About this blog in general

Greetings to everybody visiting my little blog.

I got inspired very recently, with enough motivation at last to get my blog up and running. The idea was in my thoughts for quite a while, yet it seems it needed enough time to get ripe. So here it is.

I wish this little site would become some kind of a hub, like a thought development center, where one could find as much food for thoughts as it is possible. I’d like to encourage all my readers and visitors to participate in the debates, to help broaden knowledge base of all other participants with their own findings, thoughts and ideas.

As well, those of you, who came here in order to obfuscate, misdirect, blow fog, spook, troll, shill, etc…, are kindly asked to join some more appropriate websites. All such efforts/actions will be always publicly exposed and such contributors banned from participating here.

Anyway, please be patient as it will be a work-in-progress on this site at least for a while, I have some idea how this blog should eventually look and I will not stop until I do it properly.

Have fun!


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