The Ozone Hole Scam

I am almost convinced there is no living man or woman, who has not heard about the ozone hole. The mantra of CFC gasses allegedly destroying Earth’s ozone layer could be heard and read everywhere. To be honest, I was pretty ignorant about hoaxes and scams in my teen years, so this CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)  issue did not catch my attention back than in 1990’s (actually, Montreal Protocol of 1987 introduced this ban). Thinking about it very recently, however, made me realise what it actually was – a complete scam.

Did you know, that a molecular mass of air is approximately 28.96 g/mol, of ozone (O3) 48g/mol, while molecular mass of freon-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane) is 120.91 g/mol?

On this link you can see all three gasses’ properties compared in parallel:

All of the above logically implies that CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) like freon-12 cannot rise above the atmosphere and ruin any ozone layer, because it is heavier than air[1]. In other words, Freon-12 would sink closer to the surface of Earth than air. On this link, mainstream outlet even admits it.

We were sold another silly story, some describe it as »global warming« or »climate change« pilot series. A closer look reveals that DuPont had an expiring patent on Freon-12 (most selling CFC in the market) and has made some arrangements to make big profit out of replacement procedure. All it took was a global »ozon hole« panic and we all agreed to pay much more for costly solution of CFC replacement, while saving planet Earth was not even considered.

DuPont, which incidentally holds the patent for banned Freon-12, the most commonly used refrigerant in the world, patented HFC-134a to replace Freon-12 when the product became banned. HFC-134a is on the SNAP list as an approved first generation replacement[2].

Chemists remain uncertain of the rate and extent of ozone depletion due to chlorine. In fact, the exact role of atmospheric CFCs remains uncertain. It appears that the

primary catalyst of ozone depletion is atmospheric chlorine, and the most atmospheric chlorine by far is out-gassed from the oceans or emitted by volcanoes. Mankind’s contribution is miniscule (does this sound familiar?). Further, natural processes have by far the greatest influence on the ozone layer (e.g., solar influence).

Strangely, the most significant thinning of the ozone layer has been observed over the Antarctic, while most CFC consumption has been in the northern hemisphere.



[1] The highest levels of ozone in the atmosphere are in the stratosphere, in a region also known as the ozone layer between about 10 km and 50 km above the surface (or between about 6 and 31 miles). However, even in this “layer”, the ozone concentrations are only two to eight parts per million, so most of the oxygen there remains of the dioxygen type. Ozone in the stratosphere is mostly produced from short-wave ultraviolet rays between 240 and 160 nm. From Wikipedia here.

[2] HFC-134a, a hydrofluorocarbon, is an unstable, expensive, corrosive, toxic, inorganic, greenhouse gas-producing product, that requires a 2 billion dollars chemical plant to produce and 10 percent of its total production volume is toxic waste; a product which has required the retrofit and/or redesign of every refrigeration system in the world to accommodate its corrosive nature with expensive, carcinogenic, synthetic compressor oils.

This nasty, dangerous, environmentally unsound product has been embraced by the EPA, while it tells everybody who calls the EPA SNAP Hotline that HC-12a is banned and illegal. According to the EPA’s own SNAP rules, HC-12a can be used to replace a first-generation replacement (HFC-134a) and to inform people otherwise is a lie.


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  1. Looking at DuPont on Wikipedia and the harmful stuff it releases as part of its day-to-day business, it’s clear that back in the 80s it didn’t change any of its practices for the benefit of the ozone layer. It’s a shame that such companies wont choose to take a little hit on profits for the sake of acting responsibly.


  2. The premise you’ve posted here seems to agree with Mathis’s papers on atmospheric pressure and volume, based on any given element’s weight vs. the unified field of charge and gravity to “float” that element. What Mathis has discovered is that our atmosphere’s composition is a direct outcome of the planet’s gravity (down-vector) and charge emission (up-vector). In his simple math, he shows why Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon persist at the levels they do, while CO2 “falls out” far more rapidly.

