The Miracle of the Andes

First composed on December 23rd 2016

I turned on my radio in the morning and there was a lady host talking about the events that happened on 23rd of December throughout recorded history. As she was talking about some events I don’t even remember anymore, she mentioned the airplane crash/accident/incident of Andes, that famous / notorious aircrash that happened in 1972. Allegedly, an airplane with entire Uruguay football team and other passengers got into a bad weather and crashed somewhere in the high Andes region, I even remember watching that movie » Alive« when it was released. As the speaker on the radio mentioned few facts about it, I caught myself laughing – the event occurred on Friday, 13th of October 1972 (1+3+1+0=5, 7+2=9), there were 45 (9×5) passengers at take off , 16 survivors (1+6=7), 29 dead (2+9=11) , all remaining survivors rescued after 72 (7+2=9) days on 12/23 1972. Although I laughed, there was a second thought to it and I certainly didn’t want to make fun of those people, who may have actually died there. So the joyride began, I dug into it.

First stop was at Wickedpedia  and immediately some more numerology jumped at me – the unlucky flight was Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 (5+7+1=13). But that may all be just coincidental numbers, meaning nothing in particular, so let’s look at some more details.

I found the following pictures at the official crash website and at the sites of two alleged  survivors of this reported incident (here and here), lets look at the first of them:

Andes Plane Crash Survivors

Here is the same photo in color version :


I’m not an expert in photography and photo-analisys, but it makes my head wonder why is it that the color version of the same photo is of much lower quality then B&W photo? I was not able to find the same photo in color version of higher quality anywhere on the net. Anyway, there are two subjects to be mentioned here: the time of the incident was from 10/13 till 12/23 , which means that it was early in beginning of spring until beginning of summer in Chile, so nobody was equipped with proper winter clothing.

If you look at the temperatures for 23rd of December 2016 (source, for the area of Tinguiririca, Chile, in close vicinity of crash site) this is what could be read:


You can notice that the daytime temperatures do not exceed 4 –  5 degrees Celsius and can even be even below zero values for December 2016, with unknown values for the spring/early summer mountain region values of 1972 (one of the survivors said in the interview that the temperatures were up to 30 degrees Celsius below zero). During October and November temperatures are logically lower, with values most probably below freezing point even during the daytime, to which you can add the wind that significantly magnifies the effect of cold weather. Realizing as well, that the survivors of the crash did not have the appropriate winter clothing nor enough food to last for more than a few days, anybody should be preserving body temperature and limit motion unless necessary to do otherwise. But here we see 8 of them, majority of who are lying in the snow, one of them even posing on the top of the fuselage – all seriously underdressed, the guy closest to us in the picture in white jacket and blue jeans has even his left foot in the snow, up to his ankle. Really ? But it still doesn’t mean anything, it could be all circumstantial and just plain foolish. If you have ever been to high altitude yourself though, you should know that it is a rule to preserve your body temperature by any means. To add my own high altitude experience – at 3600m in French Alps, usually from end of April to beginning of May in years 2001-2005, I could and would not sit around dressed in sweater and thin jacket, even on a sunny windless day for more than few minutes. The air is just to cold to allow it, with sanity at 100% as default. With no gloves on, you cannot even light a cigarette after 5 minutes of exposure to the cold air…

Let’s look further at this picture:


It most surely looks and feels as the pictures from the early days of photography from i.e. end of 19th century. Look at the 3 guys in the right , they all seem to focus somewhere to the right from the camera focus, with only the guy with the white hat looking  approximately towards the camera. If you look at their facial expressions, they most certainly do not look shocked or disturbingly worried, do they? On top of it, the surroundings in the picture can’t confirm they are supposedly inside the plane’s fuselage , with one of them wearing what appears to be more of a winter jacket. I hope it was him who went to the hike to bring in the rescue…he should at least be better prepared to endure the hike to the rescue in harsh Andes temperatures?

Few more pictures :



The picture above is the only one found so far that connects high mountain scenario with the scenery of fuselage we can see in other pictures. However, if you zoom into this low pixel value picture, you can easily notice couple of things: all of them have some kind of strange white colored glow around them, as if a layer of almost invisible thing would float around their bodies. The pixelation of white color around those lying in the snow is somewhat different then the rest of white (snow) above and to the right of it. It looks badly tampered with, I wish a picture of higher quality was available to scrutinize it. (Some more experienced viewers may find more markers of editing in all posted pictures.)


