psychiatric eccentricities of partisan executioners, with no doubt, was frequent practice of forced passive and active ritual cannibalism. Active cannibalism appeared in the form of licking and drinking of human blood and tasting of salted fresh human brain, from the tip of the blade.


The victims were regularly and thoroughly searched and stripped naked before killed, and thereby robbed of their jewelery and watches. Golden teeth crowns were pulled with pliers, and in case that the victim resisted, they broke his/her jaw with gunstock, axe or hammer. From some victims’ fingers it was impossible to remove the rings from, so they were cut off with knives and axes. Robbery of jewlery and watches proved to be very lucrative, some »comrades« returned home after demobilization carrying several pounds of gold items. The partisan robberies were done with the »right of the stronger«, which means that the booty was not shared evenly among the soldiers.

The division of spoils among butchers ocassionally caused an »unfriendly« schism, which evolved even into an armed standoff. Thus, several insatiable “comrades” from the Dalmatian hinterland were found slaughtered without hefty bundle full of stolen gold teeth and jewelry, and perpetrators of that wrongdoing within the universal orgy of death were not disclosed. Jure’s group of killers has not whacked nor seen any captured Serb throughout the massacre. This undoubtedly points to the privileged position of Serbs in the partisan captivity and denies Đujić’s claims about the supposed mass slaughter of Chetniks at Kočevski Rog. The share of Chetniks among the victims of Kočevski Rog massacre was apparently insignificant and negligible.


People that were killed at Kočevski Rog were brought on foot and by trains to communist concentration camp for extermination of people at Kočevje, where small groups were taken by trucks to the execution sites. Partisans tortured prisoners and detainees by hunger and thirst during transport in Kočevje, during their stay in the camp and during the killings, for days. So many of them, using every opportunity, were eating grass and leaves, and drank water from puddles.

Before taken to be »liquidated«, the prisoners had their hands clenched behind their back at the Kočevje camp using barbwire, connecting them at the same time by two or three together. Wire bound human »two’s« and »three’s«, staggering like Siamese twins, were then driven to the place of execution. Because of the constant rushing of Commissar Milja to “quickly liquidate all of the Croatian bandits, whores and their bastards”, most of the victims were killed with automatic firearms. But despite the daily competition of the partisan killers in the speed of killing, Jure’s the still took time and great pleasure to execute »two and a half to three thousand Croats by mutilation, finishing them off with blunt objects.«


According to the method of execution, the largest number of victims was killed by bursts of machine-gun, followed by individually fired shots to the head, after which they themselves have fallen or were pushed into the pits. Part of them were slain, standing at the edge of the abyss by individual close-range shots to the head, which caused the spray of brain tissue, blood and pieces of skull bones to stick onto their killers. A large number of victims wounded with machinegun fire that fell into the pits, still showed signs of life, but the killers threw grenades after them. According to the assessment of participants in the massacre, out of eleven thousand of their victims, at least three were thrown into the pits still alive. For days long, some of those were crying for help out of darkness and begging to be finished off. Some of the  wounded tried to climb out, so, according to Jure, they had to »be killed several times«. In Kočevsko region certain number of people were murdered in forest clearings and left unburied for forrest beasts to feed. Their bones are in large numbers still sticking out of the grounds in 1981, to which I personally witnessed as a member of the JNA during a major military exercise held in this part of Slovenia. JNA col. Aksentijević attributed then found skeletons to unburied remains of German soldiers from World War II. Unfortunately, these same human bones found on the grounds of Kočevski Rog execution sites lie unburied even today.


A special »treat« of Kočevski Rog crimes were mass slaughter and spaying of Croats, in which commissar  Milja particularly stood out. She was in fact, according to witnesses, a top expert on torture and killing of these people, endowed with a satanic imagination. It is her merits that an »ordinary« partisan mass “liquidations of enemies of the people” in the Kočevski Rog turned into a cannibalistic orgy of killing. She personally allocated a larger group of young men and ordered the soldiers to slaughter them, use spoons and knives to dig eyes, cut off ears, noses and genitals, and to pound removed testicles into their empty eye sockets and fill their mouth with severed penises. By order of commissar, Partisan butchers liberally salted amputation wounds and then let the victim to suffer prolonged period of time. Milja took time and taught some clumsy butchers, who were cutting the genitals from above thus wasting time with »long-term sawing«, this brute procedure herself.