    “The right answer has to do with weight, not use. The clue from argon is the fact that its atomic weight is a bit more than twice that of nitrogen or oxygen. To persist in the atmosphere, gases have to have the right weight to do so. It is that simple. Carbon dioxide is too heavy to persist over long periods of time, and it falls out. That is why we find more CO2 at lower levels. It is in the process of falling slowly all the time. But argon persists because it is balanced in the unified field.” (MM)

    In that paper and his CO2 paper, Mathis shows that this is true of ALL the planets, and that Venus cannot support (float) a breathable atmosphere no matter what you do, and also Mars. Mars is simply too small to ever have or have had an atmosphere like Earth’s. He further supports his theory by showing exactly why Jupiter and Saturn’s atmospheres are composed how they are. What this also means is that for future human expansion, a breathable atmosphere such as we have here on Earth can ONLY exist if the target planet has the same radius, density, gravity, and charge as Earth. Temperature due to proximity to a new planet’s host star is not a direct factor; without the radius and density we have here, a breathable atmosphere can not persist.

    I haven’t run the math on Freon-12 myself yet, but I think it’s pretty safe to say you’re correct in your premise. The same goes for many other man-made chemicals and gas emissions – sure, they’re not great and can be terrible polluters, but the upper atmosphere is really not at risk since those chemicals are (generally) too heavy to even make it that far up. CO2 does make it pretty high up, and persists longer the higher it gets, but still falls out far faster than Oxygen or Nitrogen.

    Click to access atmo2.pdf


  3. ‘ The clue from argon is the fact that its atomic weight is a bit more than twice that of nitrogen or oxygen. ‘ The molecular weight is what matters, not the atomic weight. N2 is 28 amu, O2 is 32, Ar is 40. In any case, we live on a windy planet, not in a motionless cave – gases mix, until they get so high that their free path before a collision starts to look like a ballistic trajectory. Xenon from North Korean nuclear tests has an atomic mass of 127 ( or 125 ) atomic mass units, but it still filters up through solid rock and can be detected in the stratosphere a thousand miles away.

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    1. If you had read Miles’ paper, you would know he addresses the molecules including their charge channeling and neutron configurations. Yes, gases mix and fluid dynamics exist, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the compositions and their relationships to each other, which Miles’ math makes plainly obvious. Thus, “a bit more than twice that of nitrogen or oxygen”. He even draws you pretty diagrams of the charge in these molecular structures, which you politely ignored.

      Yes, heavier elements and molecules can be projected into the atmosphere. But they will fall out considerably faster than those elements and molecules which are balanced against the Earth’s charge – chiefly, O2, N2, and Ar. So let’s pretend the Xenon actually existed from the fake North Korean nuclear tests, which it doesn’t (at least not from those fakes), but let’s pretend. It would still fall out much more rapidly than CO2, even. It would drop like a rock. Fluid dynamics don’t trump gravity or charge. They are a result of gravity and charge, not the other way around.

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  4. I would like to know what people think about the ideas presented here Other related videos made by CalcifiedLies have the titles “The White Sun Simulator and Project Blue Beam” and “The NFL, CGI, and The Yellow/White Sun”. Is this nonsense or something big is happening? Do you see the same thing in Europe?


    1. Yes, it’s nonsense. The sun has always been white. Why do people think of it as yellow-ish?

      “The reason we see a Sun that appears slightly yellow is mainly because it is next to a blue sky. It is an optical illusion. It is related to this optical illusion called “moth eggs”.

      “The “eggs” are actually white, but appear yellow against this background of blue and green. You will say that the sky is not green, but I have shown that it contains some unscattered green, just as this illusion does. This is why the Sun looks yellower in the summer: the green of the trees and landscape reflects off the sky, adding green to the background the eye sees. On a background of green and blue, white will appear pale yellow.

      “Another reason we think the Sun is yellower than it is concerns the afterimage. We can only glance at the Sun for a split second. If you try it you will see that the yellow is in the afterimage, burned in the retina around the Sun. You don’t really see a yellow Sun, you see a yellow afterimage. If you block the circle of the Sun and just look at the sky around the Sun, you will see that the yellow is mostly a myth. We are mistaking bright warm white for yellow. The white looks warm because it is surrounded by cool blue. Even the yellow in the afterimage is false, since it is also caused by the original blue response. It is the retina’s response to very white light on a blue background. The retina always tries to supply the contrary color, for reasons still unknown; and the brighter the light, the more the retina supplies the contrary. The yellow circle is just this response to blue: that is why it is only on the edge of the Sun, where the blue meets the white.”