Notice the guy to the right in the picture, sitting half-naked in the sun, the note below the picture says it was taken in mid-November – temperatures were most likely below zero Celsius even during the day, maybe on exceptionally warm day with temperatures up to a few degrees above zero Celsius. Would you take of your clothes to get some tan? Or in order to pose to a friend? Hungry and cold most of the time, I somehow strongly doubt anybody would think about it in reality. Besides, in the lowest picture, there are no letters on the side of the fuselage meaning they must have taken the picture on the other side of the fuselage. Possibly so, but there is one another detail here that bothers me in that same picture: if you look at the guy with a white jacket and a hood over his head – just above his head, on the side of the fuselage, something strange can be noticed – on the left from the guy along the fuselage, there are clearly visible lines that are there (most probably as visible separate parts put together as fuselage), but from the guy and to the right on the fuselage – there are no more visible lines on the fuselage. Possible because of the angle and lighting conditions? It sure looks edited to me. If you take notice about all the pictures, besides the fact that snow can be seen around, there is absolutely no confirmation about the alleged altitude of 3.600m in the pictures, showing them being trapped high in the Andes.

Here are 3 pictures out of 3 (that I was able to locate on the internet) in total taken from the helicopter(s) at the time of rescue:




Again, there is no way to confirm the high altitude environment of 3.600m by looking at this picture. Since this last picture is the only picture that shows the fuselage in its entirety , it is hard to tell about the previous color-picture as whether it was actually taken from the other side of fuselage visible here. It is most surely hard to guess.

Then here is the following picture:


If you look at the shadow projected by the man on the left and the one on the right, you can notice that their shadows are consistent with the angle of lighting / sun above and left of them. However, what is obviously missing is the shadow of the man in the middle – his shadow should have been cast on the guy to his left (our right) or slightly behind him on the snow, but there is no shadow there. Here at least one can notice the part of the mountain in the back, to the upper right of the picture, but then I wonder how come that the sky in the back (to the right) of the mountain would look white (the same as the snow below)? Just another circumstantial lighting issues? And this topless posing for the cameraman by the guy in the middle, with kind of cheerful facial expression, just doesn’t confirm the alleged circumstances.

All the survivors allegedly admitted that they were consuming human flesh in order to survive. So they supposedly turned into cannibals, terrifying the world with it. As Wickedpedia suggests, some rationalized the act of necrotic cannibalism as equivalent to the ritual of Holy Communion (also called Eucharist, Lord’s Supper and other names) or justified it according to a Bible verse (no man hath greater love than this: that he lay down his life for his friends). As one can as well learn there, the Eucharist as the Greek noun εὐχαριστία (eucharistia), meaning “thanksgiving”, is not used in the New Testament as a name for the rite; however, the related verb is found in New Testament accounts of fthe Last Supper, including the earliest such account:

For I received from the Lord what I also delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus on the night when he was betrayed took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it, and said, “This is my body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of me”. (1 Corinthians 11:23-24) .

As it looks, considering all that can be read and seen in the pictures, with all we know now, I’d say this event in its entirety is a media concoction with a harsh meaning indirectly communicated to whole Christian populus around the globe: “Here, look at them Christians, they’d eat their dead to survive !”. How convenient, isn’t it, to have a chance to further blackwash Christianity? Have you ever seen modern TV voyeur big-brother-like show, where competitors are put into harsh environment (some remote island) for 60+ days? That’s my guess here with the 571 team – they were put around a broken fuselage somewhere in the mountains, in the middle between Uruguay and Chile, not to high up though and they had to last for a few days on scarce food supply. Maybe it was originally just some kind of psychological experiment turned as a major event hoax afterwards, as the Rulers realized it can be abused to manipulate with. What is the most difficult to understand is why would anybody trapped and with no other option than surviving as a cannibal – wait for rescue for 62 days before sending for help? It’s just so irrational, lust for life is a much more intense force than what we are forced to believe with such proposal.