According to Milja correct partisan process of castration began with incision below the scrotum, with a knife laid diagonally in the groin. This would chop off penis with scrotum in one strong and deep incision. Milja also »friendly criticized« dubs, who were cutting too deep into the neck of the victims, blunting the knives on victims’ vertebrae, while in the forest they did not have an option to sharpen them again. She demonstrated those clumsy butchers that incision in the neck should go around, through the soft tissue and affect large vessels on both sides of the neck together with larynx, so that »Croatian pig« would not loudly roar.


Milja single-handedly murdered hundreds of Croatian high school boys from some kind of boarding school facilities and was ritual-licking their blood from her knife. She hand-rubbed salt into their amputation wounds and gloated while observing them suffer. Previously, the same group of young men were gang-raped and forced to fellatio in the forest clearing by the group of butchers led by the commander Simo. Milja has demonstrated the vital excavation of a still beating heart, her own »specialty« called »salted Ustasha heart«. After four powerful blows with an axe in chest area, in the shape of a square, with sternum ruptured, still living victim had his/her heart pulled out, wounds profusely showered with salt and then pulling them by the heart and associated blood vessels, they were dragged around. At the end, she used her knife to pike a hole in the wall of a beating heart, directing jets of blood into the victim’s mouth and forcing her victims to drink their own blood.

Other Milja’s »specialty« was called »pegged Croatian brain«. This psychiatric patient, while enjoying in great pleasure, would hammer masonry nails through the skull into the brain of living people and after each nail hammered, the victim was asked: »Did I clear the Independent State of Croatia from your head?«. The victims tolerated this kind of torture well and surprisingly survived for relatively long time. According to Milja’s command, fighters spit baked officers of Croatian army alive. The procedure of putting a living man on a fire and producing a casserole over low heat with the victim mounted over the fire, was carried out carefully, so the victim would remain alive as long as it is possible and would have suffered unbearable torment.


Jure further claims that female “comrades” partisanke dominated in all sorts of atrocities. The victims of both sexes were burned with cigarettes and hot iron over the most sensitive parts of their genitalia and nipples. Women were cut and torn their wombs through the vagina using a bayonet, and then the same would be pushed into victim’s mouth until they would suffocate themselves with their own body parts. Men were choked as well by pushing castrated genitals in their mouth. By suggestion of commissar Milja, partisans would take pieces of barbed wire binding it sadisticaly into men, through the penis into the urethra. Pregnant women would have their bellies ripped opened, tearing their unborn babies out and then  taking child’s little hands through the slits made by knife in the breast of its mother. Female partisanke would take a group of nuns and other women, after they were serial raped, their hands forced through the slits in their breasts, tied with barbed wire to one another and then forced, before the execution, restrained and bare naked, accompanied with the sounds of the accordion, to dance »Kozaračko kolo« while singing: »We are whores, hey, we are whores and Croatian trash, honorable nuns, hey, honorable nuns, are the biggest trash«.

Some female comrades, were »liquidating« victims by installing gun barrels into the vagina or anus of a victim and then firing a gun. At the initiative of a commissar Milja, female »comrades« had taken numerous women and had cut off their breast, salted cut surface and then taking cut-off breast, pressing them back onto amputation wounds. In addition, the victims were inflicted terrible injuries on genitalia using wired brush, with fresh made wounds immediatelly salted. Heavily mutilated victims were further wetted and defecated upon, on their wounds and faces. Each individual case, even the most ruthless treatment of victims, was accompanied by common encouragement, public acceptance and enthusiasm of cannibal criminals.


On Friday, June 1, 1945, during the morning, covered American jeeps took the high party officials and military delegation on tour at Kočevski Rog execution sites in highly secured procedure.

Simo and Milja singled out a group of butchers with meat cleaver experience among the volunteers and gave them instructions for skinning people alive. These »comrades« were released of all other criminal liabilities and were given a privileged status within the criminal unit. The witness said that they were called »specialists« and their criminal work was refered to as a »special treatment«. »Specialists« were hanging their victims upside down on a wooden cross used for pig slaughtering and then skinned victims’ skin starting from the feet to the head. »Special treatments« were intentionally performed in detail and as long as possible, with skinned body parts abundantly showered in salt. Screams that these victims produced were rather animal-like than human. Processing of »special treatment« ended by removing the scalp and then attaching completely skinned human skin to nearby trees to dry off. “Specialist” would then leave skinned victim with salted and denuded subcutaneous tissue to slowly die in pain or cut open the belly, pull and slice cavities and convolutions, which were dripping with feces and then slipped into victims’ mouth.


