Deconstructing The Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting Hoax

I take my hat off to Josh for his outstanding piece about this recent hoax.

You can read it here: Notes on Route 91 Shooting on 10/1

I have to admit that I was initially having some doubts about this LV incident. In my opinion, it was mainstreamed with observable progress in how it was staged and consequently visualized, using mostly mobile phone videos to transfer the supposed massacre into visual images. I find it as a progress, a sarcastic compliment to us in the PTB’s attempt to fool anybody this event may have been real at any level.

For big picture understanding about how it all ties together,  you may want to further read Miles Mathis piece : Las Vegas Hoax. *

There are as well many details and insightful comments made in Mark’s and Tyrone’s posts at Piece of Mindful blog here, here and here.

*Miles has recently updated his linked paper with two addenda, showing many new details and further proving this alleged shooting as nothing more than a hoax.






6 thoughts on “Deconstructing The Las Vegas Route 91 Shooting Hoax

  1. Miles’ paper on LV was very good, and so was Josh’s. I sent both to open minded family members [who can be counted on one hand 😦 ] I also respect the work of Vexman.


  2. This one was strange for me too. I called it the night of (among friends, locally), then retracted to thinking there may have actually been shootings, only to untract that stance back to believing it was a full-on hoax just like the others. It’s almost like the first red flag of massively oversaturated media coverage is all you need, anymore, to recognize these. I should have just trusted my gut.

    The cell-phone footage reminds me of that “Blair Witch Project”, which I never really watched but am aware of. A lot of my friends were telling me the footage was too horrifying to watch, but all I saw was fake blood and a complete lack of cohesion from any of the “filmers”. And I’ve searched high and hard for actual footage of actual wounds, to no avail.

    Thanks, Vex and Josh, for the insights. Miles paper wasn’t too bad either. 🙂


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