      Miles Mathis


    2. Like Jared has already explained, the color of the Sun as observed from the Earth is yellowish only because of the optical illusion. See Jared’s posted links to Miles’ published essays for in-depth explanation.

      Otherwise, I like CalcifiedLies and the way he thinks and writes. I will most probably take a few minutes when I come back to send him a message or post a comment at his website – as an attempt to bring him closer to the real Mathisian physics. Though I’m as well a bit surprised he hasn’t looked into it before.


      1. You cannot see it anymore,but many months ago (maybe more than 1 year) I left a link (probably the one Jared gave above) to Mathis on one of CalcifiedLies’ videos on this subject (I don’t remember which video). The reply of CalcifiedLies to my comment was not positive. CalcifiedLies is suspicious of Mathis. He once made a video response against John Le Bon, and in that video he also described his suspicions of Miles Mathis (he took that video down). I can add that he also probably sees me with suspicion, maybe because in some of my comments I mentioned some other alternative people that he doesn’t like (including Mathis). In my comments I didn’t necessarily promote these people, I only mentioned that I look over the material of these people despite the fact that I am also suspicious of most alternative people (now my list of alternative people that I consider relevant is greatly reduced compared to 1 year ago). I don’t know what exactly triggered him, but I cannot see anymore the comments I left on some of his videos. I could not reach him after he deleted my comments.

        In the end I understand his suspicions ( or some of his suspicions). Overall I get a good vibe from CalcifiedLies and I still like his videos (I check his channel very often, waiting for new videos). I resonate with many of his ideas and I don’t get the impression that he is a shill or agent. Nonetheless, I wanted to give some context regarding my interaction with him. I can add that maybe my comments were deleted due to a totally different reason and maybe I misunderstood the situation. But me mentioning certain alternative people or websites is the most likely cause behind the deletion of my comments.

        Jared, I believe that Calcified would not be satisfied with your answer. His problem is not that the Sun is white if we observe it from space. His main problem seems to be that before 90’s (or around that period) the Sun appeared to be more yellow and more mild compared to the way the Sun appears nowadays (as observed from the ground). In one video he compares the reflection from the helmets of NFL players from different eras. In his comments he gives additional context to the problem as he sees it. He also pointed out some funny things from movies and commercials.

        What prompted me to write a comment yesterday is the fact that I re-watched some of Calcified’s videos. I am not sure if I watched before his videos about the white light, but I watched 2 of the videos yesterday. In one video he mentioned that alternative people ignore this problem (at the end of “Questions for NASA” video), so I decided to mention this on this blog. If CalcifiedLies sees these comments, I hope that he will not take this discussion as an attack against him.


        1. I would argue that his evidence is too subjective. Video from different eras has very different qualities, in terms of the cameras used, the post-production methods (which ALWAYS tweak the natural, raw footage), and even the display one is viewing the footage on later. Same with photography.

          Modern screens are generally LCDs with LED lighting, OLEDs, or “quantum dot” types (the last is hilarious). But plasmas are MUCH more vibrant and colorful, they just aren’t very efficient (mine heats the living room) and tend to have some horizontal banding. But MUCH warmer than most modern monitors and TVs. And the old CRT tube monitors we had before that all had a different color balance as well.

          What looked yellow back then could have quite easily been any or all of those factors. Color reproduction to match what are eyes see is still a very young, wobbly-legged science. Hell, most of these people don’t even know what colors are or what light is to begin with, so it’s no wonder they fumble around in the dark.

          I won’t naysay out of hand anyone who dismisses Miles’ work out of hand, but as we saw in this sun video the guy gets the wrong answer – because his bias didn’t allow him to find the RIGHT answer. He may be right about a great many other things, or not, but he’s wrong on this one and Miles has proved it in multiple directions. Hell, the poor guy doesn’t even know what charge is, so how can he possibly address these types of problems and be correct?


