The Lockerbie Incident – Pan Am flight 103, Part II

Part II – who is Abdel Baset al-Megrahi ?

With all learned in the previous part of the series, no clear explanation was given to the most important question : what really happened to Flight 103?  In my opinion, the story of one man planting a single bomb, surpassing all security and smoothly getting away from the crime scene, is just to unbelievable. Maybe if Austin Powers or MacGywer were involved but they were busy making a movie back then, so they have an alibi. What I think really happened to flight 103 is something far more sinister.

Considering that it was this Lockerbie event that would enable :

–          further escalation of war waged on Libya,

–          a fund worth $2,5 billion allegedly set up to pay for victims compensation claims made by their relatives,

–          new fear & shock factor imposed on public,

–          creating spin with it even 25 years after it occurred,

I do not think all above was let to depend on a single home-made bomb / explosive device that had high probability of failure. And I bet that plastic explosives residues can be traced back to the originating laboratory by its chemical signature and well-known parameters that can pinpoint the producer. As well, it is not logical to even think about perpetrating an event such as Lockerbie incident and to let it all depend on one guy only, you’d need redundancy to such sinister plan to eliminate possible failure. Even the cheapest solutions that require high-efficiency and fail-proof performance have redundancy embedded. Most probably, with all we have learned about TPTB’s machinery, Lockerbie incident was done with several explosive devices [i] and assisted with at least several guys, who smuggled bombs into the secured airport area, deployed explosives on critical points within the fuselage (either prior to the flight 103 during maintenance procedures or during boarding of luggage to the airplane on 21st December) and cleared away from it without being noticed. I think it is either this scenario or if not, I’d suggest Flight 103 was taken down by something else rather than a home-made bomb, in example a military rocket shot from a fighter jet or ground missile launcher. The latter would even explain some facts about the findings much better, where one wouldn’t wonder how strangley it is that flight 103 got disintegrated in midair, leaving behind a 25 kilometers long trail of debris on the ground. But then let me explore another alternative scenario in Part III & IV when we’ll look at the pictures of Flight 103 incident – what if there was no aircrash that happened at all?

I wondered as well about the debris that were left from the incident, did they destroy it just as with 9/11 incident? It turned out that in the aftermath of the crash, some of the wreckage was taken to an Army based in Cumbria, where it was examined by experts, while the mid-section – which felt the full force of the bomb – is being kept by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch in Hampshire[ii]. I would really want to believe the Army and AAIB agency would be the best safekeepers of such important evidence to the crime conducted – by the Army Intelligence ? Sure, if you believe in fairy-tales and Santa Claus and that judiciary system will protect you.

Here is a disappointing picture 28+ years later of what may actually be the remains / scrap metal from Flight 103:


Anyway, let’s try to finally look at the accused Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. At the time his name was released to the public, here are 2 of his picture allegedly published in 1988:

I was looking at this two pictures for hours, trying to notice any markers on either faces I was looking at. As doubt was growing inside me, I consulted with two other individuals about it, people who in my opinion have much sharper eyes for details than I do. As much as they have both said that it is the same man we are looking at in above pictures, I’m still of the opposite opinion. I think we are not looking at the same al-Megrahi here. He is not the same guy in this two pictures, with biggest issue found as the skin mark just under the left eye (our right) on al-Megrahi No.2. Although the picture to the right is seemingly a TV screen capture, the detail, brown colored skin mark below his left eye is smudged, but obvious. The skin mark can be as well noticed in the first picture below, if you zoom in really well, with his sunglasses minorly obscuring it, but still, it is obviously there.  But if you look at No.1 this skin mark is not there. As well, if you look at the color of No.1’s eyes in the left picture, you can see it is taking a greenish note to it, although pupils are quite big here leaving a narrow ring of color to judge upon. However, in the right picture No.2’s eyes are lively brown colored. What took more time from me was observing another thing though. If you look at the guy in the right picture, No.2, his lips/mouth section and nose in particularly –> his lips are not the same as with No.1 in the left picture. When No.2 is obviously speaking in that TV capture – with his lips partially separated – they should look different if you can imagine the guy on the left speaking. But that’s quite subjective thing to depend on while comparing these pictures and the weakest point made here while confirming two (or more) different individuals presented as (one and only) al-Megrahi. The guy on the right as well has much more expressed curve on the tip of his upper lip, the same as the guy on the below picture but certainly not as the guy on the left picture above. Further, there is a hump on the nose in the right picture with No.2 , which No.1’s nose in picture on the left doesn’t appear to have, with picture’s angle not being to helpful here, but I still think I wouldn’t see the hump on No.1’s nose if he turned his head to either side. As well, the tip of the nose of the guy on the right looks different to me then with the guy on the left. The same applies to his right eyebrow and shape of their eyes, they are not a match, just like they are not the same guy in these two pictures.

〈Addendum 08/01 2016〉 : I am adding another picture, enlarged, on al-Megrahi No.2 from the web, seemingly from the same TV show where the previous was captured as well. Skin mark below his left (our right) eye is there:


The color of the picture is not the same as in previous picture / TV capture of No.2, missing as it seems the red color to the compound, but anyway, the skin mark that can be noticed under his left eye is visible.