Butchering in 24-hour shifts usually ended with chill-out around campfires and all night patrol over the freshly filled graves. While seated around the camp fire they were eating, drinking and singing, exchanging the stories of butchering experience of the last day, with couples of partisan cannibals occasionally pulling away from the fire and publicly copulating nearby. At the next day’s dawn, a second shift would take over the performance and continued with killings. During the slaughter, some of the weak-nerved »comrades« vomited, fainted or even suffered nervous breakdowns. Jure has made a very interesting observation about the proceedings of partisan headquarters against such individuals: “Flipped butchers were immediately led away and probably executed without hasitation, because nobody ever saw or heard anything about them afterwards«. Some of the »comrades« were experiencing so-called »juriš attacks«, in whose appearance butchers were in a trance-like state, killing victims »as the treadmill« while it lasted.  Some female “comrades” experienced psychomotoric attacks known popularly as »Kozara«. While experiencing alleged trans-like obsession they would wildly mutilate and kill people, lick blood and brain tissue of their victims, then tore their own clothes, pull out their breasts and publicly masturbate.

Witness Jure states that, contrary to the impression that is publicly present, Slovenian partisans equally engaged in all kinds of violence against their victims. According to Jure’s assessment, Slovenian butchers did about half of all killings and this was done in a particularly cruel way. They brought with them large forest tandem-blade »Saw« and with them they would have »sawed Croatian bandits« in half and would do it very slowly, so victims were tormented and cried for as long as possible. The witness said that he personally watched female Slovene, to whom German soldiers allegedly killed entire family in front of her, as in a state of complete bewilderment she was cutting organs out of still living victims and using axe to cut victims’ limbs. The very same person later became a prominent official of Communist Party of Slovenia. Slovenian partisans would cut off individual victim’s head during the slaughter, and would play soccer with those heads during recess. In addition, human heads were impaled on sticks and roasted at the campfire.


Jure has personally seen how Dubajić slaughtered Croatian prisoners with his two-edged dagger, known as kama. The amount of blood he drank from their neck blood vessels and licked the blood off the knife remains unknown. Some “comrades”, including the commissar Milja, licked the salted fresh brains of victims off the top of the blade. After performing numerous »liquidations« single-handedly Milja took on a satanic look. She was so bloody that human blood was dripping from their clothes and hands. Her boots were pink and white from stepping over human brain tissue and in the folds of clothing and hair she wore pieces of exploded skull bones and human brain.

For full twelwe days the scenery of Kočevski Rog was full of screams and moaning of people who were subject to unimaginable torments. A large number of mutilated victims, especially women, were on their knees, begging partisans to stop contiunous harrowing and finish them off quickly. In final days of slaughter specialised diverzant units were brought in and started collapsing entrances and cambers to pits, where tens of thousands of bodies were lying and rare few were slowly dying. There were cases, when the explosives were carelessly thrown on top of human bodies and the explosion would squirt a slurry of human flash and bone high into the air.


On Friday, 1st June 1945 during the morning hours, killing sites received a visit, surrounded with strong OZNA security and in covered American jeeps arrived high-end Party and Army MP’s. Jure and his companions recognized marshal Josip Broz Tito, Edvard Kardelj, lt.col. Milan Žeželj, generals Aleksandar Ranković, Peka Dapčević, Ivan Maček, Franc Leskošek, Koča Popovič, and Peter Drapšin. As this group was driving through Kočevje and surrounding villages, strict curfew was established, with interdiction of leaving homes or looking through any window. To each house on the path there would be deployed a partisan, who would force inhabitants by a gunpoint to stay seated in rooms with no street view. Above mentioned delegation of the most blood-thirsty partisans was interested in results of their joint criminal enterprise.