          1. I was also thinking from the beginning that what we see in videos and photos depends on the devices used and the settings of these devices. However, he also mentions his memories. Of course, the memories can be even more subjective but there are other people on Youtube that claim to have similar memories. You don’t have similar memories? Calcified was born in the 80’s and I was born in the 90’s. I was still young when the supposed transition happened. This is why I am also interested in your subjective memories, since I assume you and Vex are older.

            Going beyond white Sun vs yellow Sun, i wonder if the elites use these solar cycles. I think it is safe to assume that the changes in the charge also affect the human psychology. They could manipulate the world events (using staging and their standard booshit) in such a manner to correlate them to the natural changes in the charge field. Let’s take for example the Solar Cycle 24. It just happens that this cycle started in December 2008, and in the 2007-2009 period we had the Great Recession. In 2009 they introduced the Bitcoin. I don’t need to mention all the psyops since you are already familiar with the recent history. In my opinion they accelerated the BS during the period of Solar Cycle 24.
            On the Wiki page they also say that the maximum sunspots (April 2018) was the lowest since the Dalton Minimum in early 19th century (they give the range 1796-1820 or 1790-1830). The Dalton Minimum corresponds to another psyop transition period (birth of republics, independence in Americas, Napoleonic Wars, Panic of 1819, Panic of 1819 etc). It is interesting to note that there were also big natural events during the Dalton period, like the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora.

            I gave a superficial analysis, but I would not be surprised if they use these solar cycles. A lot of alchemy, astrology and magic BS was probably disguised language to mask their interest in these cycles and similar phenomena. I consider the possibility that they had at least some knowledge that there are these cycles that influence the Earth. Mathis made some connections here . It would be interesting to know if he has an updated view. I would be interested if you have anything to add regarding the correlation between the Solar cycles and the psyops.


            1. I don’t know that I would link the events TO the Solar Cycles, since their scientists evidently cannot figure out the cycles themselves – but Mathis has, and did, and his prediction was pretty damn on point. Here’s his latest on the topic:

              Solar Cycle 25 has already begun

              Click to access apollo.pdf

              So as we see, they were off by quite a bit, a year or two. They don’t have the mechanics to get closer, since they have almost no mechanics to begin with. I don’t believe The Powers That be have discovered what Miles has unearthed, or else they’d be capitalizing on it more. To them, astrology (the Study of the Stars, astrology, not “horoscopes”) is just fun stuff to think about, like tarot cards or reading palms. And I think if we were to chronologically map out all the various psy-ops we would find no correlation to the Solar Cycles. They’ve been pulling these stunts since the dawn of our culture, in my opinion. Since the first lazy big man said, “No, YOU go grow food for me, or I’ll take what you have anyway.”

              In my estimation, their “scientists” and soothsayers simply don’t have the capacity or POWER to develop solid theory. They wouldn’t NEED to fabricate bullshit science for profit if they had the real thing. They make more money doing nothing, it’s true, but just like the dawn of our culture, they only leech off the person doing the real work, never any real work themselves worth doing.


              1. Maybe there is a difference between the science presented in journals and university classes and the science practiced “behind the scenes”. It is a good strategy to present bad theory to the uninitiated, because you don’t want a smart engineer or inventor to develop technology in their garage. If the theory is bad, than people need to do a lot of trials to develop new technology or new practical applications. If you need to do more trials, you need more money. So the “garage engineer” must go to a bank to ask for new money. The bankers may give money under certain conditions, like having one of their man involved in the engineer’s company. Of course there are probably a few independent inventors that develop technologies that are not a threat to the establishment. Simple technologies that are cheap and can make people more energy independent would be a threat to the establishment. So the bad theory can be a protection against “garage engineers” developing technology in certain important fields like energy, transportation, food etc.

                Of course, what I said above may not apply to the real situation. Maybe the main stream science is the science the elites believe. But in my opinion this is unlikely. I don’t believe they are super-scientists but I also don’t believe that they are some bumbling fools. In the end I don’t know about their inner beliefs (in science, philosophy or any other field). I don’t hide under the bad because I am afraid of their power, but i also don’t take them as laughing stalk. Well, sometimes I feel like Lazarus from “Lazarus Laughed” by Eugene O’Neill, where Lazarus laugh even at the emperor who thinks he is all powerful. In reality you can laugh at the fools, but remember that the fools can be very dangerous, so you need to be careful.