I didn’t have the guts to check – what was this diversion turning our heads away from back then in 1972?



14 thoughts on “The Miracle of the Andes

  1. Very good way to start your blog!
    The first thing I noticed in the first picture was how healthy these guys looked, but that’s because I automatically look with a critical eye these days.
    They could, did and still do, pass just about anything off to true believers. That is, just about all of us at one time.
    I’m beginning to think that they really don’t need a particular event to divert us from (I think that’s our invention). After all, they want us to take sides. Even though they’re all Jewish, they don’t want to eradicate Christianity (they often promote it) they make too much money off of it.
    Anyway, thanks for starting a blog.


  2. Hi Phil, thanks for the comment. It’s the first one so congrats to you as well 🙂

    Yes, I’d agree with you, divide et impera. Ad infinitum, actually. Interesting enough, I thought about their appearance as well, but it seems likely that some pictures were taken early in the event were they appear well nourished. I left some pictures with their original description as you may get the alleged timeline from them. At least, those were originally commented in correct order in regards to how good/bad nourished they look, but still they seem in less good shape as time progressed according to the pictures. I personally doubt that anzbody would look as good as them in those pictures after a) shock and fear and b) after 30 and more days of exposure to extreme cold weather (I watched some video documentary about it on YT, all those willing to participate in it claim it was 30deg C below zero…).

    You may be right, such event was not necessarily a diversion from anything. I was thinking more about some sinister ‘celebration’ or anniversary as it is exactly 665 years to the day from 13th October 1307 when Templars were condemned and viciously murdered, since in the following year of 1973 there would be no Friday 13th in October. It got me motivated enough to learn more on that subject of Templars and their dooms-day, maybe I’m missing some obvious symbolism because of my insufficient knowledge. Anyway, I see the suggestion to cannibalism as analogy to a dog that’s chewing on his own tail, not realizing he would soon run out of options, consuming himself in the process.

    On the subject of Jews there are quite some thoughts about them in another post here, A remarkable book. I’d encourage you to go there and read what I wrote in connection to them. You said ‘they are all Jews’, but I do not think it is ALL of the Jewish people in connection to TPTB. I believe majority of them are rabbits, just like me and you, fooled and duped over and over again. It has to me noticed however, that when it comes to deconstructing events and powerful, well positioned people, they are of Jewish genealogy. As Miles constantly reconfirms in his findings, it can not be denied. He is not alone in such revelations and I do think that it is something very sinister about the beliefs of TPTB. But I do not think that should be judged in particularly because of the fact, that it is jewish (as a noun) to be immoral, irresponsible, evil, without any empathy, etc, as TPTB appear to us. It’s still something that makes me wonder what is it with that connection TPTB have with Jewish ancestors.

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  3. As far as the Jewish issue, that gives me a chance to make myself clear. I have Jewish ancestry on my father’s side. I knew that it was on my father’s father’s side, thus the last name. But, I’ve only recently found out the “germans” on my father’s mother’s side were also Jewish. I have no particular axe to grind with Jews. AND, I certainly don’t believe the vast majority of Jews are “in on it”. If so, where’s my cut?? Lol. However, I firmly believe that ALL of TPTB are Jews. And, when I refer to Jews, i refer to race, not religion. That is as big a misnomer as is the whole matrilineal scam.

    Anyway, I’m glad you started your own blog. My girlfriend and I are starting one this month as well.


    1. That’s just your opinion, Chucky. Or is there anything you can back it up with? Talking about the tribes would mean you really know history at about 2.000 years ago, I’d be really happy to learn something new and radical. Until you bring something like that here, I won’t change my mind. On the other hand, we could be all calling Jewish people as tribe people, but then all Christians would be called tribe people as well. So, let’s keep this on the level of race, not tribes.


  4. The Twelve Tribes of Israel.

    The Jewish racial myth flows from the fact that the words Hebrew, ‘Israelite’, Jew, Judaism, and the Jewish people have been used synonymously to suggest a historic continuity. But this is a misuse. These words refer to different groups of people with varying ways of life in different periods in history. Hebrew is a term correctly applied to the period from the beginning of Biblical history to the settling in Canaan. ‘Israelite’ refers correctly to the members of the twelve tribes of ‘Israel’. The name Yehudi or Jew is used in the Old Testament to designate members of the tribe of Judah, descendants of the fourth son of Jacob, as well as to denote citizens of the Kingdom of Judah, particularly at the time of Jeremiah and under the Persian occupation. Centuries later, the same word came to be applied to anyone, no matter of what origin, whose religion was Judaism.