As the killing of the “Croatian gang” was in full swing, the »fighters« presented to the supreme commander and his escort a summary of the bloodthirsty methodology for extermination of the Croats. Among other things, they showed them freshly streched and skinned humans skins full of flies, and a  priest named Mihovil Lajoš, nailed upside-down to a tree – treated in a Partisan fashion. His own penis was hanging from his mouth, his ocular apple-faced beads were punctured with stubs and stuck in places of cut-off ears, and his testicles were stuck on sticks where his eye balls were. His torn-out heart was nailed to to the forehead with a large nail and at the site of the cut off penis there was a crucifix stricking out. Enthusiastic about the cannibal organ, Tito has “congratulated to Simo and Milja for the exemplary performance and execution of the task”. At the end of the “liquidation”, all executioners were ordered a “two-week reward over at Lake Bled, for vacation and partisan engagement”.


Since the founding of the unfortunate Partisan Yugoslav state created on the blood of Kočevski Rog and similar crimes, today some new generations of Croatian and foreign Bolshevik pseudoscience patrons have been trying to refute the “misinformation of enemy propaganda” that Tito personally ordered, and during May and June 1945 events – personally commanded the massacres of Croatian prisoners of war and secular detainees. Moreover, communist professors of Croatian universities until this day claim, that the partisans in principle did not violate international war law nor did commit any serious war crimes. The smugglers of modern history from the ranks of so-called »Tito’s honest intelligence« have mysteriously forgotten about the information published in the communist press at that time, which completely refute such claims. For example, in those days, “Vjesnik” of the unique national liberation front of Croatia not only followed Tito’s movement, where he stayed at and gave speeches, but also described and praised the mass killings of people without any court verdict. The texts published in “Vjesnik” were squirting human blood almost literally. Already a tedious review of Tito’s movement undoubtedly proves that the communist criminal, between 19 May and 6 June 1945, was continuously resided in Slovenia near the killing sites and the nearby northwest of Croatia. In that exact same period and in that area, hundreds thousands of people were executed by his direct command.



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  1. Your kind words are deeply appreciated, S0cratica. I couldn’t read it in one take as I was reading the article for the first time, it was just too much although I’ve read so many descriptions of methodology of similar cruelty. But after quite some years and tens of books describing our local bloody history and after witnessing a few mass graves remains, I’ve come to a conclusion that humans are ‘de facto’ capable of some extreme deeds in both directions. I’ve also come to a conclusion that extreme circumstances transform human abilities to empathize with another human being. With that in mind and knowing that our psyche is very manipulable, such testimonies, based on physical evidence excavated very recently, make understanding of human behavior even more difficult. I’ll try to add my two cents to everything told so far, hoping the truth will finally prevail. Your appraisal of it are a great help for my motivation, so thank you for that as well.


  2. Socratica’s comment above said it well. Though not nearly as much as it was difficult for you to write, post the article and witness the mass graves it was hard to read the article and then try to understand “our ” history since I have nothing to compare it with. The previous WW II generation I knew were very good people and should be differentiated from the Animals described in the article as they suffered from these same … animals, is one term to describe them. It is a matter of personal choice and having faith to guide you.

    Someone once told me “Hitler said he was God. Stalin said there was no God”. So, if anyone promises a ‘Heaven on Earth’ Utopia to you (since they claim there is no God but they can do that) expect instead a ‘Hell on Earth’ Kocevski Rog.

    Thank you for the article. I made copies to read and reread as a reminder.


    1. I looked at the origin of your IP where you’ve made your comment from and noticed you’re from USA. Well, there is actually something you can relate / compare Kočevski Rog with – the indigenous population of California “under Spanish rule dropped from 300,000 prior to 1769…to 16,000 in 1900.”. That’s from Wickipedia here . While I’m pretty sure that the real numbers were diminished or omitted, one should take into consideration as well all remaining US states, most probably with total number of murdered indigenous people counted in millions just in North America. Well, sometimes it’s hard to learn and accept the truth, but it’s an absolute necessity to know with whom we’re dealing here&now. I can speak for myself, but as a kid I used to proud of my country and its leaders only to learn that some of them were wolves in disguise, monsters of the past. It sure changed my definition of normality.


  3. Dobra dan Vexman,

     The phrase "I have nothing to compare it with" I used above is confusing in that I meant it to be during my lifetime or more specifically on a personal day to day basis such as Selco describes in his excellent blog  
     I have read accounts like the Simba Rebellion 1964 with the Dutch hostages and the Nanking Massacre but your article on Kočevski Rog hit closer to home. 
      Your phase from above "wolves in disguise" recalls Marijan John Markul's FBI report or Vladimir Orsag's novel. (On an amusing note, maybe Miles Mathis can diagram why Julian Assange looks like he could be the son of one of your former serbian leaders, or not.)    

