A Quickie on Numerology

…by Christine Lagarde, the head of International Monetary Fond (IMF). Her appointment is the 11th consecutive appointment of a European to head the IMF. A quick lecture on magic number 7 by Lagarde while she was giving her speech, note how enthusiastic she is when talking about it.


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The Saga of Citroën

This is another piece in series about the war profiteers in the automobile industry. The Limoenman family, André-Gustave Citroën and Pierre Michellin story The story of Citroën car brand is a thrilling one to be told and it begins with André-Gustave Citroën at Fin de siècle, in early 1900’s.

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Grand Theft L’Auto

This is another piece in series about the war profiteers in the automobile industry. The story of Renault family and the brand of Renault cars is the story mostly told about Louis Renault. Louis Renault was the fourth of six children born into the wealthy Parisian family of Alfred and Berthe Renault, born on 2/12 […]

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The Silence of the Quandts

I never realized until very recently, that EU citizen when buying a car can choose only among brands, built and founded during World Wars. So, if you do not want to give your money anymore to the war profiteers and you live in the EU, just like me, you have a very difficult choice to […]

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Was Gavrilo Princip an Agent?

Few weeks ago I was thinking about the World War I as we were discussing reality of wars, talking about victims of war horror and to what extent is any war’s imagery faked for MSM publishing purposes. It was then that I stumbled upon a book called »The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU«, another […]

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Decoding Carl Munck

by Arto Heino (c) 1994-2013       When I first viewed the work and videos of Mr Munck back in to early 1990’s, I thought wow this guy has stumbled on to something, I better check it out. After my initial studies I was not convinced at his methods, so I persevered and allowed time to […]

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The Lockerbie Incident – Pan Am flight 103, Part I

Few days ago we were discussing some events with my friends and one of them said what a life’s irony would be to get home after a miserable day at office, make yourself a cup of tea and then die few minutes afterwards, while you were waiting for your tea to cool down, by an airplane crashing on your garden’s table in the middle of nowhere. Shortly laughing at the point my friend made, already feeling bad about it, I quickly searched the Lockerbie airplane crash to discover it happened on 21st December 1988. That was enough to set me off, I dug into it as soon as I came home.

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A remarkable book

It was always my passion to read, I can remember as early as in 1st grade how I sat with my breakfast in front of me, eating and reading. I started with fairy-tales as a junior, of course, but not much has changed since in neither ways. I still have a passion for both stories […]

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The Miracle of the Andes

First composed on December 23rd 2016 I turned on my radio in the morning and there was a lady host talking about the events that happened on 23rd of December throughout recorded history. As she was talking about some events I don’t even remember anymore, she mentioned the airplane crash/accident/incident of Andes, that famous / notorious aircrash […]

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About this blog in general

Greetings to everybody visiting my little blog.

I got inspired very recently, with enough motivation at last to get my blog up and running. The idea was in my thoughts for quite a while, yet it seems it needed enough time to get ripe. So here it is.

I wish this little site would become some kind of a hub, like a thought development center, where one could find as much food for thoughts as it is possible. I’d like to encourage all my readers and visitors to participate in the debates, to help broaden knowledge base of all other participants with their own findings, thoughts and ideas.

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