    1. I was hoping you would bring into discussion some more credible source than the Bible. I’m aware of that stories, the point with tribes is that if you go 2000+ years to the history, there were no nations as we know them today. In example, German tribes were Teutonic, Suebian, or Gothic tribes yet we know them today as German nation, in Balcans there were so many Illyrian tribes that it would be ridiculous to copy-paste it here…yet there are numerous independent countries there in the same territory today. Since in this territory Christianity swallowed them, you could claim we/they belong to Christian race. Same principle applies to all other nations and religions. You could as well look at the race issue in respect to the originating territory, hence Caucasian race, Asiatic race, Arab race, etc. I really don’t see the point here, as in another aspect of it : how would you describe member of your Jewish tribe? By what attribute?


  5. My jewish tribe?

    The Irish race have nothing in common with a tribe as neferious as the jew.

    Perhaps you should read:

    The Invention of the Jewish People

    When and How Was the Jewish People Invented, is a study of the historiography of the Jewish people by Shlomo Sand, Professor of History at Tel Aviv University. He himself a member of the tribe.


    1. My suggestion when saying ‘your Jewish tribe’ was meant as tribe you brought to this debate with me. You are though avoiding the question I raised, so let me repeat it : by what attribute are you classifying members of Jewish tribe? What is THE definition of such ?

      Thanks for suggestion, I find this subject interesting enough to read all available to clarify this milleniae long debate. Maybe there’s actually something I didn’t yet consider.


  6. If being Jewish has to do with being a race with genetic commonality, why are there millions of black Jews in eastern Africa when those claiming to be Jews in Palestine are rather white?

    At least you would expect there to be tons of mixed brown (black plus white equals brown) Jews all over this area, but there are only a few.

    Obviously, Jewish is not genetic based on existing conditions today.

    Or so it would seem……. ….


    1. I think I understand your view, but I do not agree. I think people of Jewish race ( or tribe in your worldview ) are classified as such by themselves. As well their ancestors define their current definition, if there actually exist the need to classify at all. By claiming that they do not exist as a race or nation, you will not be able to persuade actual Jewish people do abolish part of their identity. Nation and race are abstract terms which need human consent to exist as real words, when it comes to defining one’s identity in such abstract terms, I do not look for documents and books to acknowledge what they tell me they are. And I’m certainly not any different from them, being white or black, yellow, protestant, catholic, orthodox, muslim, buddist, hindu, sikh or whatever – if you are normal, as much as I am, we’ll get along quite nicely.

      Was there anything more substantial to your initial comment on tribe/race issue? Or are we just debating semantics about the term whose meaning you & I know well enough not to argue about the essence when discussing it?


  7. Great article Vexman. It reminds me of three phrases (cliches?) that since 2012 (Sandy Hook) I interpret very differently than I did in my youth. “It’s not what you know but who you know,” “There’s a sucker born every second,” and relating to this article “The world’s a stage.”

    All of these events from Lizzie Borden to O.J. spawn books, plays, documentaries, newsprint, critical analysis, and feature films. Who do these mediums employ? Only the pampered progeny of the ruling classes, and yes, Jews. Once the veil is lifted its game over. Thanks for removing this thread.


    1. Since “thread” has a completely new connotation, let me re-iterate. Thanks for removing this thread from the veil of deception. (BTW, “veil” is my favorite four-letter word. VEIL, EVIL, VILE, LIVE).


    2. That was my 2nd piece, where I never published my 1st one, actually.

      Anyway, I don’t want to disappoint you, but there’s nothing great in my disclosure. Knowing all this is both extremely liberating and demoralizing for me, as the PTB seem to have been manipulating us since ever and there seems to be no end to this hoax business. Unless we actually do something about it, this knowledge will get heavy to bear. But don’t worry, I’ll keep on keeping on 😉


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