    I believe in one of David Grossman’s books it is mentioned that one in twenty people can kill another person. What would be the ratio when times get bad? How could one recognize these people to avoid or when having to deal with them?
    In the Kočevski Rog event how much can be attributed to external influences as well as personal choice? What were the events that led up to it, say from 1918 to more recently who was advising whom politically during the 1990’s?



    1. Thanks for that link to Selco’s blog, I really appreciate it.

      Wolves in disguise is somehow very connected to the language of Balkan people, when describing people with dual (and sinister) personalities, Marijan Markul sounds and checks as a true Balkan guy so I guess we share some descriptive phrases. Interesting enough,I learned about Markul just days ago, if I recall correctly he was an important person to testify that real Josip Broz – Tito died and and was switched with an impostor – Yosip Ambros? I personally doubt about the originality of Tito for quite some time now, he may have de facto been an agent in disguise. Tito and Assange in one single Mathis essay, well that would really be something.

      I don’t recall reading Grossman about it, but I’m pretty sure that such percentage is shocking to learn about. It’s hard to measure, in fact, as people that have their basic satisfied exhibit benign behavioral patterns. Only those who are somehow out of balance and pushed to psychological extreme of their own minds, could take another life. If you would push me for an exact answer, I think 1 in 5 men would be able to kill another human if exposed to i.e. war. How to recognize them? Nobody can tell in advance, there are testimonies of Montenegro’s chetniks, that their ex neighbors and close relatives betrayed and slaughtered many of them after their surrender in 1945.

      Kočevski Rog is just a part of the big picture, those victims were brought back to Yugoslavia although they already escaped – as they arrived to Bleiburg, English army received an order to gather and return them to Yugooslavian butcher Tito, who took them all for a slow tour over the entire Yugoslavian territory. At the end of that route, nobody survived so the estimate is between 750.000-1.000.000 victims in total. I’m as well sure, that the science of psychology could learn many things out of Kočevski Rog case, there is unusual amount of deviated human behavior concetrated in one small place, with some active members possessing many attributes of pure psychopaths, going beserk afterwards, etc. In my opinion, personal choice was a starting point, when grouped together they would most probably encourage each other to be even more cruel. Events that led to Rog were nothing in particular, those later victims were partially soldiers and their families and mostly other civilians who were running from terror of communism and civil war going on under disguise of anti-fascism. The actual butchers in Kočevski Rog case were of all ex-Yugoslavian nationalities, so one cannot say that there are some old resentments responsible for it. Victims were of all nationalities as well as their murderers, the big question here is what nationality was their common master, Marshal Tito? Anyway, the main issue is to know that Yugoslavia was fighting a great civil war simultaneously with the fight against German-Italian-Hiungarian forces, where at the end communist Partisans were recognized as victor. Royalist Chetniks and nazified Home guard members were executed at spot whenever caught, so there was no mercy here, as it was the case in Russia. Btw, there were also many Russian Cosacs and other Russian nationalities in Bleiburg that were as well returned straight to Stalin’s gulags by the same English army. Yugoslavian 1990’s were extremely complicated to understand, I’d recommend a movie called “Weight of Chains”, you can find it here .


  4. Thank you Vexman for your reply. There is a lot to go over so I’ll be short in this reply. I appreciate the link to the movie “Weight of Chains”.
    (Again, on a lighter note Markul’s story has the start of a small joke,
    Tito: “Doctor, now that my fingers have grown back will I be able to play the piano?”
    Doctor: “Yes.”
    Tito: “Ha, I couldn’t before.”)


  5. Er, I say this “with tongue in cheek”, Mathis’ imaginary essay would be on the more recent Slobodan. Since Mathis works with actual lineages so for fantasia maybe POM could run with it.
    Note: for the humor-impaired this is a joke.
    (And of course no offense to anyone.)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. P.S.
    It’s good to laugh especially during hard times.
    Some actual jokes (warning: Humor is dark or may not be Politically Correct.)
    From the book “War Cake: A Witness In the Siege of Sarajevo” by Linda Flynn Beekman. During the bitter cold winters there were no utilities or hardly any fuel to keep warm with so a common joke amongst the Sarajevians was:
    “What is the difference between Sarajevo and Auschwitz?”.
    “Auschwitz had gas.”
    During the siege of Leningrad:
    Neighbors One: “Why don’t you come over, we’ll have you for dinner?”.
    Neighbor Two: “What will be for dinner?”.
    Neighbor One: “You”.
    Not a joke but an actual event told to me as a child. During WWII armies came and went. During such a time a Communist Partisan entered the house and not familiar with tiolets washed his food in one. When he accidentally flushed his food down the ‘crapper’ he got so angry he submachine-gunned the tiolet. Not LOL funny but true.


