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After few months of waiting and exchanging some emails with Frank O’Collins, the author of Vatican Holocaust, I have decided to remove those articles from visible content of my blog until further notice.

My biggest concern are few subjects mr. O’Collins wrote about in the series that are not explained according to all known disclosures (for instance Nazism or forced labor camps, among many others), therefore I do not want this Vatican Holocaust series to stand on my blog as possibly misdirecting content. I have as well kindly asked mr. O’Collins to provide me with some verifiable links or books to support important claims of his series, yet until today I did not receive any. The reasons for his decision about it are still unknown to me.

As well, one reader may think I completely agree with the mainstream story of holocaust or dubious segments of the same story. As I most recently commented, the official MSM story of holocaust seems unlikely when some recently disclosed findings are considered. However, as we have seen by many authors, controlled opposition is very active in this field as well and I have not researched the subject of “holocaust denial” well enough to be 100 percent sure about it. For instance, one of the “deniers” David Irving was “outed” by Mathis in one of his essays, Ernst Zündel seems very suspicious to me personally for what I have learned about him, and all this, when summed together, shows signs of compromised truth. To be sure about something like holocaust, one would have to research many crucial parts of such story for him/her/self and I am currently in no such position.

Based on all above and my own personal theory about the WWII holocaust, I will leave this subject to be researched by others, who seem more deeply involved into disclosing the truth about it.

I will be more than glad to hear from anybody reading this post which author is in your opinion worth to be trusted in this area. If you know any books/articles/research work done on this topic, that can be trusted, please do share information about it in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Revision of blog’s content

  1. I think that this is too important a topic to take down. Perhaps just caveat the article with a dodgy source warning… There was almost certainly a ritual child sacrifice going on… See rumkowkski’s “give me your children speech”


    1. Socratica, I can’t do that, it doesn’t fit into verifiable category as anything else I’ve put up on my blog so far. It as well “feels” wrong that author doesn’t have an urge to keep such content published, yet he’s still digitally present on the web and active within his group. I would encourage you and anybody else to try and contact him directly via his email at website, the same way I did some time ago.

      There is as well the link provided at the beginning of this post, that takes you to archived pages of his original series’ post, so the content is taken down only at my blog. I may decide to make those posts visible again, for now they will remain only privately accessible.

      I just realized I’ve made a lapsus, renaming the author to Peter – while his name is Frank O’Collins. I apologize for it and have made correction to the original post.


    1. It took me quite some time to look into the persona of Rumkowski as you pointed to him in your previous comment. He seems to be quite controversial figure to be taken as some reference for ritual child sacrifice going on.

      There are some 3 or 4 articles at about Rumkowski among many other excellent articles from blog’s author, where he says about Rumkowski:

      “Rumkowski would presumably have argued that by responding to the invaders with docility – and by building up a vibrant local industry that supplied many of the material needs of the Wehrmacht – he would keep his people safe.” (source :

      I did read his (in)famous speech given to inhabitants of Lodz’s ghetto and found nothing that impressive other than unimaginable task he had to undertake as a ‘ghetto representative’. Those children, if historically and factually true, were taken by Nazis anyway, his attempt can be understood as a peacful version of what was following nonetheless – deportation of all children under the age of 10. MSM version is that all of them died shortly thereafter in Chelmno’s camp, just like Rumkowski himself in late 1944. How much can that version be trusted is clear, but that doesn’t say anything about those children’s alleged destiny. So it would be a wild guess and a very long shot to claim they were taken to be sacrificed, based on nothing more than above.

      I do realize it’s not realistic to expect a direct evidence of any sacrifice to be published and easy accessible online, however I may be completely wrong about it. At this moment I can recall only rare and very circumstantial leads, that could be actually pointing in that direction. But in my opinion, such circumstantial leads with nothing substantial to support them, could do more damage to anybody trying to disclose child sacrifice as real – at this moment in time. If there is anything real about such sacrifice, I as well believe it will be eventually disclosed as is the case with many other subjects.


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