A simple dispute of two men

There is something new for me as a blogger since I never thought I would be dealing with this subject. As a person who is still learning, I feel proud to have learned one important lesson in my life, which my character really needed – not to act while strong emotions overwhelm my reason. Those strong emotions bring out our ego, so another important lesson learned is to know that once your ego overgrows your sense of self, you usually get in trouble. I waited for more than 24 hours to actually compose an open letter to a man, who imposed a dispute between us. Growing out of some disagreement, this dispute even went public as if I was unavailable for solving it. My expectations were proven to be set much to high in this case and that motivated me to post this text.

I feel obligated to publicly say few important things. Mostly because some of you reading this text come as well from another blog, where I was recently posting some controversial stuff *. It had an effect in form of public slander of my work by blog’s “owner”, which I did not see coming, not even from a distance. Since I had his consent about the subject I was going to publish there, that was an unpleasant surprise. I guess I must have rubbed his fur the wrong way, which resulted in eruption of emotions. Overwhelming his reason, he was led to leave a public message using some heavy words to finally express where he went the wrong way with this.

I regret my decision to join that blog as a contributor. The way I was treated points only to the character I was dealing with, while there was absolutely nothing substantial I was “charged” with. Misled by emotions obviously, an attacker published some text at his blog to let me know I was just kicked out of the team there, where most disturbing fact in his text represents his attempt at logic.

There is a proverb where I come from, saying “Nije žvaka za seljaka”, which can be translated by its meaning to an advice “not to get involved with anything that you will not be able to properly handle”. I will leave this post here, happy to have learned another lesson about trust, respect and honor, values I most dearly hold important.


* the link does not point to that particular blog as my posts there were taken down. Luckily, I had my work saved elsewhere and have reposted it here at my blog.


2 thoughts on “A simple dispute of two men

  1. It’s a shame that the departure was not done on more friendly terms. But in the end it is better to have your own blog where you can post what you think is important.


  2. I agree with both things said, calgacus. I needed this incident to realize some important things, I guess. No worries though, since I’ve got an extra boost of motivation to deal with the subject that got me Purged 🙂


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