  7. P.S. to the above P.S. or P.S.2, (sorry),
    In hindsight just in case anyone might think I have a bias towards Communist Partisans a story told to me by a women. Again, during WWII events were in constant flux ( or F.U.B.A.R.). She escorted the British Field Marshall B. Montgomery during a photo-op tour of a building. For a vertically challenged (short) person (man) he carried with him a large satchel bag. Later she found out it was actually an album containing newspaper clippings and only newspaper clippings about him.
    If anyone thought only the partisans were a wacky fun loving group enter stage left the Generals. No, this was not ripped off from a Tom Stoppard play. Surrealistic but true.


  8. P.S. 3 (Of course),
    What makes the Montgomery story poignant is a while later Montgomery’s general under orders tried to send the women to her death at Blieburg.
    Moral of story: The people (?) above you in the Food Chain of Life are not your friends.
    I promise, this is the last P.S.. Belive that?


    1. I like some black humor, for sure, but would never tell that joke to any Bosnian guy unless he started telling such jokes first. I don’t mind it personally, just saying it out loud.

      Yes, I believe quite many of those people in power are disturbed maniacs, psychopaths, narcissist or otherwise mentally ill, so the story about Montgomery’s complacency does not surprise me. Most probably, he holds many more secrets with some of them being perverted to the extreme. I guess he wouldn’t be a Brit general if otherwise 🙂

      A great quote : The people above you in the Food Chain of Life are not your friends. Does that apply for domestic household and marriage? Hehe, I sincerely hope not.


  9. My sincere apologies to anyone I may have offended by my comments.
    And thank you Vexman for mentioning that to me. I know ignorance is not an excuse.
    I would like to say I consider ‘humor’ a survival trait in bad times, provided it is not at the expense of another person, as it gives a momentary relief from what is around you. It is an ability that I admire in people.
    While I believe the British soldier is brave I question some of the motives of the Generals. A case in point is the WWII Battle for Caen, France, where the story goes the British stopped for tea on a causeway allowing the Germans enough time to reinforce the town of Caen. The job of gaining Caen then fell to the Americans after a month of fighting and casualties. Was that their intent? Could that also be applied to the British forces while they were blogged down in Ireland the U.S. forces took over their job in the Middle East? Is the tail wagging the dog? Whatever can be said of the British generals they are not to be underestimated.
    Bleiburg begs the question what relationship was there between the British General(s) and the Communists? For another time extend that thought to political advisors or Commissars as your article on Kočevski Rog illustrates who are dominate over the military. (I’m weak in military history so I recommend William S. Lind’s blog “Traditional Right”.)
    Sic, the “Hell Fire Club” of eighteen century England might also point up your observations. How many clubs, circles, roundtables, societies, researches, etc., are there? As a plug to Miles Mathis’ blog and his current paper, Benjamin Franklin in a book on the Hell Fire Club (not Mathis’) supposedly took air baths there. I know no one needed that visual. But it shows the close ties and continuation of British America.
    And to get even more long winded, how is the East-West Schism in Europe? It amuses me that Tito, Rudolf Steiner and Nikola Tesla were from an area in Croatia. Yet Nikola Tesla, a Genius amongst geniuses, (Einstein when asked how does it feel to be the smartest man in the world said “Go ask Tesla”.) hit a brick wall with J.P. Morgan and Edison his Eastern counterparts. My personnel peeve is while Newton’s Color theory is the one taught in schools, J.W. von Goethe’s Color Theory, the reverse of Newton’s, isn’t as well discussed except for by that guy, again, on the science side of Miles Mathis’ blog. It’s as if one side looks down on the other side yet people forget how times, for example, Poland saved Europe. There’s an old saying “When Germany and Russia agree, Poland gets smaller”.
    O.k. got that out of my system. sorry. (No, I don’t get any thing from mentioning that blog … ).
    Ha, speaking of marriages there are popular songs that “Love is a Battlefield”. Add that with the corollary ‘You become who you fight’ may explain why couples married fifty years dress the same.
    While being a slow learner I still managed to pick that up in the trenches of love.
    Thanks Vexman for letting me rant & rave.