Following is another picture of al-Megrahi, as pictured in 1992:


I would say the guy in blue suit is al-Megrahi No.2 in this picture, with the skin mark below his right eye confirming it so.

Then here is al-Megrahi, pictured in 2009 when he was released on compassionate grounds, with Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, al-Megrahi is on the left:


A picture of my favorite two Libyans, one associated with murdering 270 people in a single swing, and the other is son of Libyan ex-leader, holding their hands with such a grip that their hand’s joints become pale, shaking them to the victory of unknown, but huge proportions. Well, these two might even look at it as such. Anyway, I think we are here looking at yet another al-Megrahi, which is my opinion based mostly while looking at his nose, edges of its lines and position of it on al-Megrahi’s face comparing it to two above al-Megrahi’s pictures / personae. The skin mark below his left eye is missing, so he could actually be al-Meghrai No.1, aged 21 years since that first picture was taken (although it is not known when that picture was taken, let’s presume it is from 1988 just for the purpose of comparison). What bothers me is that al-Megrahi’s Wickedpedia page does not host even one single picture of him, which makes me think that his handlers noticed how obvious it is to look at his published pictures and notice different people pictured in them.

Then here is a couple of pictures of al-Megrahi after his release in 2009, where he was allegedly suffering from the prostate cancer, obviously (?) on his farewell :


In the above picture we see al-Megrahi No.3, the same guy pictured in company of Gaddafi’s son above. And he sure doesn’t look particularly and terminally sick in the first picture at least. I had an aunt in my family, who died of a cancer, fighting with it for 9 months before she passed away. According to my memories and pictures of her at that time, I dare to say this man is not suffering from any kind of cancer, he looks just to good for me to believe it. Terminal disease would make him extremely skinny and he should look severely undernourished as this disease eats you alive. As well, I can notice a small protuberance just above his right eyebrow, close to the right top edge of his glasses – which is not visible in any other picture of al-Megrahi (No.1 or No.2), with the al-Megrahi’s No.2 picture/TV screen capture not sharp enough to say so with 100% assurance. But still, saying so with almost being 100% convinced about it, that particular protuberance is not there on the al-Megrahi’s No.2 picture/TV screen capture.


Looking at the left earlobe of this al-Megrahi and left earlobe of No.3 in above picture while hospitalized, I suggest it is not the same earlobe. As well, if you look at the previous picture you can notice that al-Megrahi No.3 has a minor skin mark on his upper left cheek, visible just below the lower left corner of his glasses.  I suggest it is not covered with the surgical mask on his face in above picture, it is simply not there because we are not looking at the same guy. Making my opinion on these details, I’d like to introduce you to al-Megrahi No.4 .

Confused and tired of looking at this al-Megrahi guy and his pictures, I’d like to finish this section and conclude it accordingly. What we are/were made to believe al-Megrahi really looks like is just not the case in reality. Al-Megrahi is a fictional character. What I suggest is the following – we are looking at a couple of guys, possibly Libyans but not necessarily so, who temporarily lent their names to become al-Megrahi, the scapegoat, most probably generously paid for the sacrifice they’ve made.

It is actually not even important who al-Megrahi is as long as we spend long hours debating about him. He is a huge distraction factor. That’s what I believe his purpose is beside the fact, that somebody had to give his face and name for scapegoating purposes and to satisfy angry public by bringing him to trial and justice. But do not think for a second that he is the guy who can make following possible:

–          further escalation of war waged on Libya,

–          a fund worth $2,5 billion allegedly set up to pay for victims compensation claims made by their relatives,

–          new fear & shock factor imposed on public with it,

–          creating spin with it even 25 years after it occurred.

To be continued…

As as little candy let me share some sweet family time facts: Al-Megrahi supposedly had 5 children with his wife Aisha Megrahi (as the Herald Post published in 2008), and his daughter Ghada then 25 years old said she wants to become a lawyer to fight against miscarriages of justice. Is that right? Well, so do I, dear. By the way, notice the spelling of their last name which the Herald’s journalist coincidentally misspelled.

[i] Report – several blast ruptures in the fuselage ?

[ii] Source:

〈Addendum 09/01 2016〉 : I have found a true gem, a picture of young al-Megrahi , luckily saved by another Lockerbie incident researchers here, posting a very interesting image of him as he was a student (by the way, al-Megrahi was studying in Wales, around 1971 ):


If you’d be so kind and tell me, just who are we looking at here?


3 thoughts on “The Lockerbie Incident – Pan Am flight 103, Part II

  1. I did some quick comparisons and found the Al Megrahi in the first two photos to be the same person in terms of facial alignment – nose, mouth, chin, eyes, eyebrow shape all match up perfectly. I didn’t check the rest, but I sure agree that he does not have cancer. But think about it, if there was no plane crash and no 270 victims, he wouldn’t even be in prison for real, and Qaddafi’s son would not be making nicey with a mass murderer, but just another actor. The whole thing would be a stage performance.

    Aren’t rabbit holes fun?


  2. Mark, may I kindly ask you to share that comparison here? I was looking for a picture of what I marked as No.2, where he would be looking straight into the camera, as is the case with No.1 , but I had no luck, couldn’t find it. And I was looking for such picture in order to forward it to you for such comparison, so I’m really happy you managed to do it. What about that skin mark below No.2’s left eye, as No.1 does not have it under his left eye?


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