                Regarding the solar cycles, I would also add that my analyses above was very simple. You would have to correlate with other things like the position of Jupiter, Saturn and other things that Mathis talked about. Like you said, there is a chance that the elites don’t care about doing psyops in correlation to the solar cycles or other cycles. I have to say that sometimes they do the psyops on dates that at least have a symbolic value .For example 9/11 can be connected to the Coptic New Year, plus the fact that 2001 was the year that started the new millennium . This year and the last year the FED always raised the interest around the equinoxes and solstices. They may also use the dates that involve 11, 8, 33 and 47 as Mathis points out in his papers.

                In the end I only wanted to introduce the idea of Solar cycles being connected to psyops or world transitions. I do believe that we are about to go though big changes at the start of Solar Cycle 25 (the Dow Jones falling, geopolitical booshit and other Kabuki Theater). In the end it is more important to be aware about the BS and prepare accordingly, then to lose time over the question of elites correlating the psyops to the solar cycles (or other cycles). Nonetheless, I think that these type of questions are interesting enough to at least be aware of them (even if you dismiss them in the end). The same goes for the white light vs yellow light discussion. Your answers were useful to me.

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                1. Calgacus, I didn’t mean to attack you in any way, hope you didn’t get it that way. We’re just exchanging our opinions here.

                  I do agree with many points you’ve raised so far. A bad science is certainly the perfect obstacle to get anything really remarkable done. On the other hand, we should have some evidence of their superior knowledge and technology if they really posses them. Or should I take into consideration the sightings of UFOs, which is PTB’s advanced tech falsely believed to be of alien origin? If that’s true, then I have to partially reform my opinion of their achievements.

                  However, I want to make something clear. When we discuss “them”, I don’t believe that any member of these quasi-elite” families actually possesses any deep knowledge of physics. In that regard, I also don’t believe these few “elite” members can understand any science behind alleged high-tech inventions. So who are actually “they”? Here is why I can only think of charlatans behind the curtains, all other people involved in any stealth R&D projects are most likely highly educated and knowledgeable experts.

                  And you are absolutely correct – everybody need to be careful when dealing with a fool. We, the normal people, have even a bigger issue in our lives – we’re dealing with not-so-large group of fools, but with immense power at their disposal. But let’s not forget here – when it comes to using force and violence to maintain the status quo, it’s still humans that are doing it by their orders. Sooner or later, these soldiers, policemen and mercenaries will wake up. I’m willing to make a bet, that there is nobody of the “elites” who would be willing to die for their “cause”. What’s yours? 😉 I guess that implies I even think of them as COWARDS too…

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                  1. I didn’t interpret your comments as an attack against me and I hope that my comments don’t appear to be “angry”. However, I did want to point out that sometimes we can laugh at their mad attempt to centralize everything and impose their will on everybody, we also have to take them seriously.

                    Regarding the knowledge of the so called elites or The Families, my ideas were influenced by Mathis. In this paper , he made a few speculations. One quote from that paper “It appears that at least as early as 1564 some scientists understood the unification of charge and gravity. I am not sure the extent to which they understood it, but we will see that they at least understood it as a unification of rules at the Earthly level and the Celestial level, or as a unification of the very large and very small. ”

                    Another relevant paper by Mathis is , where he talked about caesium production from uranium. Regarding advanced tech he says “But the new transport isn’t esoteric in any way. It isn’t back-engineered alien tech. It is just Uranium/Caesium tech, probably with some new magnetic tech stirred in. In fact, if it were really esoteric, it wouldn’t have all the waste. In the next historical step, maybe they will figure that out. Maybe they will read my papers, look at their magnetic tech, and realize they can do the same thing without burning all this Uranium. There are hundreds of sources of free energy available, and using electrons from Caesium already looks like one of the worst of them. ”

                    These 2 papers were in my mind when I made my comments. The point is that even Mathis considers the possibility that they had at least some rudimentary knowledge of charge even before he published his ideas. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Mathis was unoriginal, since the public at large is not privy to the supposed knowledge of the elites. To increase the speculation even further, maybe the knowledge comes from a relatively advance civilization that fell due to a big catastrophe. You already know that I don’t trust the standard chronology and that I consider strongly the possibility that a great catastrophe happened maybe less than 1000 years ago. I also don’t trust the historical narratives related to the ancient history. Maybe there was a period when at least some civilization (or civilizations) was more virtuous and maybe even aware of the charge. When this civilization or civilizations fell, maybe some elite families managed to keep many records and books. Maybe these group of people became corrupt since they could derive a lot of power from the ancient books (maybe they also managed to salvage gold, silver and other types of riches). Regarding very ancient technology, Mathis also wrote about pyramids in “A Preliminary Study of the Pyramid
                    as an Electrical Structure” (of course there are some people that doubt that the pyramid is ancient, I am still on the side that considers the pyramid older than 1000 years).

                    Regarding the awakening of the people, I am a bit pessimistic. Right now, I would put more money on the system falling under its own weight of lies, but I am a bit pessimistic even about this scenario. This doesn’t mean that I am very negative in my worldview. I am usually very relaxed and I like to laugh at many things, including myself. I also like to work on various individual projects that are meaningful and help me improve in various ways. My only hope is in the few rebel spirits that are aware of the system and fight against undue centralization and falsehoods.

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                2. I hope I wasn’t too dismissive of these links, perceived or otherwise. It’s not so much that I dismiss an idea (such as linking fake/spooky events with various dates and periods) but rather file them away for later. Unless something has been shown to be false (the yellowness of the sun, to me, is easily explained by Miles paper on the topic), in which case I feel my energies better used by moving on. That doesn’t mean anything about your own quest for knowledge – you don’t have to agree with me or anyone else, and by all means, do your research too! I just don’t find any holes in Miles’ explanation, so there’s nothing there to fill for me.

                  I was born in 1976, and my personal experience (subjective) with the sun’s glow color hasn’t changed over the years, across two continents and most of the western States in the US. It’s always seemed yellow as an afterglow, with the sun itself being so white it just scorches the retina if you look at it. In face it was even more easy to see its whiteness during the recent eclipse in 2017, which I saw in the full path with my eyes and binocs (and glasses). It was amazing, but nothing glowed yellow about it that day. The corona was beautiful and full of color but on average it was mostly white.


            2. I think it is safe to assume that the changes in the charge also affect the human psychology.

              Completely seriously, in what manner would that be manifested in our behaviour? What you suggest would imply some individual or a group of people (i.e. members of PTB) have already noticed both the existence of charge and the impact of charge’s fluctuation in time on human psyche. Consequently, anybody with that knowledge would have an upper hand both in technology and knowledge of manipulating behaviour with it. I sincerely doubt any of this to be true.

              I remember reading this CL’s article some time ago and I talked with my dad about it. He couldn’t remember any details about the color of the Sun or the change in color. Neither can I, but then I admit I was never paying enough attention to the color of our Sun. It could very well be true in my opinion, since Mathisian theory implies photons are at the bottom of everything, including the illusion / appearance of colors in our receptors. Since our Sun de facto emits charge photons and the level of charge actually fluctuates (hence Solar cycles), it could be possible that lower charge emissions affect our perception of Sun’s color.

              I do agree that many important events seemingly correlate with the Solar cycles. It’s quite possible that PTB do plan their awful events so they correspond to Solar cycles. But I wouldn’t go any further with the speculations in that regard, since it’s much more probable that PTB are the world’s greatest charlatans than some advanced charge physicists.

              I also believe that the Solar cycles and fluctuation in charge emission affect how Earth (and very probably other planets too) “breathes” – apparently, minimum in number of sunspots triggers elevated numbers of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and possibly other phenomena like gas releases, etc. Dalton minimum is also related to cooling of Earth’s atmosphere, which is as well happening for the last 2 consecutive years in real time. So we are apparently entering another historic period during which we an expect Earth to behave in a very similar ( or equal) manner – i.e. to be gradually cooling. Which is diametrical truth in comparison to what the MSM is telling us, right?