    1. Those were bright insights, thanks John. I thought about for a short second, when you’ve mentioned eastern counterparts, but soon realized we live on different continents, so that didn’t get my eyebrow to high 🙂

      I liked you allegory about Pink Floyd and the Wizard of Oz, maybe you should take an hour or two and get some of your ideas out on paper. Err, on the display or whatever. I somehow think you would produce an interesting composition. While Tesla is for sure to be remembered at least for his removal from pop(ular) history, I’m really enthusiastic about guys like Mathis. As if such genius(es) reappear once in a while to show how misled we were. I should repeat what I’ve already told about Mathis – I found his monumental physics books/blog as first, reading everything he published there before moving on to more general essays, where he disclosed many famous hoaxes and people. So, as it seems, there are so many things to learn about if one is really interested in digging deeper, almost everything I look into lately seems corrupted or misinterpreted. Where’s an end to this? Or is there an end at all? How to be sure about anything when you lack a personal, first-hand experience? Trust is essential, and that is a value that’s almost disappeared, which is no coincidence. Anyway, you’re welcome to rant in this way here 🙂


      1. Thank you Vexman for your kind reply.
        As far as Pink Floyd & Oz, the two are not mine. They’re meme’s on the Web.
        Tesla wasn’t the only removed history. Vienna’s Civilization along with the Ottoman’s Empire presence in Europe aren’t that well known here. Someone told me they were a slave twice, once under the Turks and before they finished paying off their house mortgage.
        Yes, Mathis is unique in that he covers alot of ground including both Arts & Sciences. I believe Mathis and you are in close agreement concerning the latter part of your reply.
        Can things/events be trusted? Even trusting my first hand experience is not a given. For example when I paint, ie., oil on canvas, more than not after hours of observing what in front of me I’ll realize what I put down is wrong. But when I get it right I can show it. Seeing is a learned acquired skill that can be passed onto the viewer.
        And so, it is the same with both with Mathis and you. The investigative skills you both have coupled with the time and effort condensed down into an article allows the reader to know something they didn’t before. And as Mathis says, you can verify it by going over the same ancestry he did.
        So, thank you Vexman for your articles.
        P.s. Your articles trigger memories for me. A women told me when she worked in a Yugoslav hospital during WWII patients passed away in two ways. The former went peacefully. The latter went screaming into the night. Usually they spoke of a dark face in front of them. Whelter that was their conscious, I don’t know but if any of the Animals at Kocevski Rog believed they would ‘get away’ with what they did I don’t think so.
        P.s. 02,
        Althought most of the WWII generation are gone has anyone interviewed their children or relatives for what they may have passed on?
        And yet Ps03.
        One reason I like Selco at is his pragmatic view of surviving day by day and not be too involved with politics.



  10. Erratum 001:
    “Yet Nikola Tesla, … hit a brick wall with J.P. Morgan and Edison his Eastern counterparts”
    Was meant to be “… his WESTERN counterparts”.
    But since Tesla was in America at the time it was the East Coast Establishment that didn’t quite appreciate his concept of Free Energy. (Your west is our East or England.)
    (sic) And to make things more murky (or muckier as in compost) the “brick wall” could allude to the “yellow brick road” in the novel “The Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum which according to Youtube was an allegory of fiat money usury (East Coast) versus a gold standard usury (Western middle America) … er, nah, that was Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” soundtrack overlaid on the movie of “The Wizard of Oz”. Which entertaining has nothing to do with my error except perhaps Roger Water’s quote, I believe, that the Succession of Yugoslav Republics was a simple bar fight until gasoline was throw on it. O.K. I’m making this up as I go along except the part on the Internet because if it’s on the Internet it must be true.

    I’ll go back now to reading your latest posts.

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  11. Vexman, thank you for posting this cruelty and revealing yet another sadistic episode in the long dark history of the communist project.

    Reading this, there are no words to describe it. Mainly because all the words that would come close to describe the events shown here are invented by the same Elitist psychopaths and thus dirty. “Atrocity”, “terror” and similar words are now used to describe in many cases hoaxes or other staged events, so using them also to describe real horrors would be inappropriate.

