The Vatican Holocaust – Part V

The Nazi “Master Lists of Death”

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In 1945, the Allied Forces led by Gen. Eisenhower – had in their possession the single most evil artefact ever created in human history – the Nazi SS Master Holocaust List – hundreds of thousands of carefully copied and type pages listing all the name of those sacrificed in the camps. Today, the whereabouts of this supremely evil object is officially unknown. Yet what at stake is nothing less than the irrefutable proof and answer of exactly how many died in sacrifice camps in World War II and that they died for evil religious, not political motives.

Did the Holocaust really happen?

In no other event in history was there more documentary evidence of mass murder than the German sacrifice camps of World War II –not the survivors, not the movie and still images, nor actual camps themselves, but the literally hundreds of thousands of pages of carefully typed evidence of unquestionable murder. I refer to the existence of not just one but two Master Lists of Death – one created to specifically remove people and the other upon their arrival to the sacrificial camps.

These lists accurately documented not once, but at least twice the name of each victim and ultimately where they were sacrificed. The fact that these WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed after 1945 and still exist today means there should not be any serious debate concerning whether the Holocaust happened or not? The lists are the ultimate evidence of the truth. So how can we bo sure that the lists ever existed?

What proof is there that the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed?

The first easily found evidence today that the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death existed is found in Holocaust memorials, museums, government document archives and the Vatican archives around the world that the Catholic Dictators kept meticulous lists, carefully recording the accurate name of every victim.

These were not quickly drawn handwritten consignment notes, but chronological, categorized, typed and detailed lists of people—with the specific task of being as accurate as possible. You can see them for yourself when you go to any Holocaust museum, or view the internet. Every Catholic Dictator had their death camps make lists – from the Ustashi in Croatia, the Nazis to the death squads in Argentina.

List of Victims
Public example of type of lists drafted by Nazi SS in human sacrifice and labour camps

The second overwhelming body of evidence of the existence of the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death are found in the public archives of the Nuremberg War Trials.

In fact it was these hundreds of thousands of pages listing the accurate name of victims of the Catholic Dictators that were used as the key damning evidence against former soldiers and officers. This evidence was entrusted to the Americans during the Nuremberg War trials. In turn this evidence was entrusted to Fr Edmund Walsh S.J. in coordinating the American legal control over Nuremburg War Trials that then subsequently resurfaced in bundles of pages as evidence against lower ranking war criminals.

Each page of the Nazi Master List of Death effectively a perfect documented confession note saying virtually “I hereby murdered the following people…” In the end the tens of thousands of movie images and still images were all for gruesome theatre—it was these unheralded accurate list that ultimately doomed every war criminal at Nuremberg.

After the war, a number of leading Nazi Hunters and authorities used their access to parts of these lists as the basis of publishing their authoritative estimates on the number of Jews killed by Catholic Dictators. Given the overwhelming amount of documentary evidence provided, the “six million” figure has remained surprisingly popular as the believed number.

The surprising question then is why didn’t officials such as Fr. Edmund Walsh S.J. who controlled the Nazi Master Holocaust List at Nuremburg simply publish a total of the number of names on the hundreds of thousands of pages of documentary evidence back in 1945-46? Even in 1948, on the foundation of the United Nations and the declaration of the State of Israel, the authorities could have easily published an accurate number based on the documents still in their possession? So why hasn’t an accurate number ever been published? And what has happened to the Nazi Master Holocaust List ?

German Government Releases partial Nazi Holocaust List

A third major example of the existence of the Nazi Master Lists of Death came in late 2008 when The German Government decided to release a partial list of the Nazi SS Holocaust List of some 600,000 people of various Jewish faiths who were murdered under the Nazis . The documents, showing meticulous naming of people and clearly recorded for official purposes, have been apparently sitting in various German archives since the end of World War II.

The official lists — documents not even disputed by the Holocaust deniers — are sufficiently large along with other official lists to demonstrate a clear pattern of ethnic cleansing within the Jewish community. Ashkenazi Jews were primarily targeted – ethnic Jews from Germany, Europe and Russia. Some Mizrahi Jewish families also appear on the list of death – Jews who can trace their heritage back to places as diverse as Afghanistan and North Africa. But a noticeable absence – a major statistical anomaly – is the lack of Sephardi (ancient Jewish families from Spain/Portugal/France) names.

This anomaly concerning the Sephardi Jews – the oldest Jewish families of Europe and the only ones who had flip-flopped from being Jewish to Catholic and Jewish again—is extremely important.

These same Sephardi Jewish families claimed to trace their ancestry back to the high priest families of the Jewish temples of Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria. They escaped the Middle East and re-settled in Spain, France and Portugal creating their own kingdom of Septimania during the Dark Ages. Yet history has forever recorded that in times of survival and expediency, these same powerful and rich Jewish families had also been willing to flip to proclaiming themselves Muslims under the Moors, then Catholic under the Catholic Spanish Kingdom.

These are also the same families – the Sephardi – from whom the powerful Jewish banking and trade families who obtained exclusive patents from the Roman Catholic Church. The Rothschilds for example.

