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About predictive programming


This post is the result of Kevin’s comment left below Maarten’s post at POM blog about unrelated, yet fascinating topic. Kevin and I ended up debating about the Alan Parson’s Project, a band formed in the 70’s, and their spook role and markers. Few comments ended with the idea of predictive programming and I thought it would deserve its own post.

Predictive programming is the brainchild of a man by the name of Alan Watt, and has been popularised by luminaries of conspiracism like Alex Jones and David Icke, the spooks.

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion. – Alan Watt

It would be arrogant to say I figured out what is going on with predictive programming, but I do not believe it is about programming at all, with the predictive part being just an illusion. As Mike Wood explained in his excellent post (which I would recommend as well as reading the comments section):

So that is the theory of predictive programming. At its heart, it is a psychological claim. So is it psychologically plausible? I argue that the answer is no. First, social learning theory shows that context is important when presenting something that’s meant to be a model for future behaviour. Second, the supposed outcomes of predicting programming seem to have nothing to do with the methods used. Third, the mechanisms by which predictive programming are supposed to work don’t make nearly as much sense as they seem to. Fourth, neurolinguistic programming, the most commonly cited psychological justification for why predictive programming could be expected to work, has been thoroughly discredited by research. Finally, predictive programming is not very good at actual predictions. – Mike Wood

The above, more research-based post about predictive programming concludes that it runs counter to one of the foundational experiments in social psychology, its effects and aims are vague and poorly defined, it does not agree with decades of psychological research on mere exposure and subliminal persuasion, its “scientific” justification is completely unsupported by research, and the predictions made by its advocates simply do not pan out. But there is as well a philosophical argument against it. By showing or screening some perverted and immoral things ahead of time does not make those things acceptable. They are still as repulsive as they can get. What is to program about fear and shock, anyway, except for the timing when it is supposed to occur? Am I more prone to accepting anything repulsive if I see it first on the TV? Like I said before, it seems too fantastic to me that anybody could influence my ability to notice and label perversion for what it is just by showing it in advance. Maybe such programming is only about bragging as I think PTB feel very comfortable and confident about their fakery for ages already. They are not feeling threatened by the very few of us, who are capable of cutting through the fog. This idea of programming would make any sense only after the introduction of Holywood, TV and after their produce penetrated each individual household. But apparently the fakery is already centuries old and it worked like a charm without any TV, theaters, radios or even newspapers, in times when literacy among commoners was close to 0% and there was no mass media except for the church altar. TV and mass media make all manipulation easier for sure, but it does not seem as the precondition for their trickery to work.

You could argue that the programming part is obvious as it can be concluded from TV programs or programs handed out by theaters. However, I think many of us think about the same consequences of being influenced, but we choose different terms to name them. We have all seen people’s behavior influenced in a bad way countless times over, wondering each time how is it possible anybody can abuse  power for bad deeds. I have come to the conclusion that people in general want and need to be guided, but that fact is being abused by PTB to guide the humanity in some perverse direction. PTB are addicted to power. Both is obvious. The goals are to maintain the status quo and push the destruction of natural, good characteristics of our society (such as for instance functional men-to-women relations), that will further change our society to even more manipulable version of itself. And another zillion perverse goals following. The realization of treason by the PTB is too fantastic and unbelievable for the commoners to comprehend, yet it is the naked truth about our reality. It was happening with my parents, for instance, and numerous friends, all intellectuals, who strongly deny anything bad is done on purpose. Except for terrorism, of course. It is all turned upside down, the elephant is in the room and the emperor is (dancing around) naked, but almost nobody wants to say or notice it. Is that scripted as well, like some sort of mind-muting function?

Looking at it from a different angle, if we define human behavior as everything people do, think and say just as they were taught by the TV, mainstream media or anything coming from PTB , then we could describe it as the programming. However, I think such behavioral programming is not necessary for perversion to get accepted. In my opinion, accepting perversion is a more complex process then just this programming part. People are in general fearful to confront the majority, so they tend to have a herd opinion, they dress, think, talk and speak alike. That is why they look up to some leader, the first among the same. Then they don’t want to think or realize they have been ultimately betrayed by those whom they most trust. Almost nobody likes the truth as it is usually ugly and sad, and they all want happy endings all the time. Majority does not even realize that it is them who make any state or country possible in the first place, and that the government should be representing and protecting them, not the self-imposed few. And so on and so forth. So, it is mostly about the system of beliefs that are opposite to the natural order of things, lack of moral/ethic compass and delusion of democracy and justice. Is it programmed? Or learned? Or both? Is there any difference at all? In my opinion, TV and Holywood only accelerate the process of social degradation. We may call it a change as well, but it is a change for the worse. I hear many people talking about it, but never realizing they are the real issue themselves, all asleep in senseless conformity, colluding with PTB and perversion itself without being aware of it.

The predictive part of such programming is only an illusion, the plan for i.e. 9/11 was laid way back in time by PTB before it got realized. The image of insane Muslim terrorists, which made consequent wars and police states possible, was built over decades. But PTB knew what was coming, of course, since they planned it themselves. So there is apparently nothing predictive about following the plan or schedule or program of the true Big Brother show – our reality. Was Orwell’s “1984” predictive? To us, the commoners, certainly seemed as such, but certainly not to the people in the know. That kind of Orwellian society was the goal, not a coincidence or one man’s vivid imagination. Does “1984” make our insane reality any more acceptable? No, it does not.

But it again depends who is being asked such annoying question, which then enforces heavy usage of brain tissue 🙂 . And people in general run like hell from the challenge of real thinking, don’t they? Common sense is really not so common, I guess.