              We’re not alone discussing it, if you have an hour and a half of your time, listen to Valentina Zharkova here:


              “Reinforcing the double dynamo model with solar-terrestrial activity in the past three millennia” – Valentina V. Zharkova et al. –


              Using a summary curve of two eigen vectors of solar magnetic field oscillations derived with Principal Components Analysis (PCA) from synoptic maps for solar cycles 21-24 as a proxy of solar activity, we extrapolate this curve backwards three millennia revealing 9 grand cycles lasting 350-400 years each. The summary curve shows a remarkable resemblance to the past sunspot and terrestrial activity: grand minima – Maunder Minimum (1645-1715 AD), Wolf minimum (1280-1350 AD), Oort minimum (1010-1050 AD) and Homer minimum (800-900 BC); grand maxima – modern warm period (1990-2015), medieval warm period (900-1200 AD), Roman warm period (400-10 BC) and others.

              We verify the extrapolated activity curve by the pre-telescope observations of large sunspots with naked eye, by comparing the observed and simulated butterfly diagrams for Maunder Minimum (MM), by a maximum of the terrestrial temperature and extremely intense terrestrial auroras seen in the past grand cycle occurred in 14-16 centuries. We confirm the occurrence of upcoming Modern grand minimum in 2020-2053, which will have a shorter duration (3 cycles) and, thus, higher solar activity compared to MM. We argue that Sporer minimum (1450-1550) derived from the increased abundances of isotopes 14C and 10Be is likely produced by a strong increase of the terrestrial background radiation caused by the galactic cosmic rays of powerful supernovae.

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  5. Interesting to see that the new paper by Mathis aligns well with some ideas I put on the table ( ). This includes the possibility that the elites are probably prepared for the low solar activity “You can be sure the bankers and governors had a plan going in, and that they have tweaked all their ad campaigns to address Solar Minimum malaise. ”

    What I want to add is that we should seriously consider that the next year and the next decade will probably be plagued by major psyops. I don’t mean some run of the mill psyops that everybody forgets the next week. I mean big psyops that will probably define the rest of the century. It is not a coincidence that the 1988 article from The Economist predicted big changes in 2018 (the famous issue with a phoenix on the cover). Some scenarios that are on my alert radar for the next year:

    a war between Trump and the FED
    maintaining or making worse the trade war between China and USA
    provoking Saudi Arabia (9/11 related, Khashoggi, or something else)
    Saudi Arabia ending the petrodollar and aligning with China
    the dollar loses the reserve status (also connected to losing the petrodollar status) leading to an economic crisis (worldwide , but very bad in US)

    We can also mention that in the next decade many boomers will start to retire. So we can expect major problems only due to the fact that these boomers retire. Some other changes that will probably happen the next decade :

    a world currency or currencies based on blockchain technology
    SDR/XDR becomes more important
    Asia becomes the economic center of the world (China as the main engine)
    Promotion of Eurasianism especially in Central and Eastern Europe
    Formation of many regional economic regions (similar to EU, ASEAN , Euroasian Economic Union etc)
    Introduction in many countries of Social Credit Systems/Citizenship Scores
    VR and drugs used as escapism from the “ugly world”

    We don’t need to understand exactly how the elites align the major and minor psyops to the charge cycles (or how much exactly they understand the nature of charge and its influences). Mathis said that we should be on alert for medical or health reasons. I think that we should also be alert for economic and other social reasons (I mean with respect to the society at large, not your small social interactions). Of course we can only make some guesses, but I think it is important to at least be aware of some of the scenarios I mention above. If you consider the possibilities, you can at least prepare in some way (even if it is just mentally). Probably one of the best advice I can give is to repair your relationship with relatives and close friends or maybe reconnect with people that once were closer. Mathis talked in the last paper about societal relationships and charge. I will say that it is good to have a close community around you if these big psyops will be unleashed on the world.

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    1. Thanks for the link, Calgacus. I didn’t see that paper on either of his sites, an it was pretty useful!

      What I meant and still mean, even if Mathis would disagree, is that without his charge field explanations and theory they (The Powers That Be) would have no way of predicting when the solar cycles actually occur. As we’ve seen, they were off by 18 months this time. So if they were planning on events based on these things, we would see them 18 months out of phase in this case. So I doubt they have secret knowledge in THIS area, though certainly in other areas.


    2. Calgacus, sorry for a late reply. You’ve left a couple of comments full of points that are worth a lengthy answer.

      There was one great mind who lived in what is today’s Belarus, who went by the name Alexander Leonidovich Tchijevsky. I found his family name tainted by their aristocratic lineage, but nevertheless, he studied and wrote about very interesting and controversial topics. Such was his first book “Physical factors of the historical process”, where he says:

      The principles of modern natural science have urged me to investigate whether or not there existed a correlation between the more important phenomena of nature and events in the social-historical life of mankind. In this direction, beginning in the year 1915, I have performed a number of researches, but at present I am submitting to the public only those which are directed towards determining the connection between the periodical sun-spot activity and (1) the behavior of organized human masses and (2) the universal historical process.

      Tchijevsky collected a huge empirical data – from the Roman and early Chinese sources up to the 1930s – to show the close correlation between the periods of the higher activity of the Sun and mass revolutionary movements. It is, of course, the Russian revolution in 1917 that gave the decisive impulse to his research. Chizhevsky asks: why under similar social, economic and political constellations in some cases masses become mobilized and revolutionized, but in other cases they remain passive and indifferent? The answer that Tchijevsky offers is this: to be able to start a revolutionary movement the human beings should be mobilized not only on the level of the spirit but also on the level of the body. The human spirit can be mobilized through an ideology but, according to Tchijevsky the degree of mobilization of the human body, like of all the organisms living on the Earth, is dependent on the cycles of solar activity. Tchijevsky collected an incredible amount of astronomical and historical data to show the correlation between activity of the Sun and activity of revolutionary movements. As he shows the greatest revolutions coincided with the greatest activity of the Sun – and the historical process is characterized by a succession of active and passive periods corresponding to the 11 years cycles of solar activity (the highest degree of activity follows the 22 years cycle). But it seems to me that for our time the most interesting part of his results concerns the relationship between activity of the Sun and English parliamentary election. These results show that the influence of the Sun dictates not only the choice between revolution and status quo but also between left-wing and right-wing politics in the framework of regular parliamentary processes. Thus, Tchijevsky shows that for the period between 1830 and 1924 the summary activity of Sun during the rule of liberal governments was 155,6% higher than during the rule of conservative governments. The conservative governments never had power when the number of sunspots was over 93. The moments of change in the solar activity are almost precisely correlated to the changes of the English governments.

      Fascinating stuff, isn’t it? But that isn’t the most fascinating conclusion. The only area that remained questionable was the mechanism of this cosmic connection, but Tchijevsky had a theory – our dependence upon the cosmic pulse of the sun might be mediated by ions, or excess charge, in the air. Just amazing idea, isn’t it?

      What’s funny to note that ensconced Bolshevik Party nicknamed Tchijevsky “the Sun Worshipper” . Which reminded me – all that Tchijevsky studied back than strongly supports your idea, Calgacus. And it definitely supports Miles when he said our governors had a plan going into the solar minimum. It’s hard to deny what all the evidence Tchijevsky piled in his book, so it seems our rulers are Sun worshippers themselves, meticulously planning everything according to the solar cycle shift from min to max and vice versa.

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      1. I bookmarked his wikipedia page. Since I am a bit skeptic about the chronology, I would look more for events after 1600 . The Gregorian reform was supposedly in 1582, so this is why I chose 1600. A lot of people talk about an event that changed the rotation of the Earth (axial tilt, the number of days in the year etc), but there is also the possibility that the calendar system was different before 1582 (there is a guy that talks about a 6 months calendar). There are a lot of problems unresolved regarding the possibility of chronological revisionism (especially since a lot of of revisionists are also agents).

        My point is that people interested in this topic would gain more by focusing on the last few centuries.


    1. Russia was probably the first Orthodox country that changed its calendar (but it seems it was when Russia was already communist). The orthodox churches met in 1923 to make a reform . I already knew before I wrote the comment that the famous Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch (or Milankovic) played a role in the orthodox calendar reform. Milankovic is famous for proposing theories related to various astronomical cycles.


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