    And that points me to a side-comment about this; with so much media fakery and storytelling going on, and the more cynical about the world we (can) become, it almost reads as fiction, much like what is written about ISIS (the CIA-Mossad project). It can lead people to reject the events described here as fictional too.

    But, I don’t think it is. The cruelty you translated from the original source is different and a good start is the mainstream themselves. When searching for “Kočevski Rog” in Google, you get less than 2500 hits. Which means that there are about 6 times less hits than deaths, something unheard of with tragedies of history, usually it’s the other way around.

    Also the Wikipedia article on this and related horrors is key; it is extremely short and only available in a handful of languages. That points to the reality of the tragedy. What is a tendency, not a black-and-white rule, is that about hoaxes and fake stories Wikipedia has very large articles, as those lies need to be pushed upon is. When they have short articles about big events it points to facts being hidden.

    Also the other horrors in this area of Europe like the Foibe massacres: are dotted with “the neutrality of this is disputed”. Those tags are in this upside-down world of psychopathic storytelling not placed there where they belong; the pushed mainstream stories as Lockerbie, 9/11, the “terror” hoaxes, Apollo and related subjects, Nukes, etc. etc. So if those tags are placed, it means that they cannot do enough damage control of the subject to spin it towards their untrue version of history and they decide to use these tags to keep readers away from reading about reality.

    Another argument for the reality of this very important one-in-2500 hits at Google blog post of you, is that Jure and Dubajić had little motive to lie or exaggerate what is written here. It doesn’t mean it cannot be exaggerated or parts of this untrue, we will never know, but it doesn’t point to it; there was no gain for them to lie so many years after these horrors happened.

    And on top of that, or rather the basis, are the human remains found at these sites, which show there really was a mass murder happening with the most sadistic cause behind it.

    I think I haven’t read such a cruel and sadistic and sick story anywhere before and your work is very important as you show just how horrible the communism project really was, if we didn’t know that already.

    So although the feeling after reading this is most uncomfortable, I am glad that you wrote this, as this is occluded from history by the mainstream pushers who like to tell their fake or staged stories that are controllable rather than real terror as this.


  12. Interesting comment with thoughtful insights.

    I wouldn’t be so radical regarding the semantics, some words have been blackwashed by MSM abuse but that doesn’t make them inappropriate. I’d still agree with you though, no single word has been invented to describe such crimes against humanity.

    You’ve mentioned that this text may seem fictional and to be honest, I’ve heard that before. But once you are faced with hard evidence such as graves and skeletons, alleged fiction becomes reality and it was a view-changing experience for me personally. Finding out about the prisoner’s camp on the outskirts of my little home town and learning about the stories of few survivors was an eye-opening moment for me, digging into that particular segment of our local history tells a story of great tragedy and suffering. If you try to learn about the life and history in other communism-ruled countries, you will find similarities in many areas of society, especially those details about repressive state’s machinery taking care of public “order”. Maybe it reads as a fantasy text, but you could be rapidly convinced about the nature of such regime by visiting any former communist countries – all you need is some extra time and a reliable local tour guide.

    I was actually surprised that there are only a few books or articles about the so-called “Bleiburg massacre”, an event in May and June of 1945 going on at the northern borders of Yugoslavia. Kočevski Rog and 600 other marked mass execution sites tell a story about the human-like beasts and their victims, but there are as well a lot of other countries and similar crimes against humanity. Foibe (of fojbe, locally) are full of mostly unidentified victims resisting Italian fascist rule, that were dragged and thrown into deep cracks formed naturally over eons, locally known as “fojbe”. When Italians capitulated and left, communists took them over and filled some more of these “fojbe” with another layer of victims. Again, no words can describe it properly.

    I’ve linked some additional sources in my previous post, where many individual survivor’s testimonies are cross-confirming facts about the people and system in charge. Unfortunately, there are too many individual descriptions of cruel crimes like Kočevski Rog, which lead to one of the conclusions, that bestial cruelty of executioners was not a myth.

    After all that I’ve learned about political systems and history of crimes against humanity, communism does not seem extra violent in comparison to imperialism, colonialism or capitalism. One may get fooled to believe that political flavors of ruling systems mean any difference in body-count reality, while reality shows that such difference doesn’t exist.

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  13. Hey,You definitely know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read? vielen dank


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