For one thing, the complete absence of Sephardi names from the Nazi Holocaust Lists demonstrates a cruel benchmark that distinguished life or death under the Catholic Dictators – if you belonged to a Jewish bloodline older than 1500 years, you were saved; if not, you went to the sacrifice camps.

It also partially explains another major anomaly of World War II- the surviving Jews – Jewish families, principally in Munich and Berlin that were not targeted by the Catholic Dictators. It seems there is one defining feature of the some tens of thousands of Jewish families in places such as Munich, Berlin, Paris and Rome – they were all Sephardi.

In fact the Holocaust denier David Irving uses the overwhelming proof of surviving Sephardi Jewish families and centres in Germany against the Holocaust itself – claiming their survival is proof that not all Jews were targeted therefore the Holocaust couldn’t have happened.

Why make the Master Holocaust List at all?

If you are trying to exterminate people in the most efficient and secretive possible way, why write a list? Anyone who has watched a CSI type crime show on television knows that leaving at the scene of a crime a list of victims typed by you is tantamount to a signed confession.

Certainly, the existence of the first Nazi Master List of Death- the one used to arrest and round up ethnic Jews can be explained as ruthless efficiency on the part of Fr Himmler S.J. and the SS. The existence of this first list is also without question as it was produced using computer equipment and personnel provided by fledgling company International Business Machines who then used the massive profits and payments to become a global Leviathan.

In every other recorded act of genocide—from Rwanda, Bosnia, Kosovo to the Albanian massacres at the turn of the century –the object was to dispose of all the evidence as quickly as possible. They didn’t spend huge resources building camps, or elaborate furnace complexes, or detailed meticulous lists –they just dug big holes and filled them with people and quick lime.

Clearly the detailed lists is overwhelming evidence that demonstrates the lie that the “Nazis used extermination camps to save money” – there was nothing time/money saving about what they did.

Clearly the SS were not idiots. So why be so idiotic to detail in the most explicit methods of all – the actual proper names of the victims—in not just one, but multiple copies?

To answer this question, we need to consider the only evidence of the meticulous use of person records and lists for torture and human sacrifice- the Great Inquisitions of the Catholic Church over six hundred years starting from the 13th Century as well as the Necromancy ceremonies of Black Magic.

The name and the deed of damnation

Pope Honorius III, the greatest of all black magicians of the 13th Century in his experimentation and divination with the damned, is the first to write in his Black Magic Grimoire of a modern concept concerning the torture and sacrifice of a person to death with their name being an intimate part of the ceremony.

While the true name of a thing has always been understood as having great magic power in any ceremony, Pope Honorius was the first to suggest that a person’s name be spoken in chanted curse during their slaughter/burning.

The wicked belief was that this formal ceremony bound the condemned spirit to the priest for eternity as a perpetual slave.

Medieval necromancy is believed to be a synthesis of astral magic derived from Arabic influences and exorcism derived from Christian and Jewish teachings. Arabic influences are evident in rituals that involve moon phases, sun placement, day and time. Fumigation and the act of burying images are also found in both astral magic and necromancy. Christian and Jewish influences are found in the symbols and conjuration formulas used in summoning rituals.

Suddenly the naming of people became a useful product of reforms as a person condemned to be sacrificed could now be named as part of the ceremony. Condemned murderers and thieves were named as they were hung. Heretics were cursed and their name spoken out aloud as they burned and of course, the great Inquisitions used the name of the accused constantly throughout the interrogation process and ultimate penalty.

So if millions of people were going to be sacrificed properly, then their name would be spoken out and cursed as they were killed and a proper record – a list—would be essential.

What has happened to the Missing Nazi Master Holocaust List ?

What has happened to the Nazi Master Holocaust List?—the master lists of hundreds of thousands of carefully documented pages of names of every person that was sacrificed by Catholic Dictators? We know that Jesuit Fr Walsh was in a powerful position for such evidence? Or was the evidence shipped back to the United States somewhere, secretly archived? Or was the evidence deliberately destroyed? If so, by whom and on what orders?

These are just some of the questions that remain concerning the missing lists of millions of names. The last people to have control over the lists were the Vatican and its officials. So do they have the Nazi Master Holocaust List? If so, why doesn’t Pope Benedict XVI admit to the fact that they possess the names and details of every victim of the Holocaust? If not then release the documents, at least provide some indicative number?—such as “six million” as evidence against the lie of holocaust denial.

Unfortunately there is nothing but silence from the Vatican on the fate of the missing Nazi Master Holocaust List. They deny all knowledge of it ever existing – as if the Nuremburg Trials and tens of thousands of boxes of documentary evidence never existed. In spite of the fact that every Holocaust museum is proof that the Nazi Master Holocaust List exists, the Pope and the Vatican deny its existence, or knowing where it is. Why such secrecy over this terrible and evil master document? Why not simply give up the names or prove that it has been destroyed?

Look at Article VI on the Real Holocaust Denial Plan being played out in the public media